Takoyaki (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Over here?

Takoyaki (Mangaka), Kogemashita Wallpaper
Takoyaki (Mangaka) Mangaka Kogemashita Studio

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

weeeee!! hi guys! wazzup!! i'm back!! but this is only temporary.............................................................................................................

ok!!! i made a new wallie for ya!! well sorry to all my friends who wrote in my GB that i can't reply them at once but for my response i give you a new wall from me! :)

well to much for the details............ hehe.. ^_^'

anyway gotta go!! me really miz ppl here in MT!!!!!! and i also miz all the cool wallies from my cool buddies!!!! waaaaah better check them later hehe well c ya!!!!!! *flew*

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Browse Takoyaki (Mangaka) Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Akaiken Aug 26, 2005

    Eh, zai-chan made a comeback wall even though it's only temporary...

    As always, you really make such nice natural bgs and the scan's CooL!

    EDIT: Yippee! I'm the first one here!

  2. Susan-chan Aug 26, 2005

    the thumbnail looks great:D the effects are nioce but i think the quality is a bit messy:S

  3. djay345 Aug 26, 2005

    hello! Just wanted to let you know that I think your wallie is really striking, it makes you want to download it is to have a better look! the girl character is super adorableand I absolutely love your twinkling stars... wish I could do that!

  4. aishiteraburu Aug 26, 2005

    wow thats really great one zaira
    i love the background and the effects as well

  5. chibikko Aug 26, 2005

    lemme guess, you forgot who scanned it, right? too bad i'd like to compare how much you did yourself. i don't think you did the rock, though it's a decent artwork you worked into a cliched wallpaper. the right side is not that nice and too blue but the left side is really pretty. compliments to the artist. i hope the rock breaks down and the girl falls into the favorite spot, over here.

  6. Rhonda21 Aug 26, 2005

    wow what a beautiful wallpaper.
    I really like the background.
    The girl on the cliff looks cool too.

  7. yui-chan Aug 26, 2005

    that`s a really nice wallpaper,
    the background is very beautyful,
    and the girl is very nice, too
    good work ^---^

  8. TrinityLi Aug 26, 2005

    Cute wall. I love the scan and the beautiful blue sky. I think the right side of the wall is a little empty. Maybe if there were some clouds or a little more stars. Ah, what do I know? :P Great job, zaira!

  9. rythem Aug 26, 2005

    the wall is very nice looking zaira ^_^ I luv the blue colours n the effects r lookin fine .. though the quality is not so good .. +.+ but its pretty good~ glad to know ur still submitting walls ^_^ <33

  10. Yina Aug 26, 2005

    mhmm.. an add-on wallie again..? well I think you only added the right part.. and I don't think the sky was a lot of work.. >_< well add-on wallies are indeed easy.. and they look perfect..

  11. Lenne Aug 26, 2005

    OOooooohhhhh.......sooo beautiful!Really excellent work zaira,i just love it!! xd
    i will put in my favorites...as soon as i will be able too ^_^'
    Bye & thanks for sharing! ;)

  12. knightstar3 Aug 26, 2005

    wow....such a beautiful wall!! XD
    i really like the scan you used and the whole bg looks great!
    i love how the sky changed from a brighter blue sky with clouds to a darker one with planets in the back.
    awesome wall once again!! keep it up! ^ - ^

  13. DNG Aug 26, 2005

    That's some good sceney Zaira, I like the background.
    It rminds me of a deam or something.
    It's beautiful.

  14. Leena Aug 26, 2005

    Cool. another great work, Zaira. the girl is pretty and i like the scenery. but the sky around the planet, i think there is a bit wrong there. but thats just me. and i think the quality of the scan is a bit messy. but thats okay. anyway, overall is great work, i will add it to the favourites as soon as i can.

  15. Minamo Aug 26, 2005

    What a pretty wall really did a good job on your background Zaira and the scan is very nicely, this is a good piece of art ^_^.

  16. EternalBlue Aug 26, 2005

    Nice wall ^^. I do agree that the right side feels a bit empty. Maybe add more stars, planets, comets, whatever to give it some more depth. Still, good work overall ^^

  17. Cajime Aug 26, 2005

    It's really pretty and simle, I'm just not sure on the way the light goes into dark, the blend is too vertical. It's still super pretty.

  18. winxfairykay Aug 26, 2005

    Aww cute!
    I like the style! The scan looks good, and the blue seems to balance everything ok-ish.
    Keep it up Zaira-Chan!

  19. Ryu-oh Aug 26, 2005

    Well, as mentioned, not sure how much is scan, but this is still a pretty wall. One issue I do have is with the starscapes, though. I don't like when there are stars showing up in the shadow of the moon.. sorta kills the entire, well, realistocity (yes I know that isn't a real word). Kill those, replace them with a few clouds, and it'll look a lot better

  20. AC2N Aug 26, 2005

    What a beautifull wall...
    I love it... add it to my favs, absolutly !!! i love all in it !
    that's great, and i want it !!
    Keep the way up...

    Hope to see you 'round soon !

  21. Niwa-kun Aug 26, 2005

    Il will add this to my fav next week >_< /Niwa-kun i really like the girl and the island with the little tree.. =) but it will probably be better if you had little bit more of that light blue color.. this is still fantastic ^^ your works are my type =) /Niwa-kun

  22. lunacrystal Aug 26, 2005

    prettycolors!! >.< its so blue and the bg looks really good! fav++++ but i cant fav yet>.< MT# grrrrrr

  23. naomi-akiyama Aug 26, 2005

    Zaira-san!!!, this is beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!, the ocean is awesome, very real, + fav

  24. Kenichi Aug 26, 2005

    wai Zaira!~ *hugs her and dun let go* OX
    ur made a pretty wally and leaving us again?
    ur just like Zuri-chan.
    T_T ~_~

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