Sakura no Uta Wallpaper: Summer Day

Sakura no Uta Wallpaper
Sakura no Uta Visual Novel

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is the first time I've dealt with a cherry tree, so I really had no idea how to do it >.<. There weren't even any tutorials T.T. The house out back was a stock.
I dedicate this piece to mughi.

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  1. kagoem Aug 18, 2005

    I like this. I really love the background. You did really good on this one.

  2. Blue-mage865 Banned Member Aug 18, 2005

    *Gasp!* This is so pretty! I love it! Really nice effects with all the sakura blossoms and such. Well on to look at you're other walls! La, la, la...

  3. Qwertqwertbo Aug 18, 2005

    Great work on the background! If you didn't mention this is your first time with a cherry tree, I would've thought you were a pro! :)

  4. dalidadod Aug 18, 2005

    :hmpf: i never think about red and pink in same wallie OX but they look nice in this one ^_^' *add to fava'*

  5. Rella Aug 18, 2005

    It looks very pretty! The trees and the whole scenery looks awesome. Great wallpaper! ^^

  6. chau-chan Aug 18, 2005

    I really like it!! The sooo pink, but cute!! xd
    i font is really awesome, but I think that you shouldn't put the "by Glassheart" in the center of the wallpaper...
    The texture and blending is really nice, I love it!!
    *add to fav*

  7. niina02 Aug 18, 2005

    i like it!
    love the sakura-tree... like girl.s scan too...!
    + fav

    Great Wall!

  8. moonbaby Aug 18, 2005

    I love the soft colors of blue, purple and pink
    they mesh together nicely ^_^
    Very nicely done!!! Just Lovely!!

    Loves Ya!!!!

  9. hongrboi Aug 18, 2005

    Wow! Another awsome wall! I like! Nice choice of colours yet again. The cherry blossom looks good! It's better than my first attempt -.-

  10. Athrun Aug 18, 2005

    Awesome. I'll be using this for my desktop. Great job.

  11. Rhonda21 Aug 19, 2005

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOo very very pretty I love it all. great job!!!

  12. Dream24 Aug 19, 2005

    I especially like the leaves in the background. Totally love the overall colours!

  13. vampyre Aug 19, 2005

    that's cool & cute ^w^~ umm....but the balance that turn to the left a little, thought. anyway, it's not much change & still looking great ^^~

  14. Dallas Aug 19, 2005

    the background is awesome! @_@ amazing
    *adds to awesome stuff*
    good work, i likey ^_^

  15. agneslee Aug 19, 2005

    It's very beautiful bg.
    I think it will more better if the colour is bright enough.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. mughi Aug 19, 2005

    Oh, my god. Thank you very much for the wallpaper. I didn't read your comment initially then I noticed the dedication and I was floored.

    This is an incredible piece of wallpaper. I'm amazed at your skill at doing something new so well, I am so happy right now that it took me a while just to right this short comment. ^_^'

    i really love this wallpaper. I'm going to use it for my desktop right away. :D :D :D

  17. vang Banned Member Aug 19, 2005

    oh,yeah ,the wall is very beautiful, i like best a background add fav

  18. sylvacoer Aug 19, 2005

    (@_@) Wooooooowwwwww, lookit a the birght and purdy colors... *is enthralled* Er-hem! Yes, excellent wall, dearest, please keep it up! (*~.^*)

  19. yo-chanbokura Aug 20, 2005

    really pretty wall! i love the sakura petals, it looks beautifull, very good job! ;)

  20. Cagalli22 Aug 20, 2005

    this is really pritty galssy! the tree looks great and the house in the back is superb! (i'm in to big words right now lol)
    nice again, keep it up *fav'd*

  21. Tasana Aug 21, 2005

    *gasp* woooooowwwww O_o its soooo prettyful XD *favs and downloads* good job again glassie :)

  22. kre Aug 22, 2005

    great wallpaper, the background looks really good. added to favourites

  23. Odysseus Aug 23, 2005

    Wow this is very nice! You did an exemplerary job on the tree and the scan and colors fit perfectly! Nice use of the stock photo, and I like the text style you used as well. The lighting is well done and good light shading of the colors (....hard to word that, I mean that the brightness of the colors is well done.) Excellent wall!

  24. Ninjutsu Aug 23, 2005

    They are beautiful and the bg fits very well with them. The sakura and the trees are wonderful, the temple is cool and the sun is nice. I love this wall :D

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