Hyung-Tae Kim Wallpaper: Nights of Lake Fire

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Hyung-Tae Kim Mangaka

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I made a few edits to the original piece, and cleaned it up quite a bit. :) Now its not grainy and ugleee. :P Thanks forlooking. :D

This description is long because this took me forever. lol. Full view to see all my wittle details. smiley
Comments appreciated!! <3

Original stock image here: http://www.naimoka.com/image.php3?image=arts2/kim/Divers/lotus.jpg

I had a grand time trying to get this wallpaper to work. Yeesh. It took me hours. Lets see...
There was no way I could extract the image that I wanted from this picture(the girl on the lotus leaf) properly without it looking awful. So I took upon a new task. Making a background fit the original lake colors she and (that guy?) are in. I didnt remove the guy because he looked kind of cool. I loved how she glowed all on her own so I put my photoshoppin skillz to work and made her be the center of the piece by adding a second overlay layer. I then extended the image to more than twice its width to make it wallpaper worthy. That took most of the work since at that point it was just an awful motion blurry thing. To make the new horizontal lines look more like a lake, i used the smudge brush for like 2 hours., with wispy upward strokes. It made the image flow a little better but it still looked wierd. I then decided to have her glow extend off her body as a flame like substance, and across the lake. The hardest part of this was having the colors match and the transition be fluid. Its hard to work light colors directly on very dark ones. But Its all practice I suppose. I think I succeeded to some degree. I then made my own little butterfly brush, which I will email to you if you request it, free of charge. just send me an email to sailorsunira@gmail.com with minitokyo butterfly brush or something like that in the subject. smiley k, I set the brush on scatter and overlay. I also recreated the little fireflies or lights or whatever was floating around. The butterflies were just there to tie the image to the background. smiley Ok. Phew. Now, enjoy!

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  1. Yina Aug 14, 2005

    ahh I see.. an add-on wallie.. mhmm.. the left part is a bit emtpy.. I would change the height of the flames, so they wouldn't look too similiar and add more lights.. and the butterlies somehow look weird.. but nevermind.. like the atmosphere you created^^ keep it up! XD

  2. melymay Aug 14, 2005

    Nice wall Sunira :) You did a great job with this wall. I love the effects and the bg..keep it up!

  3. Adagio Aug 14, 2005

    you did a really good job on cleaning it up, great work on the wall :)

  4. lunar-angel Aug 14, 2005

    its such a beautiful wall.
    I love the deatils.
    I also like how well the image and the background go together
    + to favs

  5. Spystreak Retired Moderator Aug 14, 2005

    Ooooooo pretty fire :starts drooling: Really nice a effects with is looking like her dress is made of flames. Nice really nice I like it alot

  6. Kumiko-H Aug 14, 2005

    Oh its absolutely wonderful! Taking the time to work out the kinks really paid off! You have become quite the expert.

  7. bbls Aug 14, 2005

    very beautiful wall...i luv the flames on the water, and the butterflies and fireflies were a nice touch to the mood of your wall! you did wonderful work in extending the original scan! :D

  8. macky Aug 15, 2005

    very nice.. i like the image...
    The fire needsomething.. mabye more brightness....
    Well keep it up!

  9. Lenne Aug 15, 2005

    Quote by mackyvery nice.. i like the image...
    The fire needsomething.. mabye more brightness....
    Well keep it up!

    Yeah maybe a little mre brightness...but still it's a good work....Nice! :)

  10. minamitakayama Aug 15, 2005

    a really nice job ^^
    i like it!
    burning water... good effect!

  11. zephiris26 Aug 15, 2005

    I love the fire. I just love it. It kicks ass. Did I mention that I love the fire? XD
    Great use of the Hyung-Tea Kim scan, you merged the water perfectly into the original. I also love the lighting effects. You did a great job, Sunira!
    The only issue I have is that the area above the fire on the left seems a bit empty. ;)
    I'm adding this to my faviorites. :D

  12. thecatmistress Aug 15, 2005

    ooooo! a firey lake. and they said it was never possible. i love it! its looks marvelous..... +fav

  13. timmy-kun Aug 15, 2005

    Mesmerizing, Mystical, and Magical. What a great wallpaper. Must add to favorites. The colors are extraordinary and the people are very smooth. Good job Sunira :) ^_^

  14. Iniquitymaiden Aug 15, 2005

    Like what you have done, very mystical ^^ the fire is cool, so is the stock :)

  15. Tatsuya Aug 16, 2005

    well, i think the left side is kind of empty, may be you should add something! such as moon, just a suggestion

  16. meiohsetsuna Aug 17, 2005

    Did you purposely typo 'nights' as 'nigths' to see if anyone was paying attn? :D

  17. Chocosuke Aug 17, 2005

    this wall is awesome especially the right hand side.. XD .. the left hand side is too empty.. since the name is called "Nights of Lake fire" then maybe a little more fire would do? a moon will make the whole feeling change too.. not sure.. but this is an awesome wall for sure.. XD adding to favs! keep it up!~

  18. moonelf313 Aug 17, 2005

    Me Likey! I love the background and the picture, it looks so good together, Hopefully someday I will be able to do some nice wallies! Keep up the good work!

  19. Lodigo Aug 19, 2005

    Heyy Sunira,
    How are you doing?
    very nice wall you made
    i like the fire.. and the scan looks so good
    see you later and take care
    bye bye~

  20. kireiyuhi Aug 21, 2005

    woooooow. great job. ^^. i love it

  21. Nyuu-chan Oct 05, 2005

    Wow! Very good wallie. Love the background. Great work!

  22. xenohack Oct 07, 2005

    Very very nice artwork and very good background too, you did something great congrats :D

    (added to fav)

  23. TheTaliban007 Jul 05, 2007

    the fire in the background is da bomb!

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