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-is best viewed in full size i guess, since it looks kinda jaggy here XP

Anna from Shaman King!! :pacman:
a character I never thought I would try to attempt in drawing XD
lol.. this is like just the fifth time Ive drawn something ^_^'
I really hope that I sorta improved on from my previous submie *prays* :D

well, I took 2 and a half days to do this... (Thursday, Fri and today XD) cuz whenever my mom came around, I had to hide this lol.. she would kill me if she knew I was spending my time drawing instead so the time consumed was mostly from hiding this away haha.. and on thurs & fri, skl got cancelled so that gave me lotsa time to do this.. and today tuition got cancelled so yeh! i completed this! XP

I took lotsa time trying to get her hair and hands right >_< lol.. and her beads are just plain insane! lol.. Anna is really cool, I like her :) but drawing her beads.. *points* are crazy! I wasted time just drawing those round beads ^_^' and since her dress is black, I wasted 4 sticks of lead just colouring it.. till my hands were black and dirty and I hadta wash them with soap twice XD loL!

The shadings consumed much time too ^_^' hahaha...
hmmm.. i dont think i have much to say anymore.. (cuz if i continued, this will nvr stop! bbls knows just how long winded i am! XD)

ok then, since im still new at drawing, comments are really much appreciated :) and critizism too! *yay*

enjoy~! *hugs whoever who's viewing this* lol!

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  1. CruelAngel Aug 13, 2005

    Wow, you're good...*turns green with envy* XP . I'm not very good and giving costructive criticism ( ^_^' )so I'll just say I think you did a great job, keep it up and my, that's a lot of beads...I really like Anna so*adds to favs*. Thanks for the piece^^.

  2. bbls Aug 13, 2005

    lol!! oh man, iiwa-chan...it's a good thing you stopped yourself there...lol!! nah nah...your description was all good! now to your drawing...it's awesome! i luv the detail and the time spent on the beads was well worth it! but perhaps some of the lines on her scarf could be be made a bit neater. your drawing is wonderful, as always...now get back to your school work... XD XP

  3. InSaNiTyRuLz Aug 13, 2005

    she's cute!
    dammit, why can everyone draw and I can't?
    haha, kiddin'.....

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 13, 2005

    Yay!!! It's Anna from Shaman King!! I always love Shaman King artworks. They're so cool, and I love their clothes. Wow, you've actually have to hide this away from your mum? I don't think there's anything wrong with drawing. My drawinfs are all over the place. I mean... sometimes you can see them in the bedroom, sometimes in the study room on my table. Hahahha. But I'm glad you finished it, I can see Anna! o_0 Wow, just by colouring her dress just waste 4 leads... I never tried drawing in colours using leads thugh... coz I know, that would be extremely troublesome. I see that you draw a reference line before drawing the beads. ^^ Nice one!! I really like Anna. And I hope to see more of your Shaman King artworks next time!

  5. ShunKei Aug 13, 2005

    haha, yeah this is better than your last submission, good job! Oh darn, why did our tuition class get cancelled today?! Oh well.....
    lol, so were hiding from your drawing from your mom? haha, i just tell my mom that i'm gonna do drawing and then start drawing right there and then.....
    the drawing is overall good and the beads are great!

  6. BaKaShInIgAmI Aug 13, 2005

    good job! i really like your drawing. the hands look a little funny but not bad. with a little more practice you can be a great artist!
    overall, i really like the drawing. the shading is really nice. keepit up!

  7. tripleG Aug 13, 2005

    Good job! This is a very well elaborated drawing... must have taken you quite some times with the perls...

    Anyways good job! Keep it up!

    ~Triple G

  8. anji Aug 13, 2005

    A lot of mouvement in this drawing that's cool.
    She looks nice, with good proportions...
    The shadings looks great overall, except for the dress cause we can see the pencil mark.
    I know you wanted it to be black but it would have been nice a bit more pale and it would have mask the mark of pencil I think.
    Good work with the pearl, it surely took you a lot of time to do. XD
    Keep it up iiwa! :)

  9. hytokiri Aug 14, 2005

    Nicely done i like it a lot. It was a long time since i saw u around here. Well then good job and take care.

    Live on!!!

  10. KyoFan368 Aug 15, 2005

    Ohh Anna is a great character!!! You did a great job on her!!! I really like it. I'm so adding it to my favorites you did a wonderful job on this. :) :D :pacman:

  11. diamarrr Aug 15, 2005

    bravo tahniah good job excelent bagus keep it up o.O haha ^_^' give me a few days to find some errors to comment on ^_^' ........hehe ok lets see why's her butt so big o.O ^_^ good enuf ?? XD
    well ....keep drawing more ^^ looking forward to it i think....... >.<

  12. iiwa Aug 15, 2005

    Quote by diamarrrhehe ok lets see why's her butt so big o.O ^_^ good enuf ?? XD

    jahat! evil! hamsap! o_0 lol

  13. Hikaruu Aug 15, 2005

    Iiwa you are a true Shaman King artist!! That looks alot like her!! I really like her pose. The beads are just awesome!! Your effort put into this drawing is evident. Great job!! I love your drawings!

  14. ultimaweapon86 Aug 17, 2005

    hmm......quite nice......
    the character, anna is ok......but i think you forgot to draw the second line of "necklace"...isn't it....??? i don't know......i just give the comment...... :)

  15. HikyuuTera Aug 17, 2005

    Very nice.The details and shading is done very well,Iiwa-san.I like the way you drew her with her beaded necklace floating around her.Good job with the shading and details,Iiwa-san.^_^x

  16. A9753 Aug 17, 2005

    nice picture of Anna very well done it looks great.The detail is great, good work

  17. kk-chan Aug 19, 2005

    Hey iiwa~ your drawing is great!! Anna looks really good. She looks as if Hiroyuki Takei drew it himself. Wow iiwa you've got great skills! The shading is very very good too. My my I'm starting to get jealous~ hehe, just kidding. ^^ But it sure is really good! Thanz for sharing. Keep up the great work! +fav

  18. Zacks Aug 19, 2005

    i dont know the manga but..uuuuu :D shes cute ivy ^^ will you colorate it?

  19. cutiepixie Aug 23, 2005

    that's a lot of beads ... i wonder how long it took u to finish ur work...i don't know anna but it's ok!!!!

  20. ZeroDegress Aug 24, 2005

    by far better then any of my work totally kick ass might i add anna is hot :D lol and this freaking awesome picture of her I would fav it but my ten limit is on for another 7 days:( but after i fav it :D

  21. nostyle118 Aug 27, 2005

    Hi. Very nice job. Mainly because:

    1. The fifth time you've drawn something?!?! Dang. At this rate, you'd be a mangaka by your tenth time... ^^
    2. You're fourteen!?!?!?!?!? My goodness. I drew a Son Goku that looked like Kuririn when I was fourteen... ^^

    Anyway, really good job. You got that drowsy look of Anna perfectly. Keep up the good work.

  22. jeffng9 Sep 08, 2005

    good job in drawing the picture
    my suggestion will be the toning
    the drawing looks kinda flat
    if you could shade out differences like which is front and which is back or where is the light is coming from it will look a lot more better

  23. glassheart Sep 26, 2005

    What kind of an Anna would I be not to comment XD ?! I love the shading! It look really accurate ^___^!!!! Looks like you put in a lot of time on it!

  24. jarvisjerk Oct 13, 2005

    I have to say, you really draw well even though u're still young... I'm betting that you had been drawing for a while now... Keep up the good work~!

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