Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper: Nice Point Of View ^_~

Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper
Ugetsu Hakua Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Owwww man X__x
This was one of my hardest works.
*takes a deeeep breath*

Ok Let's Rock With That :]

Layers : Have no holly idea but A LOT !
Psd file : 24 mb
Hours : What hours ? This One Took Me ONE DAY X__x

Well . Description .
I was working on this wall and when i was neart to finished it i thought :
Holly cow , this scan don't fits here ! (i had a Samurai Spirits scan)
And i was searching scans X__x About hour or smthing like that.
And i found it !

Thank You DREAM - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/138030/

The scan was another hard thing to do !
And the bg , woooowee , next hard thing.
But finally i made it :D
Title :
Stupid isn't it ?
It's my crazy invention : Nice View , and i put POIN OF in the middle.
Mwahahahh :D
Enjoy :D

Dedication : 4 My Wonderfoul Boyfriend =* (thanks for vacation)
And Fukee because he was interested about my vacation ;)

Update : DREAM said that bg (sky and trees) are not realistic :
One thing from me , i just want it clear , i don't wanted to make REALISTIC view , i wanted to make something new ;) Sorry if you don't like the result guys.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: fooblued
Wall: Love is a Battlefield
Reason:Mwahhahahahh This One Is Amazing :D No Words , You MUST see it :D


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  1. pervertfox Aug 05, 2005

    whoa is that you? *smiles* ^_^
    im speechless.. x_x
    another work well done! i hope im like you.. ^_^

  2. Leaf Aug 05, 2005

    Very nice ^^ I like the whole style of the wallpaper and everything ^^ Good job! =D Can't wait to see more from you. ^^ +fav

  3. fooblued Aug 05, 2005

    omg!!! You plugged my wall *spins around and jumps happily* Thank you!!! I really like how you captured an angle with the doors and how they are semi transparent so you can see the glow of the sky behind them. Wonderful +fav!

  4. fukushuusha Aug 05, 2005

    another watercolor work huh...well this also looks great.
    love the composition...the clouds are weird; but that's what they always are XD
    pretty work again Sandra :)

  5. Dufoe88 Aug 05, 2005

    :o another pretty wallpaper from you.. i like it.. its pretty cool!!
    check my last work i made ^^ Kuga Natsuki

  6. kawai Aug 05, 2005

    wouha, it s the better of you!! for sure i luv this wallpaper !!!!! :x

  7. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 05, 2005

    wow so kawaii sandra! ^.^ i really like how you did the clouds!
    the doors look pretty good but i don`t think the borders should be seethrough. o.o;
    anywho keep it up! ~

  8. DREAM Aug 05, 2005

    Quote by Sandra Well . Description .
    I was working on this wall and when i was neart to finished it i thought :
    Holly cow , this scan don't fits here ! (i had a Samurai Spirits scan)
    And i was searching scans X__x About hour or smthing like that.
    And i found it !
    thanks FOR owner !!
    The scan was another hard thing to do !

    i suppose you are referring to the scanner whom posted the original scan?
    that is me. my scan "Angelic neutrality" by Ugetsu Hakua.

    wierd - can't understand why wallers don't reference the original scan..
    personally i love to see the original scan that was used...

    the wall: okay i suppose it's now the "new trend" in scenic walls to make backgrounds of kawara-yane (Japanese wooden houses) and fusuma & shoji (sliding doors and frames made of wood).

    a few points: the extraction seems okay; but her hands are extremely blurry, so much so that in full view my eyes are drawn to them.

    the fusama and shoji look good but the bg.... i really have a few bones to pick with the background- the trees don't look like trees and the sky doesn't look realistic at all. the perception is way off. i am assuming the view is far off into the distance and i believe that you should have made the focus much much closer. this would have taken a lot more time and effort to create a realistic bg since you would have been forced to give the trees and sky more definition.

    all in all it's average- but compared to your previous walls it could have been better.

  9. white-zero Aug 06, 2005

    Awesome work as always. The whole things looks vectorized. Something new to my eyes. A good thing. :)

  10. aishiteraburu Aug 06, 2005

    wow sandra thats a really nice wallie
    i love the background and the girl as well
    its going to my faves

  11. Lenne Aug 06, 2005

    It's great.You made a splendid job.....I like it very much.Keep up the good work! :)

  12. gadgetgirl16 Aug 06, 2005

    wow! that is so beautiful! i love the background of the sunset! and the colors and the glass doors, so pretty and matches the wall verry well. great job! +fav ^^

  13. leqecyangel Aug 07, 2005

    uu ** i like the bg it most of tooken a long time
    it looks really great the doors r great

  14. Yina Aug 07, 2005

    I can read the kanjis.. XD yeah.. hihi.. XD I love the bg. cuz it's just kinda different.. mhmm.. looks a bit like a stock image.. nyarr.. can't express myself.. gomen..ne... anway, overall great work, +fav ^^

  15. toujin1 Aug 08, 2005

    ooooh, well, this is different. ur very own unique syle which i adore! love those colors and that stark black and yellow...great work!

  16. AC2N Aug 08, 2005

    Like said " the police " before... " Every little thing she does... it's magic "' !!!!!!
    i... really... love... IT !!! This is an amazing wall.... I wanted to put it on my desk.... but i prefer keep the dedicated one !!
    soo good... on fav !!

  17. Sira Aug 09, 2005

    interesante ver las cosas que esta sorprendida, por eso se tapa la boca, acaso vio a sus padres haciendo cosas que aun no comprende

    interesting to see the things that this surprised, for that reason it covers himself the mouth, he/she maybe saw their parents making things that not yet understands

  18. hykyit Aug 10, 2005

    Woww~ It is really a nice point of view~ I wished i understand why it took so long but im just a noob so forgive me~ But i think the wallpaper is really nice! I really like it! It deserves to be in the front page!! Anyways good job again!! ^^

  19. MayaNatsume17 Aug 13, 2005

    I guess all of your hard work paid off. I love this wall. You did a great job on it. ^_^

  20. lthnadml Aug 15, 2005

    I think it looks really nice ^^
    The background matches well.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  21. melfisss Oct 17, 2005

    wow...very pretty. i like how you did the background. ................................

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