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Well, already a new submission from me o_O

ok, ok, sorry, interrupting the Sailor Moon countdown to celebrate... i'm finally in my new appartment, with no imposed time limit on the internet, new cool furniture and... and high speed internet!!! YAY!! ok, maybe i'm over excited, but once you've known high speed and been forced back to a phone connection, trust me, it's enough to make someone like me crazy >.<

so, i'm interrupting the Sailor Moon countdown to show you my newest, and do say my newest, drawing, i finished it only 4 days ago... and it's an original... it all came from ME (yes, i'm proud, i didn't finish any originals since last year >.<) ok, the wings are my attempt at not drawing the typical angel wings we see everywhere... don't know if she could fly with those... but i still thing they're cool XD as for her clothes... the inspiration comes from my own wardrobe, so be nice ^_^' loll, kidding, please comment, and if there are any mistakes or flaws, and i'm sure there are, at least tell me where they are so i can learn and do better next time, logical right? oh, and of course, faves are always appreciated XP

loll, so cya everyone

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  1. kagoem Aug 22, 2005

    This looks very good. I like how the wings are. I really like how you drew this. I hope to see more drawings from you.

  2. RainOfStars Aug 22, 2005

    Well, Ayamael, sry to say, but I am happy this isn't another sailor moon drawing.

    I like her dress. It looks great The wings look interesting too. they look a bit like torn up clothing ^_^'

    anyway, nice drawing

  3. pegassuss Aug 22, 2005

    Oh! woow, it is a great drawing Ayamael! I love it! Happy to see originals form you ;) . I like her face and hair, she looks chinese! though I'm not sure about the nose :\ . I love the wings, they are really original and different from the usual, they look paper-like XD *lol* you did a very good work with the shading and I like her clothes, the butterflies on her skirt are a nice touch. I like her legs and feet, I think they are well drawn, the only thing I would point out is that I think she is a bit too thin, specially around her chest and torso. However, it's really a great original ^_~ Keep up the great work and I hope to see more originals from you! ^^
    Ps. I'm happy to hear those news about your appartment and internet, congrats! ;)

  4. Chopstickz Aug 23, 2005

    wow nice job, the face is really nice, though not much details, the lips look good
    n thats not common ^^;
    the dress is pretty too and the wings like cool since they're excentric n_n
    great work aya-chan~

  5. sylvacoer Aug 23, 2005

    Wooooow... you wear clothes like that?
    (*~.^*) Ha ha, no, that wasn't the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this. I'm impressed by how striking this character is - right away, you can feel an aura of power from her. Very cool - draw more of her!

  6. vampyre Aug 23, 2005

    woww o_0 now it's ur original XD kyaaaaa~~~ great work!!! u did it well done :nya: hum? oh...but i think a little on her nose that too lift ^_^' arr...maybe, it cause' one side in the line that too high from other side of that line & the eyes a little far from the centre ^_^' only this little thing, i saw from all of ur work that great done :nya: keep it up

  7. Iyasis Aug 23, 2005

    Quote by sylvacoerWooooow... you wear clothes like that?
    (*~.^*) Ha ha, no, that wasn't the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this.

    Actually, that was the first thing that I thought, lol ^^;;

    Anyway, great drawing, and what makes it's even better is that its new & original! *is proud of you* Her body seems a little distorted since her neck is more towards one side of her body than the other. Lips & nose look kinda strange as well ~ I though she was sticking out her tongue at first. The wings are quite unique and look very nice, but they look like they still won't fly very far, lol. Nice job!

  8. lunacrystal Aug 23, 2005

    it looks really good!

  9. benjaminchia Aug 24, 2005

    really really nice piece of work.
    the character's design is wonderful. really like how you have drawn the wings. perhaps the only thing that seems a bit off would but the proportionality of her body. she seems a bit thin too as pegassuss suggested.

    overall still a great piece of work.
    +fav definitely but i am at my peek of favs..sorry.

  10. sukie Aug 25, 2005

    so pretty i love the way you shade things!! great job!! keep it up!! say can you colour it???

  11. miyano Aug 26, 2005

    hrmm.. the eyes are a little weird..with the nose like that too><..well,maybe that's your way of drawing..
    hands..are a little out. maybe make it a little bigger? i mean somewhere around the palm part.
    i like the skirt but i don't really like the top part >.<.
    legs are not bad..but i think the right one in front should be a bit..a BIT fleshy(the one near the toes~) ^_^'..
    wings are a little weird but as long as you like it,i guess it's okay..
    one more thing..about the errr..bone part><..like under the neck there's like 2 lines like
    ____ ....____
    ........\ / <--something like this[ignore the dots!!]
    i think it's supposed to be a little more straight..not from down,bending up?haha just look at yours then^_^'..
    i guess that's all~ hair is okay :)
    *edit* swt...the 'picture' doesn't work because of the spacing..>< so,i just added something so that it could work..now,ignore the dots.

  12. gemini4life Aug 27, 2005

    unexpected XD

    Only just started the SM countdown and POW, an original. *pulls out maggy for analysis* Gotta make the comment that most people about the clothing, but with a little spin :D . If Aya has clothes like that in her closest she's even more kawaii then I thought XD, on a different note if the clothes with similar to those she's wearing means you've found a new found talent of clothing designer because the outfit is really pretty, I especially love the dress.

    For the wings, great idea in taking a new spin on wings, I really like the design, ehm having been in engineering for a bit, I'm sorry to say she's not gonna be able to fly with them XO , but don't forget "think happy thoughts" and I'm sure it'll work out.

    With the face, the nose seems a little odd maybe some shading of the bridge would help I think, rest of it looks great, and interesting how you added the horns to change things up a little, nice touch.

    As I've always said shading is definately one of your top skills, and so I try to find areas to make you even better. Only possible place I think is her right ankle, think the shading/shadow should cover top to bottom like a "c" like shade >.< sorry not best description, hope you understand.

    Congrats on being back to the HIGH speed world, I travel a lot and know how painful it is when I have to dial up in hotel rooms... argh so painful. Well catch ya later

  13. Holt Aug 27, 2005

    I've returned and no more DBZ! ;)
    The wings certainly are refreshingly different. Don't be silly. Of course she can fly with those! They're magical!
    Excellent shading over the entire pic. Pretty character too.

  14. Anjhurin Aug 28, 2005

    Quote by vietgurl5593it looks really good!

    argh burn in hell i hate this comment ^_^.... lol joking aya sis, but i had to say it ;) OMG i feel happy right now, i don't know why (maybe because i'm back from 1 week of beach to my dear MT and friends.

    hum as it's been said, you wear very sexy clothes ne? i really like the style, but isn't it cold in canada lol (i know there's summer there too :) )
    the shading is awesome, and the wings are a mix between clothes floating in the wind and metal-like wings. but it seems like they're not really attached to her body. her face is a little bit cat like, and the 'barrettes' in her hair could be mistaken for ears lol. head is too big for the body too.
    anyway that's all the bad points i can find, and apart from that it's a very cool drawing, welcome back original aya, hope the inspiration stick with you. i like her stance too, like she's giving (or receiving?) something. could be walled into something, with a light ball before her or something.

    take care and have fun *hugs and hands some sand*. bravo


  15. GintheTwilightswords Aug 28, 2005

    It looks pretty darn fantastic if you ask me ^uu^. The pose looks great, looks as though she's walking forward. Her oufit is well done, very detailed and i like the desigsn in it too. The wings are the best part, they are very detalied and thye are like nothing I've seen before :) . Excellent work Aya, one of your best that I've seen in awhile ^uu^.

  16. sandumirabela Aug 29, 2005

    Wow!Simply just beautiful!She looks great and also I have to say that I love her dress and the wings!Congratulations!

  17. SilentNymph Sep 11, 2005

    It's really beautiful. I like the texture of her wings very much and if the clothes were inspired by your own then you dress beautifully. I like the way you drew her legs but I think you should practice a little om the upper body (her torso and bust). Now I'll be off to look at other stuff in your gallery.

  18. shadowcat23 Sep 19, 2005

    shes really pretty I love the way you drew her wings and feet thanks for sharing your art

  19. Ying Sep 19, 2005

    Whai! Finally I get to see one of your originals! ^0^
    Great design she look cool! I'd love to see her in color! ^_-
    Just one thing though her middle area look to small compared to her head.

    Keep it up!

  20. Genevieve-galz Nov 11, 2005

    O_O kool drawing! a definite orriginal^^ *peesh gutta check ur gallery then!* gud line drawing n da shading is perfecto! pzl keep it up ne!~

  21. MEISCHI Banned Member Dec 07, 2005


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