Carnelian Wallpaper: Cold Castle of an Angel

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is just me or i'm really using the "moon brush" too much and its getting
a pathetic respons?!....whatever!

err...i used only simple gradients to maintain its simplicity but you should agree that this one is somehow too bright ^_^'

i love whatever i did to my castle even though i dont know where the hell i got
that stupid brush ^_^'
its a greek castle/structure/parthenon (?)/whatever!

err...anyway! i hope you like it! and about the tree over there...hehe ^_^'
just imagine its not there if you dont want it to be there!
its kinda out of place actually ^_^'

its just a branch and i attached leaves on it by using the old brush of...uhmm...autumn leaves!? whatever its called :nya:

i hope you like it coz for me, this is me greatest work so far...that is after my super
astonishing magnificently damn periodical exam!

hehe! if you'll convert my grade....i got F...jokes ^_^'


that's all!

peace out!

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 25, 2005

    very pretty, the backgrounds really nice and i like her wings, its a nice touch, very nice image too, its very pretty, ja-ne

  2. Shkira Aug 25, 2005

    Pretty colors, the yellow, pink, purple, and blue! Interesting take on the image.

  3. holy Aug 25, 2005

    wow, great wall, but why u put it in Unknow category? the character is made by carnelian. update it.
    anyway, keep it up :)
    + fav :)

  4. Tatsuya Aug 25, 2005

    you've done a good job on the background, the right catogery is "carnelian" by the ways

  5. Midori-chan Aug 25, 2005

    wow! the scan is pretty^^
    and the bg is great too! i like the way you did the castle^^
    keep it up!!

  6. Verbeek Aug 25, 2005

    The scan is really pretty...
    I like the background anyway. The colours are really great.
    Nice one though.

  7. Norin Aug 25, 2005

    I love the background, it is a very dreamlike scene, it is like a castle from a fairy tale
    I love it, the images work very well together
    Good job!

  8. lunaxxalwayz Aug 25, 2005

    I really like this one, it looks beautiful! Great job on it.
    Very nice work.

  9. DevilJo Aug 25, 2005

    Wow, I like the background a lotz. The colors are nice too, also the scan is pretty with the wings. I think you did a awesome job. ^^

  10. DarkEVO Aug 25, 2005

    Good background. Wonderful colours on the castle and skies. The mist/clouds looks good on it. The character is splendid for it. The wings is good. But the birds and the moon seems to be used over and over. However it's a good job.

  11. Drifterx Aug 25, 2005

    nice wallpaper.....i like the background^_^ pooy i cant even favrite it cause the limit now T_T

  12. royaldarkness Aug 25, 2005

    this is very pretty too ^^ another lovely background you made :) this is good ^^

  13. sukie Aug 25, 2005

    wow....this looks great!! i love the colours everythings looks so well in this !! grat bg too!! me like melike...but sorry i can't fav for somereason...TT.TT

  14. asianspirit Aug 25, 2005

    wow. this is very pretty. :D
    i love the pastel colors you used on the castle, tree and her wings. and the cloud setting. totally awesome. the only thing i find troubling are the diagonal lines. like her hair and the violin strings. they look a bit jagged.
    great job by the way! it's very serene and angelic :)

  15. maho-ho Aug 25, 2005

    I like this scene. Is pretty. The colors that you used are really good, I like the clear colors. Very the well worked bottom this. Wallpaper dark and one clear one. (for the previous wall, A Night to Remember) ;)

  16. AngelXXX Aug 25, 2005

    Hey! I'm back! And um,... Your picture is lovely i love it! The scene is gorgeous! See ya around! :)

  17. shinorei Aug 25, 2005

    The background is a bit bright but it's very nice. ^^ And again, the quality of scans that you choose are very good that they blend perfectly. Hmm, I wonder how you do it. x__x

  18. Ninjutsu Aug 25, 2005

    She is beautiful, I like her little wings :). The stars are wonderful, the moon and the castle are nice, the fairy and the tree are cool. Wonderful wall :D

  19. shijiroken Aug 25, 2005

    uhmmm..... *thinking...*
    don't be mad at me ate....
    here goes nothing...

    first of all.... i have nothing more to say, 'coz they already say it.. right?
    so, here are my comment and suggestions....
    don't be mad at me ate.... *hiding under the bed :\ OX o_O *
    1. did you find it that the shading of the girl doesn't match the moon's light????
    2. the wing doesn't align with the girl, but it is not that noticeable...
    3. it is a nice work, and soothing somehow...

    1. you may put the moon on the upper-left side so that the shading will match the light of the moon...
    2. about the wing, put it a little bit lower.. right at the very back(align it with the shoulder)... just like in the anime of "aile's grise"
    3. make the sky a little bit darker since it is night (because of the moon) but if you are pertaining to other planets, you may leave it as is..
    4. try to make the moons circumference a little bit glowy to show the overwhelming power and nice aura of the moon.. (since i always stare the moon everynight when there is a moon) *that is just my opinion

    sorry ate, I'm very very sorry if my comments and suggestions are harsh... :(
    I'm very very sorry ate... *sniff

    huwag na po ikaw magagalit ate athena... paumanhin po...

  20. BenSai Aug 25, 2005

    A nice girl with angel's wings, the moon in the background... a recurrent theme, but i like it, and this castle... it's on the title "Cold castle"... Is it because of the colors choice ? The shade are cold, it's very blue, but i don't think "it 's too bright" !! Really good work.

  21. sylvacoer Aug 25, 2005

    You know, if you yourself hadn't said it seemed too bright, I wouldn't have said anything, but maybe if you could make the sky a little more of a darker blue? It seems a bit odd to see the big arse moon like that in a daylit sky... or you could even fade the moon a bit, that would make it even better!
    Simply beautiful!

  22. akari-chan Aug 25, 2005

    the edges are a bit jagged, but is very nice as always. and i'll fav it next week.

  23. chau-chan Aug 25, 2005

    The wallpaper is really fabulous...The moon looks alright.
    Clear and clean colors. xD

  24. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 25, 2005

    Veri nice wallpaper...
    I like your way of making the wings and the castle...
    The moon looks good too....
    Nice scan u used...
    Great job athena....
    Hope to see more...

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