Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: "Gone Away"

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First off, let me start by saying that this is my very first vector...other than the graveyard I did for my last wallpaper....I bought the Best of cd of the Offspring a couple of months back. I had never heard the song Gone Away before...when I did, I immediatley thought of Roy and Hughe's relationship and, of course, their seperation....

I knew I had to make something and quote that song...So, I used a screenshot of episode 24, vectored it the best I could (thank you all that answered my vector tutorial thread, you helped) and just added the sky because of the quote....I don't think it's half bad, and I'm still going down a different path of walling.

Now all I need are new fonts...-_-

UPDATE: Thanks to your comments, I have made the image darker, espicially the sky and it looks much better that way....I can't really remove clouds because I suck at erasing but it still looks much better this way :D

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  1. akari-chan Aug 20, 2005

    it's pretty good for yer first vec. i see a few jagged lines on his collar. pretty good though.

  2. ScribbleKitty Aug 21, 2005

    thats wonderful! a great virst vector job. if i were you, i'd think about making an alternate wallpaper with this same vector, but having a sad cloudy day instead of a sunny one. i like how you can barely make out the tear on his cheek, its so sad. i think its a great quote for him too.

  3. LadyNorthstar Aug 21, 2005

    wonderful, elecrty!
    Sigh.... i'm going to cry... U.U Masu-saaan! This scene is so saaaaadddd! Sniff...
    i'm a it pathetic... sigh

  4. GokuB Aug 21, 2005

    Yeah that's quite nice ^^.That is when Hughs was being buried isn't it?Those two are my few of my fav of that series.So I didn't like that Hughs died.I liked the relatioship that those 2 had.

  5. Winry89 Banned Member Aug 21, 2005

    Roy Mustang rocks !!! XD Great job on the wall . I'm going to put it in my fav.'s ! Thanks for posting it up ! XD

  6. semanga Aug 21, 2005

    for your first vector it looks awesome i had never try to make a vector but i am sure i am very bad in this things congratulation u are better as me what i tell u all the time befor
    and if u dont believe me so look at this wall u must see way u are the better waller from us
    keep it up honey

  7. bluSake Retired Moderator Aug 21, 2005

    Very nice for a first vector :) . It's just... :: ^_^' :: the way the clouds are, it sort of looks like Roy is blowing them out. I would suggest using something softer...but that's just me.

  8. gokuismylife Aug 21, 2005

    Very cool. Kinda sad TT ... dunno who those guys are though. Don't watch FMA much ^^;;

  9. Skillzpay Aug 21, 2005

    The overall concept is pretty touching and the meaningful text really helps that. Nice job on your first vector, still see some jagged edges in some areas but no biggie. And the vector could use some blending either with some gaussian blurring and overlay. The clouds look too solid and connected. Aside from that this is some pretty good work overall. Keep experimenting, that's the only way to get better!

  10. reboo Aug 21, 2005

    the vector is amazing. well. compared to me. rofl. i do such a shitty job, and then i end up giving up. the clouds though are... uhh iono its too bright or something, it doesnt quite fit, but overall its good. and i want to hear that song!

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 21, 2005

    Pretty sweet job Electra, the vector is good for a first timer, though i wish there was so much clouds and that the blue would be less lighter in a way but overall great job! :P

  12. Sanzosgirl19 Aug 21, 2005

    It's very sad I remember that part in the show I cried.(Tear). Very good wall. It really gets the emotion across.

  13. headaches4ever Aug 23, 2005

    man I thought I had gotten over hughes but *hic hic* *wah* so sad... good extraction very good! heheh! I like it despite the sadness.... faves for sure

  14. heavens-Dragon Aug 23, 2005

    Wowies, this looks awesome for your first vector! I can't vector because i have no patient for it LOL ^^;; but this looks really great! I like the quote and the whole really gives a sad but hopeful atmosphere. There's still some jagged areas but not too big of a thing. Awesome work!

  15. Deneiko Sep 11, 2005

    Incredibly cute! I loved this momenet. Could have decorated the text a little though. I don't remember if Mustang actually said those words. :P The clouds look awesome. :3

  16. only002 Aug 01, 2010

    Really, really cool. It's a fire-ish glow/reflection on her, awesome. It's so simple but I love the background. Haven't seen many Lust wallpapers but this one is definately a nice one. :3

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