Argento Soma Wallpaper: Catch You, Catch Me

Sunrise (Studio), Argento Soma, Harriet Bartholomew, Takuto Kaneshiro Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Argento Soma Series Harriet Bartholomew Character Takuto Kaneshiro Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My first OFFICIAL wall. I've made a lot, but this is my first that EVER.... uuhh.. what's the word? Made through the net? *shrug* Anyway, this one sure took me TOO long to finish it. I think it's being neglated for a few months. My mind's blank. I dunno what to do.. But this is exactly what I want. It just didn't turned out the way I want it. Untill I made Naruto wall few days back. I think the concept way too weird for Naruto so I swap it to this one. It turned out pretty good.. I think.. *smiles*

The image extractation took me quite sometimes. Since it had dark background, I almost cut Hattie's feet (A few times I might add).. And half of Ryu bodies has a straight pain-in-the-ass line. I'm WORSE at CG-ing. So, some part was clearly seen since I can't erased it properly. Oh yeah.. I also think that the image was too bright. I only used Soft Light! It wasn't supposed to turned out like that.. *sheeshhh*

Hattie's wings was my biggest problem. I've been re-doing it more than 10 times before I finally satisfied. But when I take a look closely, it seems weird. Something's wrong but I couldn't figured it out. Ehh? is it the wings positions? Hmmm....

The starfield is.. Empty. I know. I did that on purpose. I don't like too many stars. My original idea is to make the nebula EXACTLY like on the last ep. of Argento Soma. Y'see the one that yellow thingy that suddenly appeared? I messed up big time.. I couldn't do it right. So, I settle for this. After I (IF) succeed, I'll change the background. Maybe.

Image from RANDOM.

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  1. Natsu Jun 03, 2004

    cool good job

  2. i-am-good Jun 03, 2004

    Great work!!! i love it >_<

    add my fav~

  3. chibikko Jun 03, 2004

    whoa looks so great o.o

  4. Noctum Jun 03, 2004

    Wow, that's awesome.
    It can easily hold on with wallpapers by the number one wallers.

  5. saroe Jun 03, 2004

    very nice, you did a good job

  6. Kev Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2004

    neat wall.. hehhe

  7. kino Jun 03, 2004

    my oh my its wonderful!!! i havent seen many argento soma walls!! i love the wings :D

  8. Shuuji Jun 03, 2004

    Really Beautyful, thanks a lot ^^

  9. rojacol Jun 03, 2004

    Excellent wall!!, good job!!

  10. Sparkie Jun 03, 2004

    really pretty, image is great, and background suits it really good :)

  11. Limality Jun 03, 2004

    very very nice XD lol better than my newest wallpaper ;)

    keep it up :D i wanna see more from ya in future!

    anyways, the starfield is okay, because the wings make up for it ^_^ damn those wings are nice :D

  12. Kamon Jun 03, 2004

    damn that is hella good!! Seriously color scheme flows throughout the picture perfectly.Great job!

  13. zaiaku664 Jun 03, 2004

    very good job ,I like it ^^

  14. Adrima Jun 03, 2004

    this wall is so damn good!

    *taking to favs*

  15. bucket-shot Jun 03, 2004

    Aiee~ o_O I love this image! Never seen it walled before, either-- and you've done a damn good job of it. :D Congrats on your first wall-- it looks awesome. :) Love the colours, especially in the background, and their contrast to the earthy fore. The wings...hm, I like them. :) The only thing I'd say is that the feathers don't look like they've come from them, buuut what the hey. :D Still looks good. Look forward to more of your walls in the future.

  16. dArkaNGeL Jun 03, 2004

    smooth and crisp surface, nice wall!!

  17. Angelette Jun 04, 2004

    Very, very nice for a first wall.... Even if you say it's your first "publicized" wall. Nice nice nice...~

  18. Nisaus Jun 04, 2004

    Wonderful wall ^_^ And a very nice meaning to "Catch you catch me" hehe


  19. Bishi Jun 04, 2004

    Wow, beautiful wallpaper

  20. Mizuki-Chan Jun 04, 2004

    It's soo cool ToT XD

  21. danoz Jun 04, 2004

    Wow, this one is cool! Very detailed, love the background! Cosmic walls are always good. The characters stand out nicely too, against the black background. Oh, and its nice and colourful :D

  22. Albatross1 Jun 05, 2004

    Very cool background - awesome... :)

  23. Sheqel Administrator Jun 05, 2004

    Oh my... Seems like I can't edit my description... Well, here we go..

    ehm.. actually u can ^^; thers the Edit button under the pic :)

  24. kc2 Jun 06, 2004

    wow! nice wall XD

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