Sakura Wars Wallpaper: Hanabi~ in a dreamland

Kousuke Fujishima, Sakura Wars, Hanabi Kitaoji Wallpaper
Kousuke Fujishima Mangaka Sakura Wars Series Hanabi Kitaoji Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's my new wall!^_^ Hehe,it's my third Sakura Wars' wall.I really like this game.And this time the character is Hanabi!!She is very gentle and quiet,a classic japanese girl!^_^
Well,the original pic is I catch from the game, see here
,it is she rest on her died bf's gravestone,I hope she looks more peaceful and beautiful,so I made this bg,the tree she rest on and the railings is I use pen tool to draw,and the tree far way her is a brush I found on internet,and the sakura brush also I found on the net.
Ok,hope you'll like it!^_^

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  1. white-zero Aug 08, 2005

    Love how you did with the trees. The clouds looks a little too realistic though. But that's just minor cause everything looks well composed. This is the best one from you so far, Jing. Keep it up!

  2. Rikimaru-jp Aug 08, 2005

    a very peaceful and quiet wallie :) I like the roses a lot! and the character suits the background a lot! and nice touch with the sky too ;)
    Check my latest wallie Summer and tell me what do you think?

  3. mystvearn Aug 08, 2005

    quite a nice wallpaper. There is that soft feeling about it. And the colors are soft too

  4. Yina Aug 08, 2005

    I love the sky you made.. O__O and the two trees are so beautiful.. ;__; The grass on the left part looks a bit strange.. but nonetheless the wallie has got a great atmosphere.. XD I think the fence should have more shadings.. overall great work, +fav ^^

  5. Ryan19 Aug 08, 2005

    Nice big tree, so soothing and cooling in Autumn ^^.
    I've gotta fav+ this one. :D Me ish feeling calm after enjoying the peacefulness.
    Tai shuang le!! hehe Wo zhen de hen xi huan ni de wallie.

  6. asianspirit Aug 08, 2005

    nice wall, jing-dear!
    the colors are very calm, especially the scene.
    the left part does look kind of weird but i never really noticed it till it was mentioned. ^_^'
    overall, this is a pretty wall!

  7. soujiokita Aug 08, 2005

    Well, I think the sakura tree on the right should have a bigge trunk, it looks a bit thin. The grass is pretty well done. I don't really like the fence though. But good job, keep up the good work.^^

  8. thecatmistress Aug 08, 2005

    wonderful colors JingJing-san!! its bright and beautiful!! she truly looks peaceful... +fav

  9. walkure245 Aug 08, 2005

    It's so sad bout Hanabi's bf. ;_; This is a really quite lovely scene. It's like she might be waiting for someone new in her life to arrive. The bg is happy and cheerful in contrast with Hanabi which livens it up a bit. The bg is so lovely and soft-like. I like how you did the sakura trees and the fence too. The details are really awesome. Beautiful work!

  10. yuiyui01 Aug 08, 2005

    hiya jing !!!! :D great wall we've got here ^__^
    the sakura trees look really awesome XD great job really :)
    I don't know why but I can't really make sakuras trees myself ~poor yui~ T_T
    the railings look really good, nice job on making them ...
    But I think they look too "hand made" than the sky...
    i would prefer if the sky would have been more "fitting" with the rest of the wallie elements ^^
    the scan is awesome, and the story of the wall is really great.
    poor hanabi...if I was a guy I'd like to confort her ^_^ *why not being a girl? XD*
    well enough talk, great job !! *fav*

  11. Sandra Aug 08, 2005

    My Friend Jing Made a wallie :D

    And it looks like a beautiful dream !
    I want to be there in this lovely place !
    Very soft and calm wallie
    I like the txt and clouds , but this first tree looks not so good like this second one , but it's only one fault :D I reallly like it:D

    *gives Jing a candy as a winner gift* Tehehe here ya are :D
    Taste of championship *mwahahahh*

    No i'm not crazy ! <lol> Well............meaby.......just a little ? ...........

    Owwww and btw It's a fav :D

  12. agneslee Aug 08, 2005

    Very beautiful background.
    But i don't know this character.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. polar Aug 09, 2005

    that's so sweet~~the mood is relaxing and comforting~~nice job~~

  14. Cadi Aug 09, 2005

    wahh.. really love the walli! the bright and peaceful colors look really great! love the pink pedles ( they are pink pedles right/) they are amazingly pretty^^ great job!

  15. heavens-Dragon Aug 09, 2005

    Wowies! So beautiful jingjing! I love your cherry blossom trees! They're so beautiful! Also, the fence looks really nice! Hanabi looks so cute here! The grass is really nicely done too! Awesome work! Keep it up!

  16. Frosty Aug 12, 2005

    looks alright.
    but the qulity of this work arent as good as your usual work.
    I still love it through. ^_~
    *9.3 and Grade AA* for a nice effort.

  17. slivermoon Aug 12, 2005

    how come this is taking forever to dl??? its not that big >_>
    oh wellzs the sky is really good and the grass is nice
    but i think the scan doesn't really match well w/ the bg
    it looks a bit seperate from the rest
    but nice work anyways ^-^

  18. leekheng Aug 13, 2005

    very nice jingjing...
    this wallie looks great...
    the sky, the grass n the tree
    makes the wall looks so peaceful
    like a in a dream...realy nice...
    keep up the good work...
    i put this wallie as my bg wallie

  19. Spriggan Aug 13, 2005

    one more very nice work from you ;) yup its peaceful and kind of charming^^ everything look more than fine to me...great work on the sky and tree! seems she found the ideal place to take a rest ;) good job jing! your wall are still and always that good :D

  20. MadWiz Aug 14, 2005

    hehe been busy and lazy to comment on any submissions the past week.. so time to comment now :D

    the wallie is nice and beautiful.. I can feel the peacefulness =p especially today I feel like I need some cause I have a troubled mind :X

    the lighting is great and I like the scan.. matches the lighting.. but maybe the fences can have a shadow..
    the fences look great but kinda gives me a feeling that it is soft o.O
    not sure how to describe the grass but maybe the same feeling of softness.. its a good thing for the grass though =p they are soft~

    the sky is terrific~ one of my fav part of the wallie.. its usually the clouds for other wallie too lol

    I don't really know how to comment on the sakura tree in front.. and at the back.. since I never seen real ones and most wallie have very different sakura trees =p only can say a nice attempt made~ XD

    so once again its a beautiful wallie~ and hope to see more from you hehe
    hope you're fine lately ^^ my exam is starting on friday.. gonna be stress for me -.-

  21. Deen Aug 15, 2005

    Wow.. dreamland ^^
    Really a dreamland, look her... she is sleeping in dreamland, and go to dreamland in her dream ^_^'

    That look a calm place, breeze ... beautiful blue sky, but there is a bit strange, the sakura tree's leaf is near Hanabi seem strange ^^'

  22. hykyit Aug 15, 2005

    Hey there jingjing~!! *hugs* Hope you're doing great in everything! Now to the wallpaper..The sky looks like the one you used in your Maharomatic wallpaper! Thats why i like the sky you made for this wallpaper too! It looks so real! Hahaha~ The sakura tree on the left side needs more improvement but i cant say anything bad bout it cause mine is bad too ^_^' ..But i really like the sakura tree on the right hand side!! It's brushed really nicely! You made the fence yourself?? Wow~!! Its really nice!! Great job again, my big sis~!! *hugs* ^^

  23. hongrboi Aug 26, 2005

    The cherry blossoms look great! I tried to do one once and it didn't turn out too good. The clouds are nicly rendered too ^^ The livelines of the wall doesn't match her mood though...

  24. neopet001 Dec 27, 2010

    your works are great! thank you !

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