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hi there!
well, I dont know why but im not too happy how this turned out... it just looks weird @_@ Im still no good thid kind of stuff *signes*
~outlined with a pen tool & colored in photoshop CS!
Layers - 38+
hope you like it!
please comment!

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  1. hytokiri Aug 12, 2005

    The draw is very good, i don't know why u didn't like how it turned out, well i like it, makes me remember Mahoro from Mahoromatic. Well for the rest u already know, the effects are awesome.
    Take care.

    Live on!!!

  2. lunar-angel Aug 12, 2005

    she's so beautiful
    I love her expression and her eyes
    I think you picked the perfect colors
    great job
    + to favs

  3. Verbeek Aug 12, 2005

    I think it's pretty good. The background and effects are really good.
    Oh yeah, this is just my suggestion, why don't you try outlining it with drawing pen?
    Anyway, great job!!

  4. Cadi Aug 12, 2005

    wahh>.< such a pretty doujinshi! love the purple shadins.. adds a soft touch! love the eyes.. soo big and pretty! beautiful job!

  5. Kojiroh Aug 12, 2005

    ohh.. your coloring ish much more better than tha first won which was also purple.. i know yu dont liek shading.. but whats tha harm in submitting a won?? might not turn out that bad??

  6. sukie Aug 12, 2005

    mm the bg is very nice!!! i reallyu like the colours in this one...the brush work at the edges looks great! keep it up!

  7. heavens-Dragon Aug 12, 2005

    Wowies! What a really pretty drawing! Her expression is really cute! Also great work on the colouring! Looks great! The kimono is really nicely detailed! Awesome work!

  8. bbls Aug 13, 2005

    this is so beautiful!! and i luv the design of your kimono! but perhaps she looks too pink? lovely drawing, ayasal! :D

  9. Ayamael Aug 13, 2005

    it's pretty nice, i love the way you coloured the flowers on her kimono btw... the way her handis drawn bothers me a little though, it looks weird, like a deformed hand >.< well, the colouring of the character is very nice, i'm not so fond of the bg though, but can't quite explain why...

    well, keep it up, even if there are a few mistakes, you're definitely better at cg-ing that me (well, i can't cg, end of discussion ^_^')

  10. asan Aug 13, 2005

    nice wallpaper.. she look so cute and beautiful..i love it very much , keep it up!^^

  11. ayane-heine Aug 13, 2005

    hmmm.. i think it is pretty good.. ^^
    the colours and effects are matches well.. :D
    good job~~~

  12. Cagari Aug 13, 2005

    I love the kimono and the flowers...so nice...but the eyes and the hands look a bit funny..O_o...I also just love that purple seeminly like fog around the girl....Very nice job Ayasal!! Oh yeah just a thought....why do you always say that you're no good at this stuff? Just be happy that you can do it and I think you do it well!!

  13. Lenne Aug 13, 2005

    I see what you mean....it looks a little bit wierd.....But it's not so bad,so i say you made a good work.... :)

  14. slivermoon Aug 14, 2005

    the colouring is nice
    but i find her face to be a bit too angular
    and her sholder bones look a bit too close together
    other than that nice work ^-^

  15. Iyasis Aug 15, 2005

    Well, I like the general colours you've chosen, the purple is quite fitting. But the shading and highlighting of the colours seems a little werid. Anyway, it's a very nice pose, and its nice how you can see most of her face as well. The kimono is nicely drawn with the folds and the floral details.

  16. rmuyo Aug 17, 2005

    I like the colors you have used as well, the highlights to me are not all that odd, it is more of a sparkling effect done in highlights I think, which is unique. If anything is strange it could be the tilt of her which almost seems to be too far around to be natural. However that is one small thing I like the picture overall, excellent job.

  17. Chocosuke Aug 17, 2005

    whoa.. another great drawing.. the colours are great.. the girl is cute.. XD lol.. anyways.. the background is perfect.. but back of the girl's head seems flat.. XD but that's not the problem.. XD great work~~

  18. DarkBlade- Aug 18, 2005

    thats grade A pure two thumbs up with a holy crap sign. its nice and dark but the purple makes it feel bright at the same time. and that kimono is f$%@ing awesome.

  19. relik Aug 19, 2005

    Good colours :) :)

  20. Zyndarius Aug 28, 2005

    hahaha it is simple, but is nice and cute, well colored too, i like lavender and pink and purple, yea i like it ^^

  21. Nubes Jul 26, 2006

    her eyes are misguide:S

    but i like it for the kimono.:p

    very cute

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