Samurai Deeper Kyo: I Cannot Surrender

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This is an older doujin of mine, as you can probably tell. (>.<)

One of the main reasons I have not submitted before was that I could never seem to get the right background for it. That is, until I showed my father and explained Shinrei's character (unyielding in battle, uncompromising in his loyalties to his clan). Papa suggested that I use a symbol of what Shinrei drew strength from, so I decided to park that big frickin' yin-yang symbol in the back ground because that's the Mibu symbol, and it figures hugely in Shinrei's character (whooo, sylvacoer's doing symbollism! O_O)

Why is Shinrei bloody? Because sylvacoer thinks a qualifier for "being bishonen" is that you look good, even if you're catching the raw end of a battle (*~.^*). That, and I was upset at him for trying to curse-kill Yuya, and for almost killing his brother. Fratricide is a bad thing!

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  1. SuspendedReality Aug 21, 2005

    Cooleo ^^ I like the yin-yang in the backround, it works perfectly. I wish my dad gave good advive XP Great job even for an older doujin XD

  2. Blue-mage865 Banned Member Aug 21, 2005

    Cool! Love the yin-yang background to it, fits perfectly! This is really cool, and I love Samurai Deeper Kyo, it rocks!

  3. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2005

    wow, i wish my dad would give me good advice... he just tells me to watch my anime in english so he doesn't have to read subtitles... ^_^' for an older doujin this one still looks pretty good! the colors really go together nicely and the yin-yang isn't too overbearing! good job! even your older doujin's look better than mine! ^_^'

  4. yoshimitsu Aug 22, 2005

    nice i love the character nice drawing you rock yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shkira Aug 22, 2005

    Pretty colors and design on the ground! And his reflective shadow, very nice tough!

  6. Midori-chan Aug 22, 2005

    whoa!!! the bg looks great!!! i like the yin yang and the water effects a lot!!
    the doujinshi looks great too^^
    keep up the good work!

  7. walkure245 Aug 22, 2005

    The bg looks good and one can percieve as the a symbolism of the sun rising and as the yin/yang sign gets higher up, the stronger his power becomes. heheh~ Or something like that. I like his imposing figure. I would like to see him holding a weapon instead of resting it on his knee so that it shows that he was in battle which explains the blood. This is really well drawn and I love the water like surface that he's kneeling on. It looks nice. Super work~

  8. leosama84 Aug 22, 2005

    hi, i don't know who the character is, but i like the colors, n he looks cool with his pose, and nice title for it ;)......maybe if u added danger to it.....it would've been better.....or again as i said, i don't know the character, so others would probably know y he won't give up, even though nothing is showin ;)!! greato el worko! keep it el upo!
    see ya!

  9. bbls Aug 22, 2005

    that's some great advice to put the yin-yang symbol in the background, and the watery effects on the bottom is very kewl! nice drawing and pose you got him in... XD

  10. Nisna Aug 22, 2005

    It looks really great! And standing on the water o.O;; Wow!
    Ver nice indeed! xD

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 22, 2005

    Wow, your papa is good! He gives comments and that's one thing my dad can never help me with. My dad would probably just stare at it and turn around, say nothng. ~_~ Anyway... that yin yang symbol is way cool! But I dunno who's that guy though... Never seen him in the manga... anyways, hehe... that's a very cool pose he got there, and even standing on water! Sugoi sugoi! Very well done for a very old doujin!

  12. badtz-maru Aug 23, 2005

    okay that is freakn' cool on a whole new level. and the story of the back ground fits with you and your family. I love when your dad points out the simple answer. i'm going to start renting and reading the series now. you win.

  13. akari-chan Aug 25, 2005

    Quote by sylvacoer This is an older doujin of mine, as you can probably tell. (>.<)

    it is? i can't tell. even if it is old, it is still good. and i love the cg. (i wish i could do cg, but i'm toodumb and i can't seem to understand what ppl are saying even in a tutorial. >.<) well, i'll fav this next week, sylva.

  14. Ayamael Aug 27, 2005

    cool looking Shinrei... though he looks blurry >.< i think his torso looks weird... very broad at the shoulders and then very thin near the waist... erm, can i know what those lines behind the Yin Yang are? oh well, good job!

  15. joker2005 Aug 27, 2005

    nice effect, using yin&yang... very good job there ;)

  16. syivese Sep 03, 2005

    wow. kewl. Shinrei looks awesome... along with the background... :D Love it.

  17. Amon-Sama Oct 09, 2005

    Nice background there ^.^ i love the jing-jang. Great Job

  18. shadowofdoom Nov 02, 2005

    great wall, nice background as well

  19. matoom123456 Apr 26, 2008


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