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woooooooo this took two days. ok i was bored couldn't think of what to draw i asked eclair-chan she told me to draw sasuke and sakura's kids(if they have any lol) and so i did. the border thingy and the lettering was done by ladygoofy everything else by me wellll hope ya likey.
EDIT: The Little baby that looks like Sasuke-kun his name is Kyouta(2), The older Sasuke-kun look alike's name is Sanosuke(15) and and the somewhat Sakura look alike's name is Ichigo(14

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  1. eclair-chan Aug 18, 2005

    yay it's submite hahahaha I will add to favs hahahahaha mini sasuke-kun clone kawwaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii heheh XD

  2. revert Aug 18, 2005

    ahahaha so funny...wait let me think is sasuke the tall guy and sakura O.o x_x XP

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 18, 2005

    aww a family portrait, very nice image u did, +fav ja-ne

  4. Rhonda21 Aug 18, 2005

    ooooooooooh it looks nice. they all look so cute together as a family.

  5. ladygoofy Aug 18, 2005

    Hehehe....very cute indeed...lolz XD
    Heh...and no prob for da favor... ;)
    Hmm....that chibi sasuke is weally cute,and what i mean cute! XD XD
    Im defnitely addin this to my favorites!
    Of course it's weally cute,funny,adorable....+++Fav's ;)

  6. strawberrt Aug 18, 2005

    awesome drawing! ^^ I cant really image them getting married... =.= Sakura looks so different! Looks more of a mom. Lovely work you got here ^^ +fav

  7. crapmonster Aug 18, 2005

    thats a really nice fanart, very well drawn and the only major flaw with it i can see is that the coloring has problems (where the color meets the outline)

  8. Fragma Restricted Member Aug 18, 2005

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh wow thats so good I love your art. All of them rock.

  9. lilpunkazz05 Aug 18, 2005

    that is so freakin awesome....
    the uchiha family hahha...

  10. FutureGirlie Aug 18, 2005

    ooooooooooh MYYY goooood!!!!!! hahahah :d:d:d I wish this was true!!
    OMG, this looks so nice!!!! Definitly worth a fave!!! So coool, you drew them so cool... Oh btw i thought that Sasuke was the one on the right >.< I didnt even notice the real Sasuke (father) behind everyone... lol xD This is one great job!! You did a great job!! I want more more more xD I'm going to save this in my computer!! Great job!! I like the vectoring too, although there are some nasty pixels there... But this is good!! I like this... keep it up keep it up!! :D *faves*

    Aawwww that mini-Sasuke-kun is so kawaiii...... That expression of his... its soo cute xD
    Aah.. Sasuke-kun... *drools*

  11. lilluska Aug 18, 2005

    oh yeah!!! this is very good XD i just luv it :) it's fantastic..! luv it, luv it luv it, luv iiit!!!
    you are so so so so soo~~ goood~~ at art... luv your drawings!!! i'll indeed put this in my favs :D hope that you do more greats arts ;)

  12. tripleG Aug 18, 2005

    OMG! Beautiful drawing! You have lots of talent... plus the couple is great! If I didn't know better I would say this was original work and not fanart!

    Anyways superb syle! Keep up the good work and thanxs for the share!

    Def. a fav!

    ~Triple G~

  13. asan Aug 19, 2005

    waaahh.... nice drawing! they look so cool ..^^
    very good jod ..keep it up!

  14. SaKuRa149 Aug 20, 2005

    It's nice drawing....^^ N nice border...
    But I dont't really like sasuke with sakura ..:P It makes me jealous...hahahha
    I want sasuke with no one....:P

  15. bevy-chan Aug 21, 2005

    Nice picture of the Uchiha family ( Though I dont really like Sasu/Saku) Only on ocasions is it alright with me!! Cool picture though!! I'm sorry I didn't review this sooner but my net is down and I'm not using my normal computer!! Ny pic!!! I hope you do many more!!

  16. DarthTofu Aug 22, 2005

    I dunno why but Kyouta scares me... Hell, even young Sasuke scares me. I can't really imagine him any younger than he is... even though, isn't he supposed to be like, 12? *shakes head* Anime bothers me sometimes.

  17. ramenoodle Aug 22, 2005

    OMG one of the sasuke clones looks like a guy that lives down the street from me....

  18. BittersweetSakura Sep 03, 2005

    Thats really good.I love everyones expression lol.The border of the picture is pertty too.I can't belive it only took twodays.For somthing like that it would probally take me a week to do!!!!

  19. DarkFairy Sep 20, 2005

    Quote by asanwaaahh.... nice drawing! they look so cool ..^^
    very good jod ..keep it up!

    I agree.. the drawing is cute and very original....

  20. MizuKochan Oct 08, 2005

    aaaaa great WORK :d
    i love when Sasuke and Sakura are together and here are a family :D:D:D:D
    Really good style ;)
    kissss xxxx

  21. Lolita69 Oct 16, 2005

    OMG if that actually happen that would be so frickin' awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you do one of Naruto and Hinata?

  22. Asuran Oct 23, 2005

    awwwwww i LOVE it!!!! xD xD *bows* such a kawaii piccy xD keep up the great job!!! XD

  23. annikins Oct 24, 2005

    I lurve flak jacket!Sasuke <3 Cute family, and here's to hoping Kishimoto-sensei will be kind to us SasuSaku fans :D

  24. moonwarrioress Nov 26, 2005

    It's awesome! They make such a kawaii family!

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