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been a long time since i made a wall, and this wasn't planned at all. my girlfriend's uncle died today coz of lung failure, damn cigarettes(guys who smoke, you might wanna quit before things go bad).. me and my gf went out this weekend and we had a blast, such a fun trip.but then things went bad when her sis sent us a message telling us of what happened. her eyes went from colorful to extremely gloomy, hence the title. i hate seeing my gf sad, but i know even if i try to comfort her, i know it won't help much, coz its really difficult when someone close leaves us.she's in her province right now, and so i had time to make her a wall. not my typical style coz i don't like gloomy walls, but its what i'm feeling right now so i hope you guys bear with me..thanks ya'all..

scan i got from 4chan.i'm not sure if its also submitted here in mt. to the owner/s of the image, credit goes to you..

i hope you guys like it, i know it might not land in anybody's desktop coz its really not that good-looking but eu what the heck..till my next post..ja-ne

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  1. minamitakayama Aug 07, 2005

    i think it's nice :)
    just a little bit too green ;)
    but it looks mysterious und she is really innocent
    all in all it's ok!
    keep up working like that :)

  2. moniquid Aug 07, 2005

    Ya I hates those who smoke!
    1. Pollute the enviroment
    2. second-hand smokers(we!)
    May her uncle rest in peace

  3. MasterFoot Aug 07, 2005

    wow, so sad, both the wallie and the story, the colours are amazingly beautiful, so bold and comforting and tranquil, great job. Hope to see more from you :) +fav

  4. AngelKate Aug 07, 2005

    Aww...how sad. :( This is a very beautiful wall. The girl looks so innocent yet lonely. Very nice work. My condolences to your gf and her family. :(

  5. fukushuusha Aug 07, 2005

    my condolences to u and her lapuk...sorry to hear that. There is only one habit in the world that I can't fully understand; and that is damn smoking...why do people do it I have no idea at all. well...this is not the place to discus this anyways so I better shut up and look the wall...
    yeah...this is not like u indeed...but it's not bad either. The feeling is perfect in this one. I am really feeling the gloom here. The upper brushes are not very clear. As if they are too big or something. But anyways...this wall is touching the feelings in the first place. Nice work bud...

  6. Firedemon Aug 07, 2005

    wow realy beautiful wallpaper! i like the background! realy nice job +favs

  7. Barbara Aug 07, 2005

    Wow, it's so mysterious and so.....green *giggles*, very interesting idea on the bg. I love it. +fav.
    Very sorry to hear about your gf's uncle.

  8. PikaMoon Aug 07, 2005

    Me like...thank you for sharing. I think this wall looks simple and beautiful yet it is obvious that someone is greaving. Hence, the name of this wall was named well. ^^ Hate being depressed but this wall also is beautiful. Please give your girlfriend my best wishes. I hope she and her family will feel better. I +fave+ from me.

  9. zen8192 Aug 08, 2005

    Very nice! I really like the way you expressed you girlfriend's sorrow through a pic.
    Try comforting your gf so as make her feel relieved...
    Hope she'll feel better! ^_^'

  10. BossMac Aug 08, 2005

    Crap... f*ck smoking...

    Sad wall dude.. sad.

    Wala akong masabi... kaya fave na lang...

  11. HiJakk Aug 08, 2005

    Magandya sya... sabi nga ni Maki it' sad. Tama sya.

    I don't like it, it makes me all soft and sad. Nawww... just joking, lapuk.

    I'd fave it because it has emotions.

  12. Wslasher Aug 08, 2005

    nice wallie bro! great background and color blending! i wish i could do the same! T_T

  13. yakushi-meikin Aug 08, 2005


    a good thing that sprouted from a not-so-good experience. it really does evoke feelings of melancholy. it's something i'd put on the desktop when i'm sad and wouldn't want to talk or wouldn't know how to cope with the sadness. condolences to you and your girlfriend. :(

  14. Sakuragi23 Aug 08, 2005

    i like this wallpaper~~~~~~~~~~~~ nice job on this one~~~~~~~~~~~ nice view.

  15. Hideki313 Aug 08, 2005

    i really like the colors and the atmosphere in this wall!
    the girls looks a bit sad and the environment is a bit depressing too ^^"
    anyhow ... its really great and i like it a lot thats why its a fav for me ^_~

  16. iarly Aug 08, 2005

    Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that... which I could say/do more than be sorry... sigh... anyway, I think it's a very pretty wallpaper, even if depressing and a bit blurry. I like green though. And we can't always be cheerful, ne? I just hope your gf feels better...

  17. Akaiken Aug 09, 2005

    So this is the one you're talking about. I'm sorry for you man but that's life. You should just comfort her.

    Anyways, the wall, simply nice!

  18. DarkIngram Aug 09, 2005

    :( a sad wall :( **sniff** **sniff* :(

    it's better if you change the color, you use blue violet to express gloom T_T
    parang userpage ko.

    nagawa mo na e, wala na kong magagawa :hmpf:

    i like the background and the expression of the girl. :( maiiyak an naman ako :( :D

  19. angelrhea Aug 09, 2005

    very nice wallie you got here lapuk. really green, smokey, foggy but more or less its neat, nice and expressive wallie. im impressed. my deepest condolence to your gf i know its been really a hurtful and sad experience for her. just give her time to cope up and cheer her up if you can.

    congrats for this wallie, it looks so nice since it is inspired with emotions. good job.

  20. Angel92 Aug 10, 2005

    I really love your wall papers (especially this one). Thanks for sharing this one.! ;) ;)

  21. jaderabbit Aug 11, 2005

    O.O awesome a style i ahvne't used yet *stares* I give u a freakin ten outta ten!!! Al so adding to favs list

  22. Maija Aug 11, 2005

    OH....lapuk......I love you! .....Ummmm....I mean the wall..... ^_^'
    You are are ARE Fantastic!
    THe girl looks JUST like me....hehehe
    and in Latvia are such weter too....and my mood is like that too....
    You are a genius.... ;)
    See ya!

  23. Sakura0chan Aug 13, 2005

    I'm sorry to hear that too... I hope your gf is okay now...
    Anyway, the wallpaper is really nice. The background blends with the girl. Nice job doing it. ;)
    i also like the grainy effect in the wallpaper. :)
    Keep up the good work!!

  24. shijiroken Aug 14, 2005

    ang ganda po kuya lapuk...
    comment and suggestion...
    1. too foggy or smoky?
    2. it is much cooler if you use light blue instea of green?
    3. ang innocent po ng babae na malungkot po ang dating... ung babae po ba ang malungkot o ikaw po? sometimes, the artists emotions are passed down to his/her masterpiece... that's what I think....

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