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I made this wall yesterday but just didn't went to submit it because it looked a bit too plain,
..........You know, I try not to make too many wall, I just keep wanting to make wallpapers >_<
on to the wallpaper! ^o^
I didn't make the table or the vase they are stock images. found the scan on here. (someones userpage).
im really sorry about the people who are waiting so long for requests. (I might not get to all of them)
im sorry about to size, the scan was kinda small so I couldn't make it in a bigger size. >_<
Layers - 25+ ??mb
hope you like it! thanks to the people who comment and favs! *hugs & kisses*
love you guys!^^
shoot forgot to give credit, im so stupid >_<sorry, sorry

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Kitten
Wall: Alligator Chamber
Reason:I really really like this wall! looks great, the scan is just CUTE!^o^ please take a look at it^^

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  1. lunar-angel Aug 09, 2005

    she's so beautiful
    She fits perfectly with the background
    great job
    + to favs

  2. ganstamonica Aug 09, 2005

    Wah! how kyoote! ^^ i love it! awesome job, Aya-chan! keep it up! :D +Fav

  3. chichiri1907 Aug 09, 2005

    So precious and beautiful
    I love it so much!!

    Lovely job Ayasal

    i love the room and the colors are just so perfect and the dropping roses are perfected

    Great job no excellent JOB :d

    i really do love your work ( and envious >.<)

  4. Yue-Horrishino Aug 09, 2005

    Great wall Ayasal
    i like it ... the colours give a peace ness to the wall
    and she is soo kawaii

    Ja mata ne

  5. Kojiroh Aug 09, 2005

    i liek this wallpaper.. its nice and bright.. plain ish sometymes good.. tha scan looks sooo cute.. XD

  6. semanga Aug 09, 2005

    ohhh damn i love it so much sweety the scan the bg it is a wonderful composition i must add to my fav u deserve it

  7. Nvis Aug 09, 2005

    Very nice wall and such a beautiful girl.

  8. sukie Aug 09, 2005

    wow this looks great...i reall like it...the colours go very well together...and the bg is so pretty!!!! you are master at walling!!

  9. lunaxxalwayz Aug 10, 2005

    this looks so pretty! Keep up the great work and the scan looks so cute! I'll fav this.

  10. Janelloyd Aug 10, 2005

    I think it's beautiful! I wish I could make a wallpaper like that. I love the feeling of the image, kind of reminds me of like the past Great job!

  11. winged Aug 10, 2005

    Very nice scan, & it fits nicely with the background. I wonder how every waller can think of the background to fit the scans in them... tough work! XP Love it very muuch, going into my favs :D

  12. Iyasis Aug 10, 2005

    Such a beautiful scan, I love the mix of pale pink and bold crimso, though the scan does seem grainy in certain areas :/
    The background provides a nice, bright, and calming atmosphere but as you mentioned it's a bit plain and empty-looking. Maybe you could add some pale outside scenery behind the window, like the sky, trees, or have it overlooking a garden. Besides the emptiness, it's a very pretty and serene wallpaper, nice work.

  13. fclubproject Aug 10, 2005

    wow, i love the pinky and red look to it, it's so peaceful and nice, very good job

  14. Sayonara Aug 10, 2005

    woooo! you make a wall of that pic! your awesoomeee! This wall is sooo pretty and a i luv the colors, your works are always amazing! ^__________^ this goes directly to my fav. Thanks a looot for sharing! *hugs*

  15. ayane-heine Aug 10, 2005

    oh man.. the scan is sooo nice... :D
    a simple wallie there.. but it is very nice..
    nice job there.. ^^ the little rose petals are nice..

  16. asan Aug 10, 2005

    she is so beautiful ...nice wallpaper and the background look cool!! i like it ...keep it up!

  17. shinorei Aug 10, 2005

    Aw...I never met anyone who is so obsessed in walling in my life except for you of course. *laughs* That's really intriguing, I wanna have the same hobby as you too, except that my enthusiasm is not as strong as yours. Okay, enough crap for now, let's move on to commenting.

    The scan is really pretty, and every part of the wallie is like a still-life art - serene and peaceful too. I love the roses too, they are so reallastic. :D Great job! +fav

  18. reshavalentine Aug 10, 2005

    ooh...another nice wall from Ayasal :):)
    the gal looks so pretty and...in luv??? gah...i dunno how to say..lol
    anyway..* adds to fav*

  19. rythem Aug 10, 2005

    the wall looks sooo nice ayasal ^_^ but though coz u took the pic from someone's userpage .. its a drawing by Arehandora .. my inspiring idol xD lol the mood of the wallie is very nice n it earns my fav ^_~ great work ^^

  20. Verbeek Aug 10, 2005

    Nice background, and it fits the character.
    Overall the wallpaper looks really beautiful. Great job!

    Wow, so you have just registered at dA. Add me back, ok?? XD

  21. bbls Aug 10, 2005

    i luv the concept and composition of your wall...the background is just lovely and compliments the scan perfectly! this one looks so different from many of your previous wallies, and the change is very refreshing! this one is very beautiful, ayasal... :D

  22. Lenne Aug 10, 2005

    Excellent wall.it is sooooo beautiful.Just love it.I like to see such walls sometimes. :D

  23. Susan-chan Aug 10, 2005

    oh my good O_o looks woonderful!!the art and the bg too! i think this is one of your best works:D

  24. kk-chan Aug 10, 2005

    Sooo beautiful!!! I won't say that this is too plain at all coz the beauty is already within itself. Great wallie, very impressive! ^-^

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