White Clarity Wallpaper: Bubblegum Angel

Actress, Princess Soft, White Clarity, Rino (White Clarity) Wallpaper
Actress Studio Princess Soft Studio White Clarity Visual Novel Rino (White Clarity) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A friend of mine on another forum wanted me to make a wall for her. She calls herself "Bubblegum Angel" and wanted me to create whatever comes to mind about her name for her.

It was fun trying to find the right scan since she wanted a specfic type >_< And it had to be pinkish! Well, with a few changes with color balance, I got the pink color =) But then I had to add wings. I hope she likes it ^^;;

Besides the scan, the rest of the wall was created in photoshop. Only the clouds and mist was rendered by brushes. The rest was through technique which took hours. For example, the wings alone had 60 layers!

Not really happy with this one, but had fun playing with photoshop stuff. So enjoy!!
And of course any comments or suggestions would be appreciated ^_^

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  1. MagicianFairy Aug 20, 2005

    Wowwwwwwwwww...what a beautiful wall im seeing!!
    i really like like like it!!
    Fairy likes the pink color and the scan!!


  2. s9031496c Banned Member Aug 20, 2005

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me think of Bubble gum!!!!!!!!! Favs

  3. Sandra Aug 20, 2005

    The scan that you used is from White Clarity (change teh category ) .

  4. Emeralis Aug 20, 2005

    Awwwwww that's so cute, the bubbles look realistic, I can believe the wings have 60 layers, they look realistic too.

  5. ItakoLina Aug 20, 2005

    thats really cute^^
    I like the pic and the feeling that wall gives me.
    keep up your great Work^^

  6. mizu-megami Aug 20, 2005

    i like it. it's so sweet looking^_^
    i will add it to my favs. see you. by bye

  7. Dufoe88 Aug 20, 2005

    nice work ;)
    keep it up

  8. MasterFoot Aug 20, 2005

    wow this is very well done. The colours are cute and so is the girl. Keep up the good work :)


  9. Rhonda21 Aug 20, 2005

    This wallpaper is beautiful and I really like it. The scan is pretty too.

  10. vaako Aug 20, 2005

    hey very nice good job i liked so much
    the use of colors is rely good togheter of scan
    & every all keep doing congratuletion

  11. Sumomo- Aug 20, 2005

    Excellent wall Emma :)
    So soft and pinkish!
    Wings look great.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Rikimaru-jp Aug 21, 2005

    Very neat! I like the colors alot and the bubbles too!
    you used some good effects there especially the wings!!! good work!!
    it deserves to be added to my favorites!!!
    take care!

  13. cloh Aug 21, 2005

    It's really pink >.<
    You really did an awesome job!!
    This wall is so soft! The bubbles suit the softness of the scan and the colors^^
    The wings are sublime, they look really soft and flufly XD
    The character looks cute but also sad... I like her expression :)
    i really love it^^
    I hope to see more of your art soon^^

  14. sylvacoer Aug 21, 2005

    (>.o) It's pink - very, very, very, very pink. (>.0.... >.<'..... gah!... @_@) Okay, I'm better now! The scan is absolutely lovely adn I think the bubbles are perfect fot the theme. But perhaps you could sharpen the wings a bit and make them look more like they're sprouting from her shoulder blades? Right now, they seem to be coming from the small of her back...

  15. KittyKat90 Aug 21, 2005

    Hehehe *waves* Hello there Emma
    I just love it.
    It is so cute^_^
    Your scans are so cute.
    I hope to see more soon

  16. Emma Aug 21, 2005

    Thanks everyone for your support ^_^
    *in trance-like voice* Indeed...it is...very...very...pink!!! >_< *lol*

  17. rmuyo Aug 21, 2005

    I really love the wings on this angel, they really look fluffy to me. They look like real wings, only pink :D. The bubbles are also a nice touch since they break up what might otherwise be an overwhelming amount of pink in the background. All the different shades of pink help to break up the background nicely and as such also help to make all the pink in the background less overwhelming.

    I am also very impressed with how you were able to mix all the pinks and shades of pink together and have them each stand out from the other, it is an excellent job.

    By the way is the angel sad or lost in thought? She has a look which seems to be almost sad because of something she is thinking.

  18. Drifterx Aug 21, 2005

    wow this looks pretty and clear! i like the color blends too^^ white and pink go well together^^Great JOB Emma! hope to see more of your work! see ya around ^_^

  19. Nona Aug 21, 2005

    The bubblegums are funny :) The scan is cute :) Nice work! :)

  20. TAM-Lisa Banned Member Aug 21, 2005

    Very very nice wall! XD
    I love it very much & added it to my fav XD
    Thanks for sharing XD

  21. jedisakora Aug 21, 2005

    How Kawii :) I like how you have clounds in the background. It fits well with the theme.

  22. Mindy Aug 21, 2005

    hooo Emma you make really cute girl !! is ... i ... Thanks !!!! :D

  23. bbls Aug 22, 2005

    very cute concept...and i luv the pink color theme... XD
    the bubblegum bubbles were a nice touch, but the wings are so big... >.<
    very cute wallie, emma!! :D

  24. cynthia85 Aug 23, 2005

    very nice :D I like the effect with pink color and bubbles. It's so cute!!

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