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hello, another wallpaper to post yay! im learning photo shop and the brushes. its fun but verry hard and im trying to save time to make more wallpapers.... so im a photo shop n00b that needs to spend time with photo shop....lol

anyways, this wall took me a 1 1/2 day and 26 layers (well thats little) so its pretty much a simple wallpaper...lol, well the water effect is from Draw 2000v2 and parts from the scan and i eddit it in PSP and PS. the brushes are all from PS and the sky is made in PSP....i need to stop switching >.<

EDIT* ive added the link for the scan and injoy ^_~
(next time when i get scans, i'll make a list togather so this wont happen ever again -_-')

thank you, Noctum for the scan ----> http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/41698/



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  1. jadenkorr Aug 06, 2005

    nice one

  2. thecatmistress Aug 06, 2005

    amazing wall... i think u`ve mastered it!!! + an auto fav my friend

  3. Sanin Aug 06, 2005

    WOOWw!!1 DAt Lookz reaLli niCE!!!

    da background LoOkz reaLLi gReat!!!

    i lUV DA Texture!!!

    NICE wall!!! ^^

    [ hyuuga_vo was ere ]

  4. AngelKate Aug 06, 2005

    O_O Dude!! You learn awful fast for a Photoshop noob! I'm noob too and I can't do that yet! Anyway, this is really pretty! The water looks great, and the floating moon is awesome. I love the sparkles too. Adding to faves!

  5. BaKaShInIgAmI Aug 06, 2005

    nice wallie! the water effect looks great. she looks really beautiful. keep it up!

  6. Rikimaru-jp Aug 06, 2005

    This wallpaper is really magnificent!!! the effects are amazing! especially the water bubble that's surrounding the crescent !!! and the sky looks great too! I really admire your work!!!
    you're very talented!!!
    I was wondering if you can give us the link of the original scan!

  7. white-zero Aug 06, 2005

    Yosh. Nice watery effects. How did yo do it? T_T

    But the orb thing and the moon doesn't blend well with the awesome looking BG you made. Other than that, it's one super stuf from you.

  8. sacred-angel Aug 06, 2005

    It is really beautiful!!!I like very much the dark atmosphere given by the background.I just think that the moon and the shinny lights around it don't fit too much but besides that it is really well done Congrats^^

  9. adville Aug 06, 2005

    Quote by Rikimaru-jpThis wallpaper is really magnificent!!! the effects are amazing!
    especially the water bubble that's surrounding the crescent !!! and the
    sky looks great too! I really admire your work!!!
    you're very talented!!! I was wondering if you can give us the link of
    the original scan!

    Rikimaru-jp is right your wallpaper is truly great and your effects are neat.

  10. MagicianFairy Aug 06, 2005

    Wow girl this wall is amazing!!!!
    love everything!!

    the water is wow as the effects of the colors!!

  11. lunaxxalwayz Aug 06, 2005

    wow great wall! I really like the bg... it looks so cool, and the scan looks nice too, keep up the good work and I'll fav this.

  12. Rella Aug 06, 2005

    Wow that looks so awesome!! Well done, love the water and the moon! ^^ Good work!

  13. Emma Aug 06, 2005

    Very beautiful gadgetgirl16!
    The effects of her dress in the water is amazing!
    And the water is so well-done. I love how vivid it is and the ripple affect is so realistic.
    Now the sphere that is encasing the moon--unbelievable. I can actually see droplets coming down it.
    I am in awe.
    Absolutely a wonderful piece of art!! ^_^

    Definite +fav!

    Oh wait--one more thing--the title rocks! ^_~

  14. walkure245 Aug 06, 2005

    I love how you blended the scan into the water. The transition is really done smoothly. The moon thing isn't working for the wallie. You should move it back into the sky. The bg is really done quite well and really creates the nighttime mood. Great stuff~

  15. melymay Aug 06, 2005

    Nice wall gadgetgirl! Nice effects and backround =] Great job and keep up the great work!

  16. aishiteraburu Aug 06, 2005

    hey gagdgetgirl

    its a nice wallie from u
    love the background and the moon is just awesome

  17. snowrabbit Aug 06, 2005

    its really cool~~
    and i like the water effect the most. but i think the moon is too low..
    like it was hovering above the water..

  18. AlexXan Aug 06, 2005

    U are a photo shop n00b O_o ? Naa, not realy. This graphic looks realy nice.
    To say something useful - maybe i would put the moon litle higher but that
    is only my personal sugestion.
    Keep it up, great job. fave+

  19. semanga Aug 06, 2005

    girl girl this is really a wonderful work from u again
    the night feeling on this wall is very nice and fits to the scan
    u did a awesome work keep it up and i will watch out for your next wall ;)

  20. RahX101 Aug 06, 2005

    pretty good diana. the moons placement looks a bit weird to me but thats because ive never seen it like that before. ^_^' everything else came out really nice. keep it up. ^^ +fav

  21. Shkira Aug 06, 2005

    Ooo, very mystical. I like how the bottom of the scan like... water's out... If that makes any sense... O_o

  22. Lenne Aug 06, 2005

    Lovely wall,everything is great but it would look better if you have putted the moon high up in the sky.Other than that,it's great.

  23. fukushuusha Aug 06, 2005

    this is really a nice one...
    I love the way u merge the water with her clothes. Really amazing work in there.
    the scenery is great. And a great idea to put the moon in front of the girl. Looks like u tried to make a big bubble or something XD. The glow on the character is a bit weird in this one however.
    the stars are too sharp...but...anyways...a great attempt if u ask me. Keep this up :)

  24. Sandra Aug 06, 2005

    I really like (like other ppl said) how the girl is blended with the water. Water looks really nice.
    But other things - well you should work a lil bit harder on them next time. sky is kinda .....empty ? And the moon - sorry - but i don't like it. Sorry for this critic , but as i'm trying to say to ppl : Critic is good. To improve . Well but overall it is a really nice one from ya !
    Keep it up :D

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