Dragon Ball: I'm mad!!

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Decided to submit the very last one of them tonight ^^ after that, no more DBZ pics guys!! (sorry for those who are fan of DBZ, but i no longer feel attracted to this drawing style, it's true that the character's are all in similar positions, and after a while, it gets a little repetitive to draw them... maybe someday i'll do some more DBZ pics, but it's not going to be b4 a very long while... ^^)

This is Vegeta, but an earlier version of him, probably from volumes 20-something... and erm, as usual, it's a little pale...

so, this is it, please comment... and faves are always appreciated of course ^^ see ya!

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  1. kagoem Aug 03, 2005

    This does look good. But I think you messed up on parts of the hair and a little part of the face.

  2. vampyre Aug 03, 2005

    XD i like Bejita!!! not sure it's spell right cause' i don't know his name in english, sorry ^^p didn't comment on ur work for long but i c all of them :) & c one that u draw great but umm.... it likes something...smaller, bigger, shorter but it's still great on its own >- <;; marrr...don't know how to tell u..... in this work...i think his body's too large & short & his hands & feet're too small but their still great on their own & nice details & i like his expression too that's really be Bejita XD so cool alway ^^~

  3. Anjhurin Aug 03, 2005

    ahah commenting on the last one ^_^.... whoa that was a long serie, but nevertheless pretty acurate.

    anyway this one seems like the older version of all of them as you said, so it's kinda rough and edgy. guess you could have aded a bit of blood on his shoulder, and his arms look too short for the lenght of his legs, but that's dbz for ya isn't it? lol
    oh well nevermind, that's still a pretty good work, and now make room for the new ones !!! yeepee ;)

  4. Athrun Aug 03, 2005

    Yey, the last DBZ drawing. :P

    i don't really like this character because he screws up on winning a lot... even though he does have his good points.

    the drawing is good, very accurate to the real thing, but it could use more shading. Good work, Ayamael. :)

    Now then. I must be off to play ro.... >>;

  5. Scarlet Aug 03, 2005

    Hey there! Though I'm not a fan of Dragonball Z, your works are always really good. Especially the facial expresiions. They're particularly great.

    Though I think that your drawing could use a bit more shading/highlighting. Light effects and such. A pencil is a great drawing tool (probably my favorite, out of all the other techniques) and you could do so much with it!

    But great job!


  6. Iyasis Aug 03, 2005

    Lol, your titles are funny to read in the notifs: "I'm strong!" "I'm mad!!"

    Nice drawing, but something's a little off. Can't figure it out exactly, but he does look a little squashed vertically. Also think the huge amour thing sticking out on the left throws off the perspective and proportion somewhat...hmm.

    Yay! Last of the DBZ Doujinshi Torture! *ahem* I mean...no, that's exactly what I mean ^_^'

  7. Yoh Aug 04, 2005

    His face looks a little weird, maybe because of the fight! Nice draw of Vegeta! :D

  8. toujin1 Aug 04, 2005

    well, i think ur the best dbz artist for miles around!! like always, i just love the way the whole thing its put together..iv actually come to expect of u...this will make it harder for me to guess what ull do next...i cant wait!!

  9. gemini4life Aug 04, 2005

    The stage is set the last DBZ has been unleashed, and this is a good one to end on too, you've got a detailed rugged beat up Vegeta who gives us a feel that he's been through hell and back, just to prepare us for your next piece of artwork.

    Can't wait, wow the DBZ saga has come to a close... well all good things must come to an end ^_^' , but they mark the begining of the next wave of the "aa" (AYA artwork) XD

  10. gountessg Aug 06, 2005

    cool. very very cool. I like it. I could never get that close to drawing any anime character. good job.

  11. MikaAmazoness Aug 06, 2005

    YES! Finally no more DBZ pics! Lmao j/p, I really loved all of your DBZ pics, and I am a (mini) fan of the show (as in, the shows okay, but they should definately have kewler girls in it!) Anyways, great job with all of you 87 pics! Oh you didnt draw 87 DBZ pics? Well, I am sure I am close to the number that you drew, just round it off maybe (lmao just messin w/ ya)

    Anyways, I am anxious to see a whole neww style for you! Since you have basically mastered this one, I wish you luck in the next one your working on! (like you'll need it)

    BTW, maybe you might wanna start to draw Samurai Deeper: Kyo style huh? Huh? *pokes* lol you know I luv that show as much as you ^.^

    Anyways, great drawing like usula, not much else to say

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