Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Wallpaper: On a Summer Vacation

Takashi Shouji, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Sup my friends! It's Shuei reporting from sunny Athens with an absolute summer illustrator wall XD

Character comes from quite a nice series and old geezers like me will even remember the OVAs X3

It took more than I planed as I had very little time to spare here - too much party and no sleep =_=
Plus due to a disk scratch 8 hours of work were lost so the project was kicked back T_T

Total Time: N/A, Character Vector: 126 Layers, Bground Vector: 74 Layers, Total .ai raw size: +200MB

Everything turned out quite nice basicly because I vectored Yohko from a scan and not a screencap ^^
In case you wonder, this is Tokyo as you can see the T-tower, Mt. Fuji and Ginza double decker \m/

Thnx to the pplz who gave me ideas on the bground in Session Zero *treats RedBull and blue berries :3*
Particulary: tAte for buildings tips, ShiNN for mountain objection, Dias for the bus stop idea, Furi for
text correction, MC for gravity-wind tip and Kenzuke for the brush I didn't get to use in the end X3

I will be back in London and on-line in a couple of weeks, hopefully without any terror trouble n_nV
Till then keep cool and enjoy the rest of your summer! You can even come visit me in Greece >X3

PS: Full Quality .jpg and 1280x1024 res. soon available from FrAgMeNtS /o/

edit1:: Sorry for teh large filesize but it is already at 80% and I couldn't bear deteriorating anymore XD

edit2:: Everything you see is a vector and has my blood and sweat poored in it so please don't rip n_n

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Browse Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. mughi Aug 12, 2005

    Very nice. This wallpaper depict well the hot and humid summer in Tokyo. The only difference is that right now the real Tokyo is cloudy and rainy. ^_^'

    Thanks much for showing us your latest work. I'm sorry to hear that you've had problem with your PC but at least you're having some fun. :D

  2. DarkMaiden1369 Aug 13, 2005

    wow thats looks amazing I mean the BG goes so well
    with the girl and I think the japanese text in teh BG is
    a cute touch ^^ lol the little blimp in teh sky is adorable
    well needless to say kick ass wall and its def a fav for me

  3. Wraith Aug 13, 2005

    That's cool! Man you musta sweated alot of blood for this one! That's an excellent wall and deserves a fav for sure. WTG Shuei another great piece of work!

  4. Chopstickz Aug 13, 2005

    cute wall n nice vector,
    nice city scene though theres so few leaves that it looks a bit odd to me,
    oh well great work

  5. Electrastar Aug 13, 2005

    The vector is so professional...
    I really love it...it screams summer. You took a lot of time and effort to make this wallpaper and it shows, you're efforts were rewarded, this is awsome work.

  6. walkure245 Aug 13, 2005

    This really looks awesome and I like the perspective. XD i wished I could summer vacation in Japan. ;_; Oh well~ I like the contrast of the bg with the vector that you did. Which, btw, is really amazing. W/o lines bg gives it a postcard moment kind of look. Really amazing work~

  7. lthnadml Aug 13, 2005

    I love the colors. I think this is such a beautiful wall ^_^
    i also like how well the image and the background go together
    Great job

  8. ayanechan Aug 13, 2005

    i like the style of the wallpaper. its about the same as the chibi eva wallie which has a very nice and refreshing feel to it. great job on the buildings, they look awesome. keep it up :3

  9. tAtEkAnE Aug 13, 2005

    u know already what i think :3
    keep it up! hehehehe no prob with the help...it's what fellow wallers are for xD

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 13, 2005

    Ack your very good at what you do even when theres summmer hahha XD
    Nice work on the vector and cartoony typed aspect of the bg, lots of things going on but overall the bg is just great! Nice work as always man! :P

  11. fukushuusha Aug 13, 2005

    scary vector skillz...amazing.
    the scenery is quite perfect...not much to say for me but to fav.
    grreat work on this

  12. Yumi-Chan Aug 13, 2005

    gah okay, this is the best wallpaper i've seen in my entire week. good job on everything! the vectors were awesome! ^_^
    damn i just love that mountain and buildings >.< very nice perspective.

  13. Yina Aug 13, 2005

    huii.. a great vector wallie.. whoaa.. I see the buildings are kinda difficult.. X__X and you managed it so great.. XD and I like the perspective.. overall excellent work, +fav ^^

  14. Sandra Aug 13, 2005

    shuei (I know that you don't remember me .... but still i must put a comment )
    This one is totally awesome ! Vectors here are so clean so soft so calm. I love this wallpaper !
    This is one of the best wallpapers HERE IN MT ! I'm not kiddin !
    This is awesome wonderfoul incredible great amazin WORK !
    I want it on the top

    (my actual desktop ;) )

  15. meteorcloud Aug 13, 2005

    shuei...I';m gonna help you with pwning the cheap wallpapers in the top favs <3~! favvaaaaa lol

  16. Nakayori Aug 13, 2005

    Vector wallpaper! :: Glomps it. :: Wow.. I love how clean and smooth it is. xD It's so detailed.. o__o... :: Snatches the clouds and runs. :: x]

    x_X I think I unfavorited.. somehow. o-o;; :: Whacks computer. :: Sorrrrry~

  17. sukie Aug 13, 2005

    oh how cute!!! the bg is so pretty, great vector!! super clouds, and i love the scan you used...so pretty!!
    great work!

  18. melymay Aug 13, 2005

    ....no comment...sorry ^_^' hehehe It's a nice wall just to let you know..keep it up!

  19. sonic872 Banned Member Aug 14, 2005

    wow sweet, you probably spent alot of time on this work O.o
    i just don't have the nerves (& maybe time lately) to do such detailed stuff ^^;;
    well i was looking for a new wall to put on my desktop so this is gonna be it

  20. tian82 Aug 14, 2005

    Nice and lovely wallpaper !! Like the way the picture been captured, like capture by camera, get caught !! Nice picture !! Like the background too !! Awesome and great work !! Thank for sharing !!

  21. gundragon Aug 14, 2005

    nice job but the girl look like she is a gaint to me
    Anyway the color are nice and it is a good wall

  22. Sugasuga Aug 15, 2005

    sugio! instant fav +_+ everything looks so great here, especially the girl and the buildings >_< great work, ur getting very good at vectoring using only Illustrator *envies u* >.<

  23. jayk25 Aug 15, 2005

    great job on the wallpaper . . . she's one of my favs . . . but what do you suppose happened at required that bandaid? :)

  24. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 19, 2005

    Heh heh heh ~ it's great! So bright, and bold, and lively... and the look on her face... so funny! :D

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