Uta~Kata Wallpaper: Uta~kata: Before I Reach You

Keiji Gotoh, Uta~Kata, Manatsu Kuroki, Ichika Tachibana Wallpaper
Keiji Gotoh Mangaka Uta~Kata Series Manatsu Kuroki Character Ichika Tachibana Character

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My first widescreen wallpaper. ;)
This is a pre-W.A.R entry, though I don't think this will scare many people. XD
I just started watching this series, and I really like it. I'm kinda partial to Keiji Gotoh and Savage Genius, but let's just push that aside. ;)
I vectored this image from three different screencaps from the ending video that I stitched together. The outlines were fun to do, and the coloring went really fast. It's a bit more simple than some of my other wallpapers, ut it still took some work. Hope it doesn't look shitty.

Layers - 35 [Including the vector]
Listening to - Itsuka Tokeru Namida by Savage Genius and Take Me Out by Frans Ferdinand.
Time spent walling - Around 8 hours[I'm slow].

I would have made regular resolutions as well, but the shot of the two was really wide and looked like ass in normal res. XD
Uploaded the textless version, but it looks naked.


More resolutions should be coming soon at DiGiKiwibird, if Yumi wants to host widescreen walls. ;)

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  1. sukie Aug 21, 2005

    oh this is so cute!! i really like it!! grat colours!! keep it up!!

    love to see more walls from you!!

  2. devarian Aug 21, 2005

    dont know the series, but they look like eclair and lumiere to me, lol. very nice wall

  3. Keough Aug 21, 2005

    Zephieee Senseii Waii waii This Vector is wonderrrful :D Owww this is great now we have more Dual Screen Wallies :D now i feel like vecting for Zephiee Senseii~

  4. ayaki Aug 22, 2005

    widescreen wall '_'b cool!~
    the color tone is great :) kinda makes it looks like a sad moment.
    the vector is again really well done.
    haven't watch uta-kata, but listened to their op and ed songs...they sound great xp

    1 thing: the title "Don't leave me" looks kinda stretched out vertically ... ?

  5. Balith Aug 22, 2005

    that's coolies!!! i likes it!!! it's like a reflection!!!!!!!!!!! soooo awsome, great jobs!!!

  6. Yumi-Chan Aug 22, 2005

    like gossssh !! damn i love the vector soo much x_____x ! i feel like slaughtering zephy.

    aah i dun mind having widescreen wallpapers up <3 i'll make a new page for that.

    well good job on the wallpaper. mostly, on the vector actually ^^ loving those lines. its as though you used illust, seriously lol. :3

  7. walkure245 Aug 22, 2005

    Ooo~ So pretty. It really remind me of when Ichika meets Manatsu. XD I love the mirror look which makes it look really creative. Are you going to create one where it's the reverse? I'm just curious. You're vectoring is very beautifully done as always. I like the shady look to create a dark look but also a sad feeling that they want to leave each other. This is really quite beautiful. Superb work~

  8. shinorei Aug 22, 2005

    Uwahhh...it's very wide and cuuute! Reminds me a bit of Futakoi since they look quite like each other. The vector's really good so keep up the great work! +fav

  9. Yina Aug 22, 2005

    Everything is just perfect.. the bg.. *__*, the vectors.. *__* except the font.. >_< the big letters look weird.. nyaa.. bot nonetheless great work.. +fav XD

  10. bevy-chan Aug 22, 2005

    I really like what you did!!! I just have to put this wallpaper on to my favorites list!!

  11. halcyonTwilight Aug 23, 2005

    Wow....stiching together screencaps? And then vectoring them? And then walling them?

    Yea, before i get smacked for stating the obvious, i just wanna say really, really (did i mention really?) nice work. My only gripe is the weird resolution the wall is in...but i kinda understand due to the way that you vectored it. Awesome work :)

  12. Sunira Aug 23, 2005

    I wish I had a widescreen to put it on. :P Nice work with the effects.

  13. anji Aug 24, 2005

    It's really simple but it has this dark cool atmosphere that I really like.
    Very nice color theme. Blue-gray is one of my favorite.
    And the vector trace are always top with you.
    Cool to see a different dimension of wallie....
    Keep it up Zephi!

  14. scarlettears Aug 24, 2005

    wow! that looks really great. you did a good job. :D

  15. tareren Aug 24, 2005

    Weee... finally a widescreen wallie ;D
    Anyway, I think you did the vector really well, and the atmosphere is just great :)
    Love the texture that you put in the back, though I think the wallie is a bit too plain >_< Oh well,great job anyway, and good luck for WAR ;)

  16. Zefie Aug 24, 2005

    widescreen wallie idea is really nice ^_^ you made wonderful work with vector, lines are smooth and colouring is very well done ! shading looks good too. colour of the background is quite fascinating :) there isn't many walls with that kind of colouring. effects gives mysterious atmosphere and it gives look that it's not so empty. text is pretty but it's maybe little too big...overall beautiful work as always :D thanks for sharing !

  17. harph Aug 25, 2005

    wow! I like Uta~Kata, very nice series :) and this image really catches the atmosphere.

  18. Cronax Aug 26, 2005

    Wow...awesome wall here! I really like the way the characters look crisp and clean, and yet the background has a sort of noisy, grainy feel...if I had a widescreen monitor I'd be using this wall right away!

  19. XDarkDestinyX Sep 08, 2005

    Oh I just love it! It's really smooth and clean cut! ^.^ I think a wide screen of this does look better than a normal rez... I wish I had a widescreen.. x.x;

  20. remasuri Mar 14, 2007

    Awesome work. This is one of my reason to buy a widescreen monitor soon :) . Every line is done very good. Looks really professionel. +fav

  21. Randyly Aug 14, 2011

    this looks great thanx 4 sharing but i do want to see this wall with out text i reckon it will look better without it :D i like to see one without it too :D

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