Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: GFAS-X1

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi! it's been a while not submitting to mt >_< finally, i can submit it...
a destroy gundam wall ^__^ contains about 17/18 layers(including merged layers)
I used stock photo for the city n gave it fire effects. I'm not good in making fires >_< >_<
so, i hope it looks quite good >_<
A wall dedicated to all fans of this mobile suit ^ ^;; ~hihiee..does it look like providence or legend maybe?? ^^
well,I hope u guys like it ^____^ any comments critics suggestions always welcome!

ps:Thank u so much to all members n friends for being so care with me until now ^_^ don't forget to take a look this wall too ok ^_^ (I feel really sorry if u guys bored with my wall cos always gs >__< ,,,I'm sorry!)

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  1. Rikimaru-jp Aug 08, 2005

    Really cool baclground!!! and full with violent and war it suits the gundam you picked so well!!!
    sorry I don't know its name XP anyway I really like your work on this wallie! keep it up!!!
    Check my latest wallie Summer and tell me what do you think?

  2. yo-chanbokura Aug 08, 2005

    Thank u,,, i feel really surpised ^_^ i'm not too good in making wall, so i'll try to do better next time...
    thanks people for the fav,, don't forget to comment too ok, i need feedbacks too ^^ thank u!

  3. KeiranHalcyon Aug 08, 2005

    Yes, it looks quite good, more, it's looks really great. I don't know, why you think, you can't make wallpapers, your wallpapers are really good!
    The background is great, the town in the fire, really well done. I really like it.
    But I would choose another picture of Destroy or don't put it at random. I think it would fit much more the great background, if he would be more in action, in the burning town par example.
    I have never seen this plants or MAs, what are they?

  4. tian82 Aug 08, 2005

    Such a cool and great wallpaper !!! Full of flame !! Awesome work !! Like your artwork a lots !! Thank for sharing it with us !!!

  5. walkure245 Aug 08, 2005

    This is one intense wallie. The city really looks good in perspective with the gundam. Your fire looks really well done so don't worry bout it. The lil ships are a good addition but I think they are a lil sharper than the gundam but it's not a big of deal. Really awesome looking!

  6. ady46 Aug 08, 2005

    cool I like the background it makes it looks so bloody the fact that it looks like is destroying the city is great nice work

  7. anji Aug 08, 2005

    Hey! That's a really cool concept. I really like the idea of the city in flames.
    I agree with KeiranHalcyon that a less static scan of the destroyer would have been great, but I think it would be tough to find one.
    You could have put buildings in front of the destroyer, it would have give more the idea that it's in the city.
    The flames are sure something hard to do, actually I never attempt to make some lol, but the city really look in fire so I think you manage to do somethings quite good.
    It would maybe have been nice to add shadows of mountain in the back just to give more perspective to the scene. Something to try maybe..,
    Keep it up! :)

  8. agneslee Aug 08, 2005

    Really cool background.
    But I don't like this MS.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. MasterFoot Aug 09, 2005

    all your beautiful wallies make me want to pick up a couple of copies of GS destiny, but im poor, nice virbrant red, very bold and intense. Keep up the great work :)

  10. Exterminator Aug 09, 2005

    nice wallpaper. It matchs the destory so well.
    ITs SO cool. Keep up the good work.

  11. starpandangel Aug 09, 2005

    Wow...nice. Love the background and the image of destroy. But i dunno, i don't think the planes fit in...but that's just me. Anyway, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  12. Rai1e Aug 09, 2005

    Whoa, great concept you've done. btw what're those black things there? oh maybe if you used another Destory scan it would be better. The one that it faces the front while raising its arms. Bw. this wall itself is very good.

  13. ErikaAyanami Aug 09, 2005

    Nice wall, but i think Destroy [mobile suit on the foreground] should be bigger so it's make the aura feel more scary .

    [Sorry for bad english]

  14. snuffy Aug 09, 2005

    the background is actualli quite nice.... and well done.... but it jus doesnt suit the scan too wall, the colours are too contrastin in my opinion... thats all^^

  15. Kudoki Aug 11, 2005

    it's so falme!!!!good job!!!!

  16. animegal213 Aug 11, 2005

    omg, omg, omg...this wall is so orangy and so cool. the city really looks that it's so realistic. the pilot of the destroy seems to be destroying (has it's name), the city. The moon/planet seems super real. But I have a question, what are the 2 things that are kind of beside the destroy?

  17. Ephemeral-Garden Aug 13, 2005

    Gundam with green eyes!! Yay! So... this is Destroy Gundam? Cool, the background of city on fire is wonderful, I like the concept, but... like what Keiran and Aji had mentioned... it would be better if the Gundam is more in action than just standing there doing nothing, makes the wall feel more alive! Anyway, this wall isn't that bad either. Wonderful job!

  18. Deen Aug 15, 2005

    * Call Raxizz... * woii.. raxizz... there is a mecha destroy a city !!!! XD XD

    The concept is very good, but .. now for fire effect, isn't that look strange, although the city became red, but there are building still in white, it's should be the black for the city. ^^

  19. GSFreedom Aug 21, 2005

    This bg is excelente
    Scan is very good
    good work

  20. zhaolinger Banned Member Sep 14, 2005

    ;) Great It's Beautiful wallpaper hi hi I like it

  21. kira-freedom Sep 28, 2005

    It's good wallpaper and nice scan. Great work!!!!! Thanks for your picture. d^_^b Destroy-Gundam.................... d^_^b

  22. WingsofFreedom Oct 19, 2005

    !!! o_0 !!!wow it looks soo kewl!!!!!!!!!!u should filter destroy so it will fit more with the bg! :D looks great! :D :D :D :D

  23. Saulofein Jul 08, 2007

    the destroy desserve his name....
    nice wall

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