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Just one Smile - Do you feel happy?

Dedicated to Sandra: You're such a wonderful person.. thank you for being so nice to me.. XD

I drew the pic in Freiburg and coloured it at home. Hope you'll be happy by looking at it.. XD
Outlines: 2 Hours
Colo: 5-6 Std

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Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Cajime
Wall: Lost in your dreams
Reason:I love the concept, cuz it's really original. And the atmosphere is so great. XD

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  1. ItakoLina Aug 13, 2005

    wow this looks amazing!O.O
    I really like this Pic!
    Keep up your great Work

  2. boeboebi Aug 13, 2005

    very pretty... but her shoulders and eyes and hair are not so... balance. Good job anyway! it would've look like a pic that sum mangaka drawn if not for the simple small proportions.

  3. Angel-on-Dragon Aug 13, 2005

    Wow, wirklich cool ^^
    This Doujinshi looks awsome. The colors are great and this girl's so sweet and has a really cute smile ^^
    Mir fehlen echt die Worte! *adds to fav*

  4. ShadowSpirit Aug 13, 2005

    Wow, how can people be that talented? @_@ That's a wondeful work. The only thing that is bugging are the shoulders... dunno why O_o Still, that's an awesome job, and deserves a fav for sure.

  5. Odysseus Aug 13, 2005

    Excellent job here! This piece of artwork is great. Attention to detail is superb, and its definately a very pretty drawing. Something about her left shoulder seems off, but I think it's just persepctive. Anyway, Great work here!

  6. mOochaN Aug 13, 2005

    woow.. o.O.. this pic looks soo amazing.. its soo sweet.. ^^ the details are superb... very cooL.. great job.. keep it up.. ^^

  7. halcyonTwilight Aug 13, 2005

    Wow.....just wow o_O

    Seriously, with your skills, ever think about being a mangaka? I mean...wow. The coloring's awesome, and i'm pretty sure your sketch was too. Plus the awesome bg, and we got a winner :) Come to think about it, her shoulder does look a bit weird, but that's the only thing that i can see -slightly- wrong with this. +fav for awesome talent and awesome doujin

  8. lunaregina Aug 13, 2005

    Yuunachan, your art never ceases to amaze me. I only wish I could draw and color as well as you do!

    As some people mentioned, the proportions seem off through the shoulder/arm area. The whole piece is just so well done besides that. The coloring and shading is suberb and I also really like the snowy grunge background. It adds a great final touch to tie the whole piece together. Very very nice.... can't wait to see more! XD

  9. mughi Aug 13, 2005

    Geez, you really drew this? Outstanding piece of drawing. The thumb looked good but the downloaded picture is much better. Great job and thanks much for showing us your work.

  10. tuxedotservo Aug 13, 2005

    Great doujinshi ^^

    Very nice dimensions - nothing seems "odd" or out of place with the girl. Very good color.

  11. sukie Aug 13, 2005

    this is so cute, the colours really brightens the whole thing!! i really like it!! the eyes and hair looks great!!

  12. rythem Aug 14, 2005

    she looks so pretty >w< I love the folds on her clothes ... very neat n pro X3 the hair is nicely drawn too ^^ the textures r pretty ~ +favie nice work yuunachan XD

  13. Kiki01 Aug 14, 2005

    wow so pretty! i'm going to have to fave this ^-^ i love the colors

  14. Sandra Aug 14, 2005

    Wooooow Yuuna *cries* This one is wonderfoul !

    And dedicated to me?
    To me ?
    You're an angel !
    This one is really beautiful and I'm not tellin this because you dedicate it to me !
    I really love how you draw and colored this piccie !
    You're very talented , not kiddin.
    You're still amazin me with your doujins and walls !

    i just LOVE this !
    Thansk you once again , you rox ;D

    *hugs Yuuna and gives a chocko-bunny*

    Teeheeee here you are ;D

  15. ayanechan Aug 14, 2005

    love the colours you used yuuna. very bright and vibrant. the doujin is very well drawn as well. love the folds on the clothes ^__^ great job yuuna, keep it up.

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 14, 2005

    Wow this is pretty awesome, simple, serene and beautiful in its own way Yuuna!
    Love the cg and draw work! :P

  17. ShiroiLina Aug 14, 2005

    awesome pic Yuuna Chan! u have such a nice style! the texture on the clothes is great! and shes very very cute! :D
    keep it up! :D

  18. Zefie Aug 14, 2005

    wow yuunachan ^_^ wonderful looking doujinshi you have made there ! really like the bright colours, gives nicely happy feeling :D girl is pretty and i like her gentle smile. those small glimmering circles are sweet and pretty around her but there is maybe little too much of them...overall beutiful work as always and thank you for sharing :) !

  19. Susan-chan Aug 14, 2005

    it's soo wonderful! excellent :) i am really jelaous :) i cant color^^" i hope u will make a lot more beautiful art:)

  20. DarkVirus Aug 14, 2005

    The coloring u used in the drawing is really great!
    this artwork u made is reallly great yunnachan :)

  21. benjaminchia Aug 14, 2005

    It looks wonderful. You got great skillz.

    your character looks absolutely incredible. Love the way you have drawn and colored her hair. I love the lines. they make your character look so professionally drawn.
    keep it up! it's wonderful.^^

  22. macky Aug 15, 2005

    that is awesome
    When ever i draw women.. they look like men with boobs.. o_O;
    Good job, keep it up

  23. jingjing1208 Aug 15, 2005

    This is awesome!!^_^
    Your skillz in doujin really amazing!!^_^ I love this one much more!!!So cute!!^_^ Keep it up!!+fav!

  24. asan Aug 15, 2005

    it is so sweet.....I really like this wallpapper!
    she look so pretty....Keep up your great Work

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