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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato Katsuragi, Ryoji Kaji Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

umm..well just got back from vacation a couple days ago and i guess i feel wallpaper-ish again O___o
so i put together this depressing outlook on the world today, the Apocalypse.
actually alot of people said theyd wall this scan so dont be annoyed to see it again ^_^"

i know the changes on the scan arent that great, and maybe some would say im lazy etc. but thinking fully, it was difficult just to decide on things and techs to actually complement the scan, even if they are subtle >.>

i started by extracting the sky because the current one was a bit too watercoloured look. but i eyedropped the same colors and put the sky in a lower layer with various grunge brushing.
i also decided to make a smoke column rise from the mountain in the bg cause i thought it looked appropriate for evangilion, which apparently everyone dies in the end anyway...so why not die in this scene?
the brush i was using for the smoke had pretty rough edges so i had to do a subtle erase and layer a bunch of smoke layers behind the mountain layer and infront of it.
also desaturated the original scan.
extracted a stock airplane and multiplied it into a herd of them dropping bombs and stuff.

also, looking at the top submits in the NGE section, id say that it lacks the proper depth of work that is needed to fully portray the plot of evangilion. right now if i didnt know the story or could read or whatever, id think that its pretty shallow only cause thats all i see as most popular subs from the anime ^__^'

scan : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/3336/ by kino ^^ (pointed out by DREAM)
thats all >_>

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  1. Electrastar Aug 19, 2005

    This has always been one of my favorite images of NGE and now matter many times I see it used, I never get tired of it and once again, this is a very beautiful interpretation of this image and the couple that Kaji and Misato were and in a way, still are.

  2. marcoskatsuragi Aug 19, 2005

    Thats one of best NGE images... another one i like is exact witch mista ond kaji... theres a sunset and they drink wine.. oh wel... nice one! fav...

  3. Keik Aug 19, 2005

    How should i say the Style is Intersting i has something i wonder how it looks with a little Rain on that Cloudy day :)

  4. SaschaC Aug 19, 2005

    Sweet.... I love the feeling

  5. Odysseus Aug 19, 2005

    Fwee! Kai's back!

    Anyway, great wall, sort of grunge-ish sort of not... Interesting style. A very depressing, defeated feel eminates from this wall. I like it quite a bit. As always the scan is perfect for the scene, and very clean and clear. the texture/effect thing is well used as well. The planes in the background are a rather nice touch, and I don't know if that is supposed to be smoke in the background right there under and behind the word Apocalypse, but it looks great and your fading out of the background was well executed. Excellent wall! As always. ^_^

  6. RainOfStars Aug 19, 2005

    Another well done wall. Good job Kai. I got to say that I like the way how everything fits together so well. I hope I could make walls that that ^_^' I am bad at this^^
    But isn't this a bit depressing? Sure the world is corrupted, but there is no use being negative. Is there?

    Anyway, great wall and +fav^^

  7. Janelloyd Aug 19, 2005

    Good job! I really like this picture, I don't even know what it's actually from. I think you did a great job. I like the darkness to it all

  8. hongrboi Aug 19, 2005

    Kai's back!!! Yay!

    I don't know why but that wall reminds me of WWII It's probably becuase of the planes. The smoke/mist rising from the ground is a nice touch too! Good work!

    EDIT: Hm..the glow looks kind of out of place on the characters.

  9. Nona Aug 19, 2005

    Welcome beck! :)
    Woring on new wallpapers? :D
    I like the scan what you used. Bit depressing. Nice work!

  10. DREAM Aug 19, 2005

    [EDITED-wall review]
    first off- why not give the scanner kino credit for her incredible scan?
    kino's "sadamoto_04" can be found HERE

    Quote by ElectrastarThis has always been one of my favorite images of NGE and now matter many times I see it used, I never get tired of it and once again, this is a very beautiful interpretation of this image and the couple that Kaji and Misato were and in a way, still are.

    i agree i love kino's scan- it is arguably my favorite NGE artwork. i am trying to procure Die Sterne and can't wait to scan it. ^^

    this wallpaper: intesting interpretation. the darkening of the the bg and addition of the bomber-planes helps to set a foreboding mode of finality [can't wait] but is just a little 2 simplistic. i see no other changes except what i previously mentioned.

  11. Yina Aug 19, 2005

    First, it's me YuunaChan! XD I changed my nick to Yina, cuz I hated the old one.. and I'm known as Yina everywhere else.. and MT was the last community where I still have the old nick :nya:

    wow.. great effects O__O like how you made the sky.. and the whole atmosphere.. it's so sad.. >.< overall great job, +fav ^^ btw.. welcome back! XD

  12. asianspirit Aug 19, 2005

    yay! kai's back! :D

    excellent wall as usual. i love the background. such a nice grungy sky. the smoky colors and the brunge brushing--i love it. XD and the scan blends well with the background so well. it almost looks like the background itself is a part of the scan :)
    keep up the great work!

  13. Lenne Aug 19, 2005

    Hey,welcome back! :)
    The wall is very good i love what you've done with it,and as usuall it's made in excellent quallity.
    See ya around! ;)

  14. DarkEVO Aug 19, 2005

    Welcome back kai.
    This wallpaper looks alrite but it seems like not much work was done.
    Although I do admire the theme of it. The smoke clouds may cover it but not enough. But the B-52s however is a good idea as well but try different direction as well and have some image of bombs been dropped as well.
    Good work though for your return to walling.

  15. SharinganKnight Aug 19, 2005

    y0, welcome back, your work is as good as ever..and it says "kai" all over it ^_^ its your style.

  16. pegassuss Aug 19, 2005

    Nice wall! ^^ I love the atmosphere it creates... it's somewhat sad XP it doesn't seem to have much changes with the original scan, but there are some some nice touches and it's a great wall ;) Good work! keep it up!

  17. Sandra Aug 19, 2005

    Wall from Kai !
    Finally a masterpiece !
    A work that really deserve to be on the top !
    I'v seen this scan before , nice choose.
    Amazin work on the bg , fits perfectly to the couple on the car.
    It looks so mysterious.
    Great job Kai , as always !

  18. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 19, 2005

    Welcome back kai81220!!!
    Very nice wallpaper and i like it....
    Everything looks good on it...
    Great job and keep it up....

    :) :D :) :D

  19. sukie Aug 19, 2005

    this looks great, i love the atmosphere in this one...mmm...me like...the scan fit well and everything seems to get along...mmm great job!!

  20. MuZ0NaZ Aug 19, 2005

    Meh, even though it has little changes from the scan, I still like it. The planes sure add depth.

  21. Sunira Aug 19, 2005

    Really, it is somewhat depressing. I think though that its really nice anyway. Their faces dont show depression at all.

  22. akari-chan Aug 20, 2005

    i'm so glad you're back, kai! i missed you! well, good as always, kai. this whole wall looks very nice. +fav

  23. Kyo26 Aug 20, 2005

    nice wall...=) i agree with u that this world is kinda depressing...ahaha kinda suits my mod nowadays... so ireally like this one ^^ love to see more from u ;)

  24. slivermoon Aug 20, 2005

    can't u compress the wall any further kai??? its taking me forever to dl!! T___T
    and i thought that u wouldn't come back untill next month...
    anyways bg is foggy which makes sense since the plains are dropping bombs
    but the planes don't exactly look like planes, they look like birds @_@
    maybe cause i don't see bombs... and they are too small for me >.<
    i guess the texture is nice in the clouds and sky o_O

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