Finder Wallpaper: Fei Long

Ayano Yamane, Finder, Fei Long Wallpaper
Ayano Yamane Mangaka Finder Series Fei Long Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Fei Long from the Viewfinder manga series.
[edit] I think it's a real problem when you don't even want to use your own wallpapers... so I did stuff to it. ^^ hohoho. I have a preference for warm colors so I like this version better.

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  1. Elain Aug 04, 2005

    well actually it's not the best I've ever seen, but I like the way how you add colors. Very nice work!

    P.S.oh! by the way, I think you can change 'Category' from 'Other' to 'Yamane Ayano' freely

  2. Eowyn Aug 05, 2005

    Your wall is great! I love Yamane Amano art and this in particular.
    Go to favs!

  3. Elain Aug 08, 2005

    Yeas! This is much better!
    Take all my words back - Like it!

  4. SketchDR10 Aug 31, 2005

    wow, awesome artwook. this doesn't look like it's from anime, is it manga? Yamane Ayano's the artist right?. thank you for the pic

  5. lysodren Sep 04, 2005

    I really like your coloring with mostly warm colors, like red, in the picture. It really fits the young Fei Long. The picture is from the viewfinder manga, I think ("Flower on the High Loft", chapter 2, Finder no Ori book).

  6. kawaiigato Sep 08, 2005

    Wow! This is amazingly beautiful coloring. Have you done any other Yamane Ayano art? There is a Live Journal community that would love you. http://www.livejournal.com/community/club_sion/ if you are interested ^__^


  7. Kraust Sep 09, 2005

    This is the only one I've done so far, but I'm thinking of doing others when I have the time. ^^

  8. kawaiigato Sep 12, 2005

    I showed people your wallpaper on my livejournal. I hope you don't mind? I linked back here to you.

    They were all very very impressed ^_^

  9. Kraust Sep 13, 2005

    I don't mind at all! I'm simply glad they liked it. I've also checked out the community. :)

  10. kawaiigato Sep 14, 2005

    ^_^ Very excited to hear that. Feel proud, you already have fans. My livejournal is locked, so only about a max of 30 people saw your wallpaper. The mods are really good about getting back to you about applying to the joining posts, so when you get in, could you make a post with a link to your wallpaper in it?
    Contributions like this make us all very very excited. *hugs* Several of the people I shared it with are already using it.
    Thank you again very much, Kraust!

  11. Sammie-Chan Sep 14, 2005

    GOD. Fei Long looks so fricken gorgeous! <3 Favved! ;3; I love the background and the colours you used!! <33333

  12. Ludka Oct 06, 2005

    Great wallpaper!!! I really love it. Fei-Long looks absolutely gorgeous in this dark reddish background. Not to mention that he is just the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

  13. kesshin Oct 13, 2005

    This is one of the most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen. I kid you not! Everything, from the colour the the really gorgeous guy is just fantastic. Lovely background too! Thanks!

  14. adenade Nov 05, 2005

    I love what you did with the image! It was one of my favourite images and Fei Long looked darn hot (: The background really suits where he is and the colours are great! Terrific work and thank you for sharing (:

  15. ayayan Nov 07, 2005

    waooooow feilong is very hansamuuuuuu ^____^

  16. Aurore Nov 12, 2005

    Wow! Thank you so much! I love so much this illustration of Fei-sama, it's my favorite one! Thanks for coloring the picture and the background is amazing, + fav

  17. Nenya Nov 12, 2005

    ooooh thanks for this beautiful and great wallpaper! I like it very much!

  18. dianas Nov 14, 2005

    uf this is one of my favorite mail wallpepers ..
    you did a really good work..you deserve a fav from me..
    keep up the lovely work..^^..

  19. kimiwo Nov 22, 2005

    Amazing job! I hope you don't mind me faving this, it's so beautiful!

  20. lunaregina Dec 12, 2005

    *mouth hangs open* Simple breathtaking! This one goes directly to my desktop. A perfect example of color and space. Plus that guy is just so damn hot. XD +fav

  21. perseveration Dec 18, 2005

    Great work! The best I've ever seen You're a MASTER!

  22. sekhmet11 Dec 24, 2005

    Wow, I love the colours. This is a great wall. It makes me forget how cold Fei is and makes me think that underneath all his cruelty there might be a little softness. Thanks for sharing it.

  23. Polpot Jan 28, 2006

    Feilong ! I really don't like you ! You're such a jalous bad guy who deserve to die in the worse pain ! But you look so kakoi here -__-' what a pain ! Really great wall and really amazing color ! I especially like the purple/crimson one XD

  24. ELAINEDUDU Mar 05, 2006

    >///<.....................kakkoi...........(...) handsome.....
    really like this background....
    thanks for sharing ....

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