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Voices tell me
I should carry on
I am swimming
In an ocean all alone
Baby, my baby
It's written on your face
You still wonder
If we made a big mistake

Lyrics..by..ya thats right..the backstreet boys.lol
So umm ya..
I made this wallpaper 2 weeks ago..but it strangely got lost and forgotten and i just remembered that i made it..and well i decided to add it.

Lately i havent been quite like myslef..i had a near death experience where my heart stopped. and i actually believed that i was going to die. So i've fallen into a deep depression right now..

So ya..if you love me..fave me..XD

So umm ya..
This is the scan i used on the wallpaper..i had to cg a lot of the stuff over and over again..

Thanks to Mellie (silentmasamune aka my lover!) for helping me with this wallpaper..*kiss*

so umm yes..
If you love me..fave me..though..i dont think a lot of people love me..so this might make one fave>.<hahhahaha joking ppl^.^
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: SilentMasamune
Wall: Misty Midnight Gunslinger
Reason:Its extremely elegant..and clean. The scan fits quite well with the background. The water is extremely peacful as well.

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  1. Mikoami Aug 08, 2005

    wow this is so pretty! its so going to be my destop background! and plus the character is very pretty! wow your so good at walling! i wish i new how to wall like you!
    EDIT: aww! i'll give you a caring hug! *hugs!!!!* ^__^ cheer up! i'm here for you ALL the way YAY although.. i'm in a completely different part of the world! lol...

  2. akari-chan Aug 08, 2005

    pretty wall, toxic-chan. it's very beautiful. the sun looks sorta weird. is the city back there San Francisco? sugoi! the scan is very beautiful. iono why, but the trees look sorta funny. but it's pretty good! ^^

  3. AngelKate Aug 08, 2005

    I love you! In a girly, friend way! XD

    Anyway, really nice wallie! It really does look tranquil, and I love the trees. ^_^ Very nice work. :) And I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

  4. SweetGrl Aug 08, 2005

    Wow!! It's so pretty!! I luv you very much toxictea23 so, i will add your wall to my faves!! ^^ *adds to faves* And i will download it, too!! I luv this wall!! I hope it goes to the top faves!! Well, i can't wait to see your next wall!! Good job!! ^_^

  5. Cagalli-Athurn Aug 08, 2005

    Hi toxictea23 nice to meet you! thank you for sending me this picture and girl on the wall who is she anyway? :)

  6. Eimin Aug 08, 2005

    It's lovely, she's so pretty and the Sakura makes a wonderful bg :D *faves*

  7. Asahi Aug 08, 2005

    looks so grate withe the garden outside and the skyline in the background. earn a fav

  8. Verbeek Aug 08, 2005

    I like this wallpaper.
    I think this one is really nice. The colors are beautiful.
    Will go to favs!!
    Great job!!

  9. semanga Aug 08, 2005

    girl u did a great jop and i am sure u will have a lot more fav as now
    u dont know but i want make also a wall from this scan but now u make a wall from this
    and i am sure that i can not make a better work as this and so i let it and dont make a wall from this scan

  10. diospada Aug 08, 2005

    nice wall. it's so calming. the girl looks good and the cherryblossoms too. \m/_ _\m/

  11. volrath77 Aug 08, 2005

    This is one beautifully done wallpaper. I have no other comments than that. Fav'ed.

  12. Kasai Aug 08, 2005

    Yes, this wallpaper gives me the feel of tranquility. I adore the scenery and the great use of the scan. Awesome job. -lick-

  13. Lenne Aug 08, 2005

    Nice wall girl.Lovely pic of the girl:Don't be depressed,here's a hug........*hug*
    Keep up the good work.

  14. mitchell Aug 08, 2005

    this wall paper is fabulous.....i love the trees youve made on it...i also like the scan of the woman...good job on making this....keep it up :)

  15. Cielo-Plus Aug 08, 2005

    Very nice!!^^
    i really like it it's very cute and the colors lovely ^^
    great job +fav

  16. nuttdragon Aug 08, 2005

    it's a beautiful wall! i especially like the sakura trees. the scan you use is very nice too! except, well, i thought the sun and buildings at the background feels a bit out of place and gives a kind of dark feeling overall.

    i'm sorry that you're in a depression now....let me know if i can do anything to cheer you up! ^__________^ *tight hug*

  17. MayaNatsume17 Aug 08, 2005

    Keep it up you did a nice job :)

  18. Ultra-Violet Aug 08, 2005

    Clever & Stylish!
    This wallpaper artwork displays sharp image blending, vibrant colours and beautiful artwork! Well done Toxic! :)

  19. kain11 Aug 08, 2005

    very very very nice wallie i like the background
    well then good job and keep up the good work
    and i like the trees and the city is cool so good job
    *adds to fav*

  20. jessycoordinator Aug 08, 2005

    woww!! beautiful walliee! sigh sigh...im soo clueless about wallies!

  21. Aeya Aug 08, 2005

    Very nice wall! It's definitely a fav ^^ And thx for writing to my guestbook!

  22. meteorcloud Aug 08, 2005

    the grass doesn't fit the wallpaper. first it's too big, second it should look soft and smooth. the scan looks too soft and that reveals the dots and stuff. you cged it ? you mean just the parts....but the scan quality looks better than your modified one. the edge of the building looks to hard. you need to blur it. trees looks even more weird. way to small tree branch with way to big leaves. also the color tones doesn't seem right. the birds on the back looks way to big....those are monsters...not birds... sun looks special, but it doesn't fit the wall.

  23. angeloflove Aug 08, 2005

    whoa, what a nice wallie! it is very pretty *stares* i think i feel much happier when looking at at *really* +fave

  24. requiemX Aug 08, 2005

    Excellent work! The girl is really cute and fits perfectly with the rest of the wall. The background is really nice too. A new add to my fav. Thanks 4 sharing and keep going! You're really good at this!

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