Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper: Injected With Life

Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper
Ugetsu Hakua Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/148690/ - scan by McDragon

My shy entry for the wallpaper contest at Suki Sanctuary: http://suki-sanctuary.net/

aah it has been a while, eh? but i promised meteorcloud that i'll participate so there it is..
I have to say the scan was really inspiring and since scenic wall are not allowed in the contest, I went with tech/abstract theme. Lots of brushing, many small ones... then the swirls that i think i have never used in a wall before (if i am wrong prove me wrong) I added those to bring more organic feel and superiority to the entity on the left. Her eyes are so distant, that they gave me the feel that she is being created... as well as the wires getting dettached from her back... so that led to the title... which is not in the wall itself... although there is some text in there you'll have to look closer to see it *evil laugh* I am colorblind so don't bug about the colors.. I think that's all that happened.. 3-4 hours of work and lots layers.. whatever...

enjoy and reflect... hmm I should think of a new line...

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  1. McDragon Aug 08, 2005

    this is darn beautiful, thanks for making a nice wall outta this DernierCri.
    and am sorry semanga, but am changing your newest ayane wall with this, forgive me.

  2. DarkEVO Aug 08, 2005

    Very technological. But it's good work. Reminds me of the Matrix. Good work. +Fav.

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 08, 2005

    Quote by DarkEVOVery technological. But it's good work. Reminds me of the Matrix. Good work. +Fav.

    oo i like this, i like the girl too, good work, ja-ne

  4. white-zero Aug 08, 2005

    Nice tech effects. I'm really digging this. Since you've explained everything about this one, I have no suggestion to add.

    + Fav

  5. drell Aug 08, 2005

    Hmm...I think the brush using is a bit overdone, a lot of brushes are used @_@.
    Anyways it looks pretty good and the colours look very nice to me.
    Keep up the good werk. +Fav

  6. volrath77 Aug 08, 2005

    An awesome wallpaper & done in sepia tones too. That plus having a Morpheus quote. Very interesting indeed.

  7. sukie Aug 08, 2005

    wow...this looks good...the whole thing look so real...the tubs looks 3-d...mmm...very good!!! the bg is like wise pretty too!!!! great work!

  8. Taurec Aug 08, 2005

    Woah, Swirlies Oo ... another artist has fallen for teh Evil .. <grin>
    Great Job D. !!!

    I would have placed them (teh swirlies) a little lower.. but that's personal. ;)

  9. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Aug 08, 2005

    Nice tech stuff,the background looks more like a blueprint or something like that,i like the colors and the "simple" look on it,great job,and nothing more to say,except that is a fav.

  10. anji Aug 08, 2005

    Tech wallie are so cool XD I just can't make one!
    This background suits the scan nicely. Maybe just a bit too white for me.
    I really like those organic spiral, it's so artistic :)
    Nice one, keep it up...
    And fav!

  11. StoicDan Aug 08, 2005

    This is a damn good wall. nice technological wall, I need to learn how to do one of those. And the colors are great too. All in all this is a great theme to go with the image. Adds to favorites. Keep up the great work.

  12. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 09, 2005

    I was wondering when someone would wall this image though i know its from Keis site but yeah ive given up from this image a long time ago but hey you actually pulled this off great! Nice job on the techies and the earsure of her nipple... XD

  13. Skillzpay Aug 09, 2005

    The whole stylish tech job looks good, bit overdone on all the circuit brushes though. Imo the flow seems awkward cause all background goes from left to right but then the character is on the right side impeding that flow. I think it would've been better had all the brushwork and tech had started from behind the girl and flowed to one direction or just expanded out. Nice work though on this and solid stuff. And good luck on the contest, not sure if I'm gonna make next week's deadline >_<

  14. ejwcobra Aug 10, 2005

    another great wallpaper from DernierCri! i really like the coloring (you're color blind? i woundn't have been able to tell) and that background look like it took a long time to make, wow. but the girl look like she could fit right in with Neo and the rest of 'em in the matrix, lol. great work, you should do more of this kind of stuff.

  15. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 11, 2005

    There's something eerie about her expression, when coupled with those horrid pipes makes her look even more alien... Then you add all those circuit-like patterns and drench it all in neutral shades, the whole thing becomes very alien. And yet, it pulls me in. Like falling into it, and yet calming at the same time. Breaking free from the pipes, but still restrained... Such a thought provoking piece of work!

  16. kucing Aug 14, 2005

    wow.. nice really nice love the picture and the background looks superb.
    keep on the good work :)

  17. markjo Aug 15, 2005

    Makes me wonder if this image was created first or was it based off Matrix...
    Nice quote, but I like best the beige color of the wallpaper. Those swirly things surely is not something that I thought I'd see you experimenting with...

  18. DREAM Aug 22, 2005

    okay. i gotta mention something strange since i feel its appropriate. i viewed this a few days ago when extremely busy and scoped out mcdragon's scan. i remember you using a a scan for your Red Ninja "Lost Innocence" wall so many centuries ago. anyway i thought [at the time] that muting her, changing her appearance that is was a bad decision. yes, she looks prettier in the scan but eyes mean everything to me .. literally. they are the gateway to the soul and here they are muted - almost like the life has been sucked out of her.

    but- you made a good decision there. the details on the left is phenominal. it is extremely detailed. it has a very cyberpunk feel to it- a sense of hopelessness and dystopia. i feel she [we-humans] have zero chance. actaully part of me wants to wipe off the gook off her face, help her out- free her from her shackles.

    well thats how i see it.

    absolute definitive fav...

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