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A collab i made with Euna for the antique faery tale walling contest!

Nya~ also my first submission in 8 months.. i believe? .___.

So anyways, this wall's dedicated to Rockiee since it's her bitrhday on the 21 <3~ HAPPY BIRTHDEH ROCKIEE!!
Oh, and therse a secret message on the dome, if u can find it that is ^___^

Go visit Saki and Brom's wall here: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/150484/

Hope you like our wall~! And remmeber to visit Antique Faery Tales for more walls and sizes ^__^

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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2005

    t_t i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu i hate yu ..

    ;-; itz kawaii .. >.< kawaii kawaii .. me can see that pinky did all the work .. xD seeing how euna kept complaining about the due date in her emails .. ==;;

    me lovu lovus the colors .. T_T eight months of no walls .. YU suck! dunt forget to send me a description, and resolutions! or yu can update it yourself~ i need to update some of rockie's and brom's walls too .. ==;;

    anyways~ nice effects! lovu the font .. ;-;

  2. Yumi-Chan Aug 19, 2005

    omg cute wallpaper! XD you antique faerytales people really have kawaii ideas on wallpapers.
    and yes it's been a long time since i've seen something from you pinky =)
    the background is really bright and brings out aloooota happiness i gotta say lol.
    loving those pastel colours ^^ the planet looks awesome too.
    i wonder who's gonna win in the staff contest :p.. good luck to you and euna! <3
    i really hope to see more of your works again =)

  3. rocknroll-isgo Aug 19, 2005


    *tackles you both*

    So what if it's just sucking up to the judge--- thank youuuu~! <3 Everything looks so purdy. Love love LOVE the font and the fantasty background. Reminds me of the old binders anf folders I used to have in elementary school. X3

    *steals Saturn and runs*

  4. sukie Aug 19, 2005

    wow...i've waited for a work from you in a long time my friend!! great job on this one!! super cute! and the bg...very magical!! me like!!

  5. chau-chan Aug 19, 2005

    yay!!! It's a really long time since you last update..
    I really love the wallpaper!!!
    Ooh, Pastel colors, great wallpaper
    The texture and the blending. Great job!!
    *add to fav*

  6. meteorcloud Aug 19, 2005

    shhhh pinku :o~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeks...it's 1024 x768 ....lol whatever...the bigger sizes should be at antique XD~! I really like the background :o~! nice objects and the colors are funky XD~! hmz...the scan...looks jaggy =/.....it's the dpi :o????? =/...ow well..nice job though...and...rockie's b-day is coming soon :o

  7. euna Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2005

    lol. pinky, me ish terribly sorry to make you submit it. now saki hates you xD xD xD
    anywayz, this is just the perfect way to bribe the judge =P
    well... happy b-day to rockie, and believe me, pinky did all the work and i wasted all the time *sighs*
    well, i luv the way pinky made it all really colourful @__@
    i gotta fav our own wallpaper. ;)

  8. XDarkDestinyX Aug 20, 2005

    O.O OH MY GOD! It's been so long since I've last seen a wallie from you! And well worth the wait! XD I love it all! It has so many pretty shades of colors and just so damn cute!!

  9. CosmoStar Aug 20, 2005

    It has suck an incredible background... Me have no words to say abou it, only that I loved!

  10. Chopstickz Aug 21, 2005

    psh if you wanted to bribe rocky, should've throw in a nekked cute guy in there as well XP
    kekeke >:3
    anyways its a really cutie wallie ^^
    likes of nice effects n sparkles though the dome thingy looks kinda like a
    discoball and the sillouhette of the bird seems out of place,
    everything else is nice n clean n sparkly n glittery n girly n etc etc. ^^;
    good job yuu too n_n

  11. Electrastar Aug 21, 2005

    I has been awhile pinkdoremi....This is so cute, looks like she's on another planet or a genie's bottle or something :D Great effects and nice choice of colors :D

  12. ShiroiLina Aug 21, 2005

    such cuteness!!! and pinkness! XDDD
    i CAN see the hidden msg but i wont say it so that i wont spoil XD
    very well hidden and very nice thought! keep it up!
    and happy b'day TO rockiee FROM ME AS well! ;)

  13. ayanechan Aug 22, 2005

    this has antique written all over it! XD pink/cute=antique. great job on the stuff you guys put into the background. looks really good. the only thing that bothers me is that bit of grass and ground. the colours stands out a little too much. maybe because it ain't pastel or maybe it's just me XD great job nonetheless

  14. DarkMaiden1369 Aug 22, 2005

    wow the colors are so bright lol but its so cute
    I love how you made so many colors work so well
    together and the font is cute as well ( love how there's
    japanese wring in teh bg where the font is) well you did a great a job
    although I wish it was a bit bigger ^^ but its still a fav for me ^^

  15. Ilumina Aug 23, 2005

    wow is very beautifull *o* my congratulations pinkdoremi-chan! ^^
    i like this so much i am going add in my favourites ^o^
    i hope see more works than this *¬*
    hugs and kisses matta~ne!

  16. Yoh Aug 23, 2005

    Nice wall, like how the pic looks, is really different. Also like the colors and effects on the bg.

  17. YOoptimus Oct 14, 2007

    muy linda con trasos muy bonitos y con mucho color, la berdad me gusto mucho

    (sorry I not speak Inglish)

  18. YukihimeShikigami May 13, 2010

    My... Very pretty and colourfull!

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