Saint Seiya Wallpaper: the eighth colour

Masami Kurumada, Saint Seiya, Artemis (Saint Seiya) Wallpaper
Masami Kurumada Mangaka Saint Seiya Series Artemis (Saint Seiya) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What if heaven was a room?

MUSIC: The Eighth Colour- vocals by Miu Sakamoto, Tune by Sugizo, Mixed by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Random lyric from song: "Mienai mono wo miteite" (looking at things that can't be seen)

((Background)) Artemis, drawn by Future Studio
((Inspiration)) Dedication to all those MT peeps and my closer friends here :3 You know who you are Wonderful XD And to of course, Rah :)
((What I did)) Well, just wanted a palace. Looked nothing like what I wanted to make. I was going to make her look into a pond or something to reflect that lyric I had, but then stuff happened, I got lazy and there were no good palace pics to vector. So here I am with these weird swirly gigs and to think of it, I haven't done a soft looking wallpaper in a very long time and so I decided to revert back for a while, for the sake of rebelling against strong coloured stuff :3 Brushes are from here so yeah ^-^
((Scan)) Provided by Marissa scan from here
((Comments)) This is a wallpaper made for monitors of 30% or less brightness. Any brighter than that, will blind you. Comments appreciated. Don't forget the what where how.
*bows* I will be back to your service next Tuesday or so (u_u)

Again thanks in advance for comments and such... will try to reply to them when I return... *dies from physics and wallpaper induced headache*

And I forgot the stats:

PSD: 29.5MB
Layers: 37
Time taken: woo... a long time... *very* long time

Yeah whatever. Fixed the hair. And removed that rainbow.


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  1. Dufoe88 Aug 19, 2005

    awsome wallpaper
    love the bg and the scan
    they suits alot! ^^
    keep it up

  2. nanou1 Aug 19, 2005

    i like the way you do it...
    nice scene and the girl goes very well with your background!
    thanks to share your work, i add it to my desk ^^

  3. MS0B9 Aug 19, 2005

    Ooow... It's pertty! I love that it looks as if she's floating around in the hallway. Hehe... I wish I could do that. Well anyway love the wallie and adding to favs!

  4. RahX101 Aug 19, 2005

    wow misa. this looks really great. i feel so loved. XD
    anywho, everything in the wall came out really nice. the colors, scan and background just flow so smoothly. the brushes give it that magical touch. looking at this makes me want to vector better. ^^ well done. +fav

  5. gel-chan Aug 19, 2005

    Wow! Eye-candy! I like it especially the color! My fave color! Keep up the good work! ;)

  6. Regnak Aug 19, 2005

    Adding to my fav!!!!!

    I love the girl, the background, the effect.

    Great wallpaper!!!!!

  7. tishdon Aug 19, 2005

    This is georgous Kuroimisa, truly your best wall yet. The picture blends so smoothly into the Bg, the colours and the mood are perfect. Your brushwork as usual is inspired, well done!

  8. BossMac Aug 19, 2005

    I just can't help but remember sumthing weird that happened to me a while back...

    Anyways, with all the white and light colors around, and that look on the girl's face, it has a very spooky atmosphere...

    i think there could've been more "action" going around in the bg but this is already great as it is.

    Slendid job, Kuro... lemme giv ya a Hell Yeah!!!

  9. asianspirit Aug 19, 2005

    O_O soo goregeous!
    very inspirational. the color scheme of purple and white was ingenious. and the scan blends so well in the background. love it. but there's a section where i guess the it's her hair is missing. the first strand to the left. it continues then breaks on the outer swirl. that's the only thing that bothers me. >.< but it think it's surperb wall and deserves a fave! :D

  10. angelchan8123 Aug 19, 2005

    I like the bg it looks surreal. The charact looks good too

    Awsome job, i'll add it to my favs

  11. Revan Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2005

    Quite calm and nice wallie... first off the scan has been worked great and it's really well blended, nice job with the misty clouds it makes her look so magical ;) and the pattern in the back it's very good :D ... you know where this wallie is going, right?

  12. Rikimaru-jp Aug 19, 2005

    well done!!! I really like what you did here!!!
    background: 7/10
    Character: 9/10
    Effects: 8/10
    exctraction: 9/10
    overall: 8/10

  13. kagoem Aug 19, 2005

    oh this is a very nice wallpaper. I love the scan. And I also like the background.

  14. melymay Aug 20, 2005

    Nice wall :) I love the scan you used, it's beautiful. The background matches with it too. Keep it up!

  15. Akaiken Aug 20, 2005

    Wa! Kuri got a new wall! Man, I wanna be the first one to comment... *sniff*

    Anyways, the bg is really good and the scan... I think I saw it from somewhere or it just maybe resembling something I saw.

    Pretty nice!

  16. slivermoon Aug 20, 2005

    interesting statement... What if heaven was a room? never thought of it as that b4 o_O
    anyways the walls look kinda strange to me sortof like they are transparent @_@
    and Artemis looks as if she was vectored, i'm seeing things...
    but its nice work all the way ^-^

  17. ayane-heine Aug 21, 2005

    wow.. this wallie looks so fantasy to me.. XD
    i think that everything suits prefectly with that scan..
    goodie job oh, misa~~~~~ ^^

  18. flyindreams Aug 21, 2005

    misa-chan~ there IS a piece of her hair that's missing, the left-most hanging piece is not connected to her body at all; if you go back and look at the scan you'll see that it's there in marissa's scan, but it's darker than the other pieces 'cause it's in the shadows... ^^||

  19. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 21, 2005

    Wow, awesome~ Although I don't really quite understand the meaning of the Eight colour and the whole presentation... Are you talking about White colour for being the 8th colour? Hm... I guess that makes sense. ^_^' However, that girl there looks pretty eerie and scary in a sense that... she's... scary? All those metal outfits gives me that feel like she's a valkyrie. And her expression... she wants to kill somebody too. But then, I think you've done a pretty well job though Misa. Although she might looked a bit evil, the background and effects is trully matching, great job Misa!

    Don't be so sad over Physics... I know how painful Physics can get.

  20. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2005

    This is quite the beautiful wallpaper~ I'm fond of soft ethereal images, and this wall suits my tastes really well. ^^ The notion of heaven as a closed space is interesting, and I think you've portrayed a possible glimpse of it nicely.. I just wished the 'room' itself had a little more depth, to play up the element of heaven's grandeur. But its a beautiful wall nonetheless. By the way, I don't know what triggered you to angrily say you're going to quit walling for now, but you really shouldn't. ^^

  21. bbls Aug 22, 2005

    luv your concept of playing on your question "if heaven was a room." i also luv the ceiling you made because it looks very futuristic, and i also like how she's looking down at everyone...i get the feeling she's watching us... XD
    i also luv the use of colors...they're very soft and compliment the scan quite well.
    but i was a bit iffy about that tiny rainbow in the corner...it kinda threw me off... ^_^'

  22. smiels Aug 22, 2005

    wowie you did a great job on this wallie the colors look great and really match !
    i really love the character that is on it
    great job once again

  23. white-zero Aug 23, 2005

    The best work I've seen from you. Period.

    I don't much to complain here other than the scan. Maybe you can touch it up to make the dreamy kind of effect. Well, just my suggestion.

  24. sangel99 Aug 23, 2005

    This is soo pretty! I like this picture so much.....I'm adding it to my favs ^-^ I really like the clouds....I don't know why you quiet doing wallies!! But, still it's very good XD

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