Comic Party Wallpaper: come back to me

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Artist Comment

yeah this is my first comic party wall
i love this scan and it is a very long time that i want make a wall from this scan
and i have see a anti ecchi club ... i was suprised how many members are in this group
and i have notice that in the last time i make only ecchi walls *fell ashamed*

so i will say thank u to bram cuz he help me every time and estban and younes my sweet heart thanks for all your helps

and to the wall
1. i know the clouds are to much but i want make a different sky in this wall i want that is looks that it had rain for few min and now it comes the sun i hope i give this feeling in this wall

2. yes she is missing her boyfriend and she is very sad in my eyes and someone say she is drunken maybe yes but if she is drunken then only cuz she miss him so much

u know this feeling ??? i know this feeling, to good

i will dedicate this wall to my lovely friend esteban and only to him cuz i give u my word that i want make a wall for u and only for u ... i know it is not from final fantasy but i hope u like it nevertheless

ok i hope u all enjoy it and like it a bit

I will do it again and say thank u for all the criticisms, comments and fav ... u all are wonderful and to good to me. i dont deserve so good friends like u all u are wonderful and dont forget i love u all <3

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  1. KaoruHimura Aug 05, 2005

    wow...you always made so cuties walllie....very good this one...i add to my fav....

  2. SharinganKnight Aug 05, 2005

    wow, thats very creative, but theres a few things I would fix ^_^

    - the light for the lighthouse has to be blurred a litte bit, light isn't that sharp
    -the border line of the water I would also blurr a litte bit as it isn't really that sharp
    -I would fix the scan a little bit, pull the old "duplictate layer set to overlay + smart blurr" technique
    -and also blurr the reflection of the light house a bit

    other than that the wall is stunning, very sharp ^_^

  3. Kougaxgirl Aug 05, 2005

    omg semy....its so pretty! *tear* you always amaze us with you're beautiful wallpapers..i love light houses.....and the sky.....those colors are so cool! its really awesome...and the scan is super cute....poor girl, i hope her bf comes back soon *sniff* anyway....i love love love it! *huggles it* best in a while! XP tootles

  4. MS0B9 Aug 05, 2005

    It's soo pertty! :D I love the sky's color blends in with the water. Very nice and the scan is very cute. Great job and adding to favs!

  5. Emma Aug 05, 2005

    Very beautiful!! ^_^
    And yet also, very touchy. It definitely conveys those feelings of longing and missing. The background fits the mood just right--a lonely person looking out over the ocean in hopes for their love one to return. I like how the lighthouse is put there. To me it represents a symbol of hope, keeping its light lit and searching the distance.
    Very nicely done.
    And your clouds are perfect =)
    Another +fav ^^

  6. joycev Aug 05, 2005

    Nice job!! I like the bright colors of the sky, and the way the colors reflect in the water... Thats a great scan you used too.
    I think you just need to blur some of the spots of water. Where the lighthouse is reflesting and also where the rocks are sticking out all seem a little too sharp.
    Great job, it looks very good, as always... :)

  7. Dufoe88 Aug 05, 2005

    awsome wallpaper! love its effects
    adding to my fav ^^
    check my last work http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/153651/

  8. lunaxxalwayz Aug 05, 2005

    so beautiful... I really like it, it looks amazing! Well great job and I'll add this to my favs.

  9. MayaNatsume17 Aug 05, 2005

    Very nice Wall. I like a lot.:)

  10. anji Aug 05, 2005

    I'm not a big fan of ecchi wallie, so I'm glad you did something new :)
    I think you do really good in this style of wall.
    I don't think there's too much clouds, actually I like it this way.
    Nice color theme, pretty monochrome, it match well with the scan. Good choice to wall this scan, it's a nice one.
    Like the light house, with the reflect on the water...
    There's maybe a bit too much "stars" on the water, to be realistic...
    Beside that you did a great job with this one.
    Keep it up! ;)

  11. Ninja Aug 05, 2005

    Nice wallpaper, I really like the background on this one. Very cool.

  12. fukushuusha Aug 05, 2005

    O_O *dies*...this is...really amazing scenery here Sema
    the concept is really amazing. same goes for extraction and colors. I especially like the sky in this one. a little watercolor really did the job nicely.

    amanin! bu nasil guzel bi wall dur bole...cok net soluorum su ana kadar senden gorduum en iyisi tek kelimeyle...cok ufak puruzler disinda mukemmel bi wall. ellerine saglik semacim :)

  13. DancingBlades Aug 05, 2005

    Very beautiful background! I love the lighthouse...

    Tho' it seemed a bit out of place with the girl's kimono, unless she was going to a festival nearby the sea. ^^;;

  14. hidekeitaro Aug 05, 2005

    Excellent job semanga XD
    Very, very, very beautiful :D
    Congratulations my freind ;)

  15. vanny Aug 05, 2005

    Very original cliff by the sea concept (i'm a fan of lighthouses too). Kinda like the reflection of the lighthouse and hue on the sea. Love the lightsource behind the clouds thing. Just one thing thats bugging me, pink clouds? Great ambience tho.

  16. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 05, 2005

    Oh! What should i say?
    The background is beyond my imagination, it super nice and cool...
    And for sure the scan suits the background...
    Keep up the good work...

    ^_^ :) :D :) :D ^_^

  17. rmuyo Aug 05, 2005

    Beautiful, very beautiful. I love the small touches, such as the light coming out of the lighthouse, the nice ripples and reflections off the water, the beautiful sun set and the cute girl. The background is amazing and wonder! Excellent, excellent job.

  18. azndude88 Aug 05, 2005

    awesome wallie as always this looks great i like the sun setting very romantic well done

  19. sylvacoer Aug 06, 2005

    Man, can't help but feel sorry for the poor kid... (*~*) And just what is so wrong with ecchi? I suppose if you belong to an anti-ecchi club, it would be kinda akward if you posted ecchi walls... ^_^' :nya: :hmpf: XP I think they're all lovely, so don't you feel bad!
    Ich bin sehr froh, dass semanga-san zurueckgekommen ist! :D

  20. MagicianFairy Aug 06, 2005

    wow and wow, you always making a great walls!!
    this is so wonderful!!
    like the bg
    the colors
    the scan!!


  21. Kojiroh Aug 06, 2005

    omg !! this wallpaper ish lovely.. tha sky looks wonderful.. i thought lighthouses only point their light in one direction?? lol.. tha color of tha sky matches her dress(kimisomething).. your scans alwais look nice.. ^^ good stuff..

  22. benjaminchia Aug 06, 2005

    woow, very nice indeed. i must say that the colours you have selected go very well with each other.
    perhaps the only thing that seems a bit weird is that the lighthouse is put a little to near to the girl and if that's the case the lighthouse should be a lot larger than what it already is.
    anyways it is still incredilbe work. keep it up!

  23. DeathD13 Aug 06, 2005

    Always such stunning wallpapers, the way you always capture the moment and display it so well! :)

  24. royaldarkness Aug 06, 2005

    this wall is really awesome semanga. i luv the colors and the style and everything else ^^
    *adds to faves*

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