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Noir Series Chloe Character

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May I bother you with yet another of my walls? Alright, so I have no life. So sue me.

I think I'll have to explain the title of the wall, though, so if you're not into long explanations, you can skip this part.^^

Well, most of you might know that Nemesis is the goddess of revenge, but it's also the character of the fic I'm writing right now. Well, actually, Nemesis is not exactly my creation. She's my friend's. At first, Nemesis and Clara (my own character) were made for our school play. But then that wasn't satisfying enough, so I decided to write more.

But that's not the point. The point is: Nemesis is an assasin. All she believes in is revenge. She likes to kill. She like to feel above all. She believes in her own skills and all the others are nothing to her. She admires a couple of people, but love is not part of her vocabulary.

And Chloe, from Noir, was a close enough character. I chose this scan because there's a gun, when usually Chloe only has knives and daggers... So yeah.

Not asleep yet? Good. So if you survived this far, I'm sure you could leave some comments to tell me what you think, eh?

Or else... XP

Thank you!


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  1. melymay Aug 05, 2005

    Nice wall =] I love it. I wonder why anyone hasn't posted yet? Well anyways, everything about it is great! Keep up the good work! +fave

  2. Nadriel Aug 05, 2005

    Well I'm an Noir fan.. Well I like the wallie and I have nothing bad to say about it.. XP
    Except that the area around her eye is red.. >_> And love is piece of our little darling Chloes vocalbulary.. Otherwise you've got my admiration to this wallie..^_^ If not happy kill me for it..

  3. SharinganKnight Aug 05, 2005

    awesome, I love the barbed wire in the corner, although I think the character extraction is a bit off, I think it fits ^_^

  4. joycev Aug 05, 2005

    Quote by scarlet May I bother you with yet another of my walls? Alright, so I have no life. So sue me.

    Bother us? Your walls arent a bother... I like them alot ^_^
    But anyways... I love the dark look of this wall, and the barbed wire in the corner looks great. For some reason though, I dont really like the whole city thing on the right side (though I've never seen noir, so maybe a city is part of the story of it)
    Great job Scarlet!

  5. TimothytheDarkMagician Aug 05, 2005

    I've never seen the series but wow! That looks pretty cool!!! *adds to favorites*

  6. Hideki313 Aug 06, 2005

    Chloe is my fav caharcter from NOIR .... i really like this wall .. and the atmosphere is very great!
    thx for that ... a fav for me ^_~

  7. yuiyui01 Aug 06, 2005

    hi there scarlet !! nice job you made here :)
    I love the title "nemesis" it kinda reminds of the game resident evil 3 nemesis XD
    as for the chara, chloƩ from noir looks really cool ^^
    nice bG , may it'll need a little improving, that's all :)
    keep up the great job scarlet , fav !!!!

  8. gadgetgirl16 Aug 06, 2005

    wow! that looks so cool! i love the textures all around him and i love the background! and the colors....so awsomeness lol, +fav great job ^^

  9. leqecyangel Aug 07, 2005

    uu this looks so cool
    i love the iamge and the bg matches perfectly
    Fav^^ great good

  10. Cagalli22 Aug 07, 2005

    ohh..brillant job Scarlet!
    nice explination..it was good
    lol and not too long :D
    i love the (scan?) charcter..the hair is really cool!
    keep up the good work!

  11. Ayamael Aug 08, 2005

    well, read the whole explanation... but don't rmb any of it ^_^' (loll, nah kidding) love the style, and the feeling that comes out of it (am a fan of dark walls)... nice concept, and nice effects around the character, keep it up ^^

  12. ShinNoNoir Feb 06, 2006

    From my nick alone, you know i'm a huge fan. This wall is awesome, darkness and Chloe work in pair. Personally I love her because of her throwing knives but this wall is just too cool, so even with a gun, it's a FAV in my book. The color balance + background and scratches on top really works together. And that Nemesis tidbit is just icing on the cake.

  13. taron Aug 17, 2009


    Good job!

  14. marcosmos Mute Member Dec 06, 2009


  15. Hikaruru Mute Member Jan 13, 2010

    de pana esta genial gracias por el paper xD

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