Tears to Tiara Wallpaper: In A Different Perspective

AQUAPLUS, Tears to Tiara Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Tears to Tiara Series,Visual Novel

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

there was no category for "tears to tiara" for games so i just put this in unknown

first off i gotta thank gideon for the awesome help, xenohawk and amai (from AP) for helping me look and crit my wall xD and boing for being a pest xD

made the bg fit in with the image coz it was painting-ish xD
anyway hope u like ><

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  1. Yumi-Chan Aug 03, 2005

    @__@ my eye, there's something wrong. i always think the ocean is a river just next to her T__T..

    but nice perspective anyway! ^_^ i've no idea how you make em so, arty yet a little vector-ish.
    ^_^ marvelous job, tate ^^
    loving the bright colours too.

    fav :P

  2. Zefie Aug 03, 2005

    aaw so sweet colours ^_^ they give happy atmosphere and look little like water colours ! ocean looks really nice, love the colour of it and the flying birds in the sky. perspective is great and girl is very cute looking, reminds me from the art of phantom brave or disgaea game and she fiths really well with bg. i agree with Yumi-Chan, your works are so arty looking :D wonderful job and thank you for sharing !

  3. Sir-Boingal0t Aug 03, 2005

    u already know what i think of tis tatz0rz!
    reallly cool work wit teh perspective! >xP~~~~~~~

    and please....no kitchens! >_<!

  4. meteorcloud Aug 03, 2005

    hai hai...I forgot to say >.>....it's a kitchen scan >.>....not a beach scan u_U"......doesn't really match XP

  5. kenzuke Aug 03, 2005

    Nice one^^ I really love angled pictures.. XD
    makes me feel as if there's some motion in it or sumtin.... hehe

  6. Sandra Aug 03, 2005

    Whaat a great one :D
    Next amazing Tate wall :D
    Love the colors . And perspective ;D
    No words X_X

  7. Imaginasian Aug 04, 2005

    Nice look. It reminds me of a watercolor painting. It's bursting with colors. Sweet.

  8. ayanechan Aug 07, 2005

    nicely done tatekane-san. colours are as vibrant as usual. *wonder why a maid-ish girl is doing at the beach XD* i especially love the bit whereby the water meets the sand. great job :3

  9. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2005


    where are all the comments?


    *kicks stupid mt members* get up!

    o_o this walliee ish sweeeeet~ go and make me a beach sho i can go there and tan all day long .. xD

    i love how your walls all have that dreamy feeling to it .. *pats pats*

  10. flyindreams Aug 13, 2005

    Insane colors, tate~ O_O the perspective is interesting indeed ^^ It definitely has a certain appeal, although the hot pink is rather killing to my weak bunny eyes >_<

  11. mika-z Jul 06, 2010

    Thank you! Good wallpapers! :)
    ??? ????? ????????, ???????! ^_^

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