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This is the Zodiac Dreamer Character File Number 01, Kiro Kanzaki. There's a total of 8 Zodiac Dreamers, and from today onwards, I'm not going to submit any wallpapers for my own good so that I can concentrate on my doujinshi and manga.

[Is this work time consuming?]
Really time consuming. I started cleaning and editting Kiro scan from 1pm till 2:30pm and stopped since I need to go for my additional maths tuition. I came back home at 4:30pm and immediately start working on it till 7:15pm. Besides... this doujinshi alone include 3 elements, that is outlining, colouring and CGing. Outlining - This is the early stage of shaping Kiro out. And so, whole part of Kiro is outlined. Colouring - In traditional means of colouring, I've used my marker pens (also copics) to do Kiro's hair, his iris, shirt, bracelet, rings, mouth, pants, and necklace. (As long it's coloured with the colouring lines on it) CGing - Also colour graphicking, I cg-ed Kiro's eye, skin, totem chain and white parts of his jacket. Besdies, this doujinshi is also time consuming because I'm first time in CGing and I don't wanna ruin my first CG work. ^^

[What are you going to do with this doujinshi anyway?]
Firstly, I wanna share with all the people in MT. Doujinshi is seriously neglected and not highly looked upon. Compare to wallpapers, doujinshi are treated as waste of time and thus, resulting the waste of energy by the drawer him/herself. And therefore, I wanna tell you guys, hand drawn artwork is actually important too. That is what you need to make an anime. So if you think drawing is still waste of time, that's like... none of my problem? Secondly, to improve my drawings skills. This is trully needed to further and continue my ongoing manga. Well, it's not exactly manga yet... but more like the manga's draft. I've started drafting it last year, and it's still not done yet!(Angry) Thirdly, to improve my colouring skills and mixing them with the modern method -- cg. So in this way, I won't get left behind. ^^ Last but not least, I'm going to use this doujinshi as my manga back cover. Don't you think it's cool to have the character's description at every manga book that you buy?

[When are you going to leave?]
Okay okay. So for those who's rushing, I'll be ending it all here. But before that, those who's really curious about the bits and parts contained in this doujinshi, check here. The materials I've used:

Flashy star, cubical and sadness bubbles from Magitek
The cool text for the word 'Kiro Kanzaki' - a theme for murder and the little cube-like digital text for the descriptions - Micro are from 1001 Fonts

[The Zodiac Character Files]
Zodiac File 01 - Kiro Kanzaki -- You're currently viewing this file.
Zodiac File 02 - Yuasa Nedger

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  1. Glenn1310 Aug 06, 2005

    I'd say this is the best drawing you've come up with so far :D It's a pity that you're not making anymore wallpapers, but to tell the truth, I'd rather see your completed version of Zodiac Dreamers(Actually I've been waiting for that since last year ^_^' )
    Wow, you've been working so hard on it, you need some rest :) From this doujinshi, I can see that you've improved a looooottt. I still remember last time, you used to draw the fingers sticking to each other. Now the fingers you draw are perfect! I think Kiro's hair is cool. Nice job on the shading on his hair and clothes. And his eyes, way cool, it's one of a kind. ;)
    Overall, i think the colouring still can be improved(Do I sound like i know everything? >.< hehe, just giving my opinions) Keep up the good work!! ;)
    Oh yeah, let me guess... the next 1 is Shizu, am I right?

  2. Dufoe88 Aug 06, 2005

    i really like the way you draw its so cool!
    well.. i never try to draw.. >.< even when i was a kid i didnt draw a pics and stuffs..
    anyway.. your pic is great!
    and your drawing is great too!
    love your drawing..
    good job
    keep it up

  3. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 06, 2005

    very well don! ^.^
    you put alot of work into all this didn`t you?
    i like the detail on his chain! xD
    eally cool.
    keep it up~

  4. Acuni Aug 06, 2005

    nice doujinshi but there are some things you have to work on
    1. his hands are ok but to small
    2. don't think of colouring like that half PC and half with marker pens that doesn't look good
    3. if you have to use marker pens than lear to make straight lines in one way and not all cros ower as you did that makes an beter effect of the colours because as you can see there are some darker points and some not so dark
    4. never make such shadows again and not so many doesen't look good to
    5. his hair are a litle bit massy and his eye has nice colours but the lines that you can see are disturbing and the shadow there is to dark
    6. you forgot to make shadows on the shirt and pants XD
    ok ok i'll stop for now
    the things that are not critisised is ok
    p.s. the thing he is wearing around the neck would look beter if you could add some shadows

  5. sylvacoer Aug 06, 2005

    Interesting concept - I can't wait for you to carry through with it! I like the little abstract design by his left hand - is that his "zodiac solution"?

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2005

    Well, one thing I would strongly recommend is for you to not colour doujinshi in on the paper :) I can see your texta work, and to tell the truth here are the reasons why you shouldn't do it:

    1. Texta seeps through the page making some parts white and some parts darker. You can easily leave gaps, and if you make a mistake, whiteout isn't pleasant unless you fix it on Adobe
    2. Scanning in images esp if they are coloured in pencil or whatever tends to show white gaps after scanning even if you have coloured in really well. Trust me, I submitted a doujinshi wall and it took me 8 hours to draw my characters and colour them on paper. When I got to school to scan them, the colour was shocking and I had to recolour them on Adobe anyway >_<

    So for you to save some time, I suggest you scan in a sketch or at least the outline of your character. Don't colour them in because you may find you need to redo the work ^_^ I think that's the only problem here... vector his clothes and hair as well :) I look forward to seeing more of your doujinshi ^_^

  7. Akaiken Aug 07, 2005

    She said some, hehehe!

    But it's pretty nice though the colors are like what Misa said.

  8. iiwa Aug 07, 2005

    wow.. amazing!

    its soooo cool!
    you're so hardworking to actually work on making a manga!! XD
    and this is sooo cool!

    keep it up!
    cant wait for the other 7 characters ;) *+ fav*
    haha... wow.. he has a bday as well? 7 april huh? cool!

    lol.. make one with my bday then! 31st oct!! lol.. haha im just kidding XP

  9. Chocosuke Aug 11, 2005

    wow.. great colouring and shadowing (<--is that a word? xD) i like everything except that the face looks weird.. xD keep up the great work!

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