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This is for ShiNN. Who resides within AP now, but its going there too X3

Oh yeah, it has been two months since I last submitted something? XD Woopsie!
Gomen for the long delay. But evan is back on track~

Hope you like this one.

This one features a female samurai, who is quite frustrated becuase its going to rain again, which it just did. And frankly she's getting tired of the rain.

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  1. sukie Aug 16, 2005

    looks great, the shading is super!! and i like the pose...mmm looks great!!!

  2. GintheTwilightswords Aug 16, 2005

    It looks excellent, better than what I've been doing lately (wish I could show everyone my stuff , heheXP ). Form and and style looks great, I liketh epeevd expression of hers ^^. Shadings good too, everything looks the way it should. The sword looks abit wonky, but not very noticable. Wonderful work lady Evanrued, it's nice to see such wonderful work from you once more :D .

  3. pegassuss Aug 16, 2005

    Great artwork Evanrued! ^^I've missed your submissions! XD
    I really like her expressions, she really seems frustated because of the rain! I love the texture of her hat too! ^^
    Nice amount of details here! I love the shadings, they are great, but maybe some more would be nice, specially in the bottom of the picture. I would only point out her nose, I find it a bit weird, but apart form that I think this is a really great drawing! ^^ Keep up the great work!

  4. SaschaC Aug 17, 2005

    now, its been hell of a time since I saw one of Ur works..... ^_^
    sweet, I like it a lot ^_^ I like the desing of that skirt like thing ^_^ looks sexy... arrrrrrrrr..... XD

    jejeje anyways, a big huge to U Evanrued! ^_^
    take care

  5. DarkVirus Aug 17, 2005

    looks really good Evan.
    i like ur shading and the pose of ur character...
    keep up the good work :)

  6. walkure245 Aug 17, 2005

    Heheh~ She does kind of looked pissed. XD Can't say I blame her but it's a nice change from all the heat though. I like the pose and her proportions are done really well. Her face is lil sharp though and her right arm looks a lil short. But other than that, like the slight details in her hat and the shading. Really nice work~

  7. benjaminchia Aug 17, 2005

    hoho !
    great work!
    i like the character design. for a moment there i thought that it was sakura from naruto in another outfit.

    reallly like the design for this character. from the looks it seems that she is very agile type of fighter. love the expression she has displayed. it seems that she got bored of waiting for the rain to stop.

    keep it up Evanrued! and great job!

  8. aibuster Aug 17, 2005

    hmm... reminds me of a female assasin from ro + she looks much like kenshin himura @_@';;;;

  9. toujin1 Aug 17, 2005

    hiya dal!! gah i missed u! we havnt spoken in ages ne? hehehe, i love the idea of this drawing...i can totally see that grumpy expression on her face! love it! keep them coming!

  10. Drak Aug 17, 2005

    A W E S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the drawing as a whole. Well, the face seems like it could use a bit more work (kinda reminds me of Kenshin's, but without those scars) but the outfit is just radical!
    Great job, Evanrued-sama.
    A certain fav from me.

  11. studio Aug 17, 2005

    Well Evanrued, this one looks rather well done. ^__^ I'm always impressed with originals and this one is good. Like the hat. :3

  12. vampyre Aug 17, 2005

    XD i like her pose & her clothes! keep it up ^^

  13. Jormungand Aug 17, 2005

    Whee~! Evan is back~! XD
    this drawing looks really, really nice
    Love the shadings, her expression and pose, and the little story behind it :D
    her legs look kinda small, but everything else look great
    definitely a fav ^.~

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 17, 2005

    Yey another submit! XD glad that your back.... Love the details and movement of the wall and dont get me started on rain it just started rainging in the middle of summmer... >_<
    Oh well great work! :P

  15. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Aug 17, 2005

    Hi Eva!!!!

    i love the image... is wonderfull and nice... a cute and dangerus ninja. jijiji
    good composition. the form in which you define the outlines I likes. The same the shades that you use to give to the definition and the volume in the face. is a good work...


    Keep waking ^^

  16. sakura-fumo Aug 17, 2005

    very naruto ish shes very pritty nice outlining to glad to see you posting to!

  17. PANDAgirl Aug 19, 2005

    Neh, I think the character design is really awesome ^__^ I read your thing on AP, so I know what you said about your character and stuff. Hehe....I really like the hair and the hat!!

    Hehe...you can work a bit on her chest, unless you wanted it to be a pointy chest. I don't know what kind of style you were going for, so it's just a suggestion.

    Umm...I think you can give her some eyelashes to make her look a little more feminine (unless you intended to make her look that way). As for the anatomy, I think you did a really good job on that except one thing that kinda bugs me is like...her butt ^^;

    If you take away the hand and sword, it'll look like it's sticking out a lot O_o Because you see where you drew her side? Try and connect it without the hand and sword. Hahah I don't know, it might be my eyes.

    I really like it though ^^; Sorry for me being kinda picky. You can be picky with my next picture I submit. We'll be even :) Just as long as your comments help lol But I'm sure you'll find something to help me out ^__^ bye bye Evan!! :) You know I luv you ^__^

  18. ayanechan Aug 19, 2005

    really cute evan though i think her face could be worked on a little more. her face currently looks a little swallen/bloated. just redraw some lines and tuck the bit under her chin to make her look a little more feminine + panda's comment. it should look really good. keep it up evan!

  19. YugureKaze Aug 23, 2005

    o.O has it been that long since your last submission?

    the looks really cool with that bamboo hat and the sword at her side
    the position that she is in looks nice
    hmm...she must really hate the rain in that outfit ^_^
    thanks a lot for sharing!

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