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This is the Zodiac Character File Number 03, Kazuma Ritzflail! Uh... don't ask me why he's got a very strange surname... I just want something original, and special... so that's what I came up with, Ritzflail. ^^

[Anything new you've done with this wall?]
Nope, nothing new. No vectors. I'm just going to die if I'm going to do one more vector. Anyway, if you're so curious what that word written on the tag of the ghostly elf, it means... to die forever. It's chinese, also can be called as kanji.

[What's that thing beside Kazuma? and what card is he holding?]
Hmm... the scary looking thing floating beside Kazuma is a ghostly elf. That's why you can see it's long ears. I love elf!!! And the ghostly elf is holding a scale, hehe. You've seen tarots? There's one card with a perosn holding scale... that's the pic. ^^ And the cards Kazuma are holding is tarots. And as for tarots itself, I wouldn't go in-depth. Just against my issue. But I can only tell you that he's expert in tarots.

[What's the biodata for Kazuma?]
I saw that one coming... let me see...

Age: 25
Origin: Casino City, Gaile Continent
Date of birth: 16th May NY0061
Class: Peirrot > Oracle
Skill: Shuffle Judgment
Constellation: Taurus

Anyway, enjoy your stay!

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2005

    Wow, very cool! The coloring is awesome though his arm (the one holding the cards) seems a little thin. Other than that, great job!

  2. Acuni Aug 22, 2005

    very nice
    it is much beter than the last one i commented i like the charas hair cut and the clothes are much better but i was wondering if i don't see some lines there at his hair belt and his trousers and the elf thing at the background much better colour than the last time you colourd something with a markers. the boy has to thin upper arms and you missed the point of the coat wher the arm starts we won't mention the elbow it is a catastrophe and the two fingers that are holding the two cards are to slim-.- and the round thing at his hand that i forgot how to call it is to large. and there at his hair is that purpose to see the collar of the coat or not? oh and his ear-rings are reminding me of "clips" for electricity.
    btw you gave me an idea for a doujinsh thanks^^

  3. Akaiken Aug 23, 2005

    The third one from your originals eh...

    Geez, the colors again... you're really doing fine but the colors! Well, don't mind that, I always say things at random...

  4. sylvacoer Aug 23, 2005

    I abosolutely love the detail you're putting in to your chracters' clothes! I would do the same for my doujin, but... I'm lazy. XP
    He's an awfully young-looking 25... the red head looked older (Hmmm, I like redheads, tee-hee!) Draw another redhead, pretty please?
    the elf is frickin' scary, man. (@_@)

  5. iiwa Aug 23, 2005

    aww man sofia, u rock! XP
    love this too! seriously, i dont know how many times ive been saying this but yesh, cant wait for ur next character!
    XD good job, yet another fav :)

  6. ryannzha Aug 23, 2005

    ain't nuthin' but origianl..keep that way.. whether it's good nor bad.. the effort is more preciouz than wordz.. thats the reason why i like it! :) ..(damn..i'm smilin'.. :sweat: )

  7. miyano Aug 24, 2005

    hmm...quite detailed..
    the right hand's a little weird..(i understand..i don't like drawing hands too XD)
    the clothing is kinda weird..i mean the foldings..(i don't like this too ^_^')
    hmm ..the colouring of the ghost is kinda weird...and a little too many of those white lines? well i know that's a little effect from the light XD
    anyway,it's not easy doing this. nice one :)

  8. kk-chan Aug 25, 2005

    Hooo another one of your cool artworks!!! I really wish I could draw them too. Vector drawing? Actually, I don't even know what's a vector ... umm anyway, you're good Ephemeral-Garden. Keep up the great works! ^-^

  9. Chocosuke Aug 29, 2005

    i like the guy on the left.. xD looks hot.. XD.. lol.. anyways.. this one is very good.. better than the last one.. the fingers are a little too skinny.. and the right arm is too skinny and a little too long... love the idea of the clothings though.. XD the colors are well chose... XD overall is great.. kepp up the great work!~

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