He is My Master Wallpaper: He is my master: Love maid

Gainax, He is My Master, Anna Kurauchi Wallpaper
Gainax Studio He is My Master Series Anna Kurauchi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Wheehe last entry (3/3) for my part of the new-series-marathon. The other two wallpapers can be found at my userpage.

So I made three anime wallpaper from three different genres: first 'GunxSword' is action, second 'Iriya no Sora' is drama and third 'He is my Master' is an ecchi-comedy. Ecchi? Yeah, even though I don't like ecchi, HiMM was too hilarious!

The character is Anna, a lesbian who has a crush on Izumi. I vectored and recolored this screenshot from the ending (with karaoke YAAH)
and put her onto this balcony of the manson
The handrail was fun. I was inspired by the 'Diamant' houses of a building contractor
I happened to know. When I was done, the left side was so sad and empty that I added an ivy. Well now, the sky in the background is reflected by the window. I hope you get what I meant. Normal skies are boring~ Thanks to Yina for her help! Aah and the text is 'Love maid' in Katakana.

I'm really not keen on chaning the wall 10 times because there's a little mistake. Also I hope there are no perspective mistakes. Some people told me (indirectly of course xD) how much I suck at making a proper perspective, that's why it's simple. If there's still something odd, tell me. I'll think about it.

Many people decide on a theme song for their wallpapers, and I found one, e.g. Interpol - Specialist. Especially the line "You reach out for a blanket I say girl you�ve got something, I love how you wear it", Yoshitaka's theme xD Oh wrote too much. Well then, more resolutions at www.uchiki.de. Don't forget our Bleach contest~

Well then, I go and watch the last episode of HiMM, enjoy the wall!

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2005

    Awesome job on this one Chibikko. No complaints :x it is perfect.

  2. Yina Aug 19, 2005

    amazing.. XD I love the veranda a lot.. yeah.. and the bioengineered (< such a difficult word.. =__=) ivy.. XD Your wallies always have got such a great concept.. >_< nyaa.. +fav.. XD

    Oh.. and @minna-san: Here's the Bleach wallpaper contest!! yeah XD

  3. ayanechan Aug 19, 2005

    i have no idea what to say other than i absolutely love this wallpaper! XD i don't watch the series, only watch the first one/two eps. but the wallpaper looks lovely. the atmosphere, the vector (that looks superb) and how the whole thing comes together. incase if you start wondering if i'm just kissing up, i'm not. i'm being honest here. great job chibikko! it's a great ending to your marathon ^.~

  4. tAtEkAnE Aug 19, 2005

    that some nice vectoring and cging skills :D
    i'm a nitpicker but i think ur wall is just about perfect like brom said

    i think the only thing i could suggest is some shine on the window but that's no biggie this is really nice :D keep it up a fave is in order ;)

  5. MuZ0NaZ Aug 19, 2005

    Awesome job on that screencap, chibikko. The texture is good but I dont think it is really concrete on the wall and railings - however, downsized to 1280x1024 it looks great :\ The reflection is a nice touch and colours are beautiful.
    This is first comment in months(not counting today), probably - excuse my lazyness :\

  6. nekosasu Aug 19, 2005

    i like this wall ^^ it's clean and colorful and all, there is absolutely nothing at all to criticize on it, perfect work.

    though there's something on the furigana text that you might want to change ^^; it says "rabu naido", while you want it to be as "Love Maid", so you'd need to change the "na" into "ma".
    (and it's izumi-san wa, not izumi-san ga xD but i'm being nitpicky yet again)

    wow, this blows me away. Keep... the good work... up? XD meh haette des auch auf deutsch sagen koennen... naja auch egal.

    Keep genki!

  7. harakiri Aug 19, 2005

    That's a great wallpaper for He is my Master. It is also very good that you vectored a screencap-character because all the scans welche es zu dieser Serie gibt, geben ein bestimmtes Motiv schon vor und es lassen sich keine Wallpapers daraus machen, die nicht das gleiche Konzept wie die Scans haetten @.@
    Knowing that I will watch the last episode of that series too that evening makes me a bit sad because that was a very entertaining show and it is hard to find something that I will really like.

  8. tian82 Aug 19, 2005

    OMG !! This is so cool and beautiful !!! Great work from Chibikko-chan !!! I love the background and the green leaf !! The girl is cute and lovely !! Nice work !! I love it !!!

  9. tosirap Aug 19, 2005

    Woah, I really like how you added depth to the scene. Everything looks embossed in a neat sort of way. Good stuff. :)

  10. FALH Aug 19, 2005

    it's been a while *so lazy during vacation* -_-"

    well for this wall,u used a very cute style, we see a nice scene
    hmm sorry dont have enought english vocabulary to comment this wall but if i add it to my fav, u understand i like it ^^

    cya around

  11. Sandra Aug 19, 2005

    Wow Chibi this wallie is so pweetie ! *__*

    It's a comfort 4 my eyes to watch such a cute wall !

    Great , amazing , wonderfoul job on the girl O_O

    Dunno how did you do that o_____o

    i love the bg it's so ...... so.........so..... pweetie !!!

    me loves works like this !

    Fav +

    *runs away happy*

  12. ayaki Aug 20, 2005

    great job @ creating the background.!~ and to the vector!~ my god >_<
    It's clean...sharp....
    kinda gives me a autumn feel....
    maybe becoz of the leaves and her scarf...haha ^^
    definitely a fav!!~ flawless ne~

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 20, 2005

    *breaths a lil to catch my breath*

    OMG! 0___0 another ownage for me yet again from your wall entries because its scary and intimidating to say the least because your the best! XD Anyway i like that you fully re-cged the image and use the lil thumbnail pic of the creenshot because its cute you put the indicator arrow and you made the balcony so well. ANyway great work nonetheless girl! ^__^

  14. ansk21 Aug 20, 2005

    Wow.... O.o Kawaiiiii *______*

    Very very cute \o/

    Anna-chan I love you \o/ \o/

    Good job

  15. Deen Aug 20, 2005

    Quote by Super ChibiThe character is Anna, a lesbian who has a crush on Izumi. I vectored and recolored this screenshot from the ending (with karaoke YAAH)

    Lesbian ... >_< ...

    Yup.... another great vector from chibi, the composition of coor is very good, awesome and really nice to prolonge exposure ^^
    i like your vector XD

  16. Skillzpay Aug 20, 2005

    You've really outdone yourself this time. I'm amazed everytime I see your walls since you make pretty much everything from scratch but with this one, you've really elevated the quality that you're capable of. This looks like something you'd see straight out of an artbook or magazine. The house looks ridiculously great and nothing looks too sharp, which is something you sometimes tend to do in your walls, and I really like all the complimentary pieces....the vine, leaves, reflection on the window, etc. This is by far my favorite wall from you so far. Great stuff chibikko! :D

  17. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 21, 2005

    Chibikko~ Its been quite sometime :)

    First off I wanted to thank you once again for the b-day wishes :). I do greatly appreciate that and I never really told anyone about my birthday, personally never considered it to be a big deal so =3. Anyways~ I saw this wall actually over at AP and I was just like "o.o". Mainly cause of the fact that its Anna and that she actually looks..calm is shocking. Anyways, prepare yourself (this could be rather lenghty).

    First off, I have to say that the whole concept you have behind this wall.. really just is something else. You've really taking your walling to a whole new level and I love it. Just taking a scene from the anime and re-creating it and just how well its done..just really, really bedazzles me. I gotta say I love the mansion and espically the outside of it, just simply gorgeous (not to mention unnecessarly big) and I think you chose a perfect spot to place Anna and to make as the bg for the wall.

    Second, I have to say that the scan..wow..you reall, really amaze me, Chibikko. Espically with your vector. It..really just looks amazing, I can't say too much, since I don't know how to vector myself, but I can say that Anna looks quite lovely and that you did, from my personal perspective, a fantastic job vectoring her (from what I do know about vectoring anyways) and the recoloring was a great idea as well. Of course, with your ability, I'm not shocked at all how great she looks, but I do have to say that you've really become quite talented with your vectoring~ I tip my hat to you on a job VERY well done :).

    Third is the scenery and ooooooooooh wow. I don't know where I should start from. Well, first off I have to say that this was an incredibly unique idea to began with. I think it was perfect to use to mansion as the choice for the bg. Not only that but I have to applaude you on the choice of location on the mansion as well. Just a perfect choice to use the second level. Not only that, but I gotta applaude you once again on a magnificant job on creating the bg. Just...gorgeous, simply gorgeous. The balcony is quite beautiful, the addition of ivy was a fine touch indeed and the sky reflected off of the glass windows..the blowing leaves, the whole enviroment that has been created is just..perfect. It honestly it, the blowing leaves were a nice additional touch and even though it is sunny with a few clouds, the impression of it being rather chilly outside is still given quite nicely. I think the ivy was a great addition and it doesn't make the wall seems so lonely anymore :). I think it was a really nice idea to add the reflection like that as well and I commend you on doing such a lovely job with that. Overall for the bg..wow..I really can't express enough in words how much I love the enviroment you created..well, I suppose mostly re-created ^.~.

    Overall, what can I say? A beautiful vector job, a fantastic background that overall just comes together perfectly. The text fits in VERY nicely as well and I think its perfect for this wall. In the end, I love it. I'm a fan of HiMM and I can't say I've seen a better HiMM wall than this, or will for quite sometime (if ever, to be honest I'm more of betting on I'll never see a HiMM wall that can top this =3) Fantastic work Chibikko, its a favorite for me, hands down and my favorite of the month :).

  18. lilm Aug 21, 2005

    u really did a great job on ur wallpaper ^^
    i can see u put alot of hard work into it
    the scan is so beautiful and all nicely coloured (great job on it)
    the bg is just very well done i love it
    so much hard work has been put into it and in the end it looks perfect
    the scan for the bg is small and yet u did a very good job making it look so nice and all
    the blending of the scan to the bg is excellent
    keep up the kewl job ^^
    *adds 2 favs*

  19. Kyuzo1 Aug 25, 2005

    Ich war ne woche nicht hier, deswegen kann ich erst jetzt n komment schreiben. Naja... wie dem auch sei...
    Very nice wall. The vector looks great (dunno why, but i like especially the hair)
    I also like the clouds. Die sind ein wenig unscharf und passen daher gut ins bild... finde ich zumindest ^_^'' (Tut mir leid aber ich weiss nicht wie ich das auf english haette schreiben koennen -_-'')
    Cool font.
    But the rest of the wall is also nice. It all fits very good.
    Thanks a lot for it^^
    +fav :)
    ps: Sorry for my bad english

  20. Oshii-Rion Aug 26, 2005

    Ooo! Looks so cool! Beautyful scene! XD
    Thanks fo this wall! ;)
    Great Job!

  21. Cladeflerel Sep 04, 2005

    Its beautiful, really something special. Like it was said before, everything fits perfectly, great work here. Keep up with this.

  22. daimira Sep 27, 2005

    Simple yet...complicated. Your vectoring skills are amazing. You got that from THAT screencap? *bows to superior talent* Wonderful job!

    The ivy is amazing for an afterthought ^^. The leaves looks so fat and shiny.

  23. DarkLion700 Sep 29, 2006

    very nice job. she fits the backround nicely. great share.

  24. atrexcel Dec 10, 2010

    Awesome style for this pic! Very good!

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