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Yay! My first submission!! XD
Well, I drew this dragon a while ago but I never had a scanner so I couldnt submit it.
I think it turned out pretty good, so I hope you all like it too... Tell me what you think ^_^

(btw, thanks for helping me think of a title hyto ^_^' )

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  1. Firedemon Aug 03, 2005

    wow realy nice drawing! your a realy good drawer! nice job! +favs

  2. MS0B9 Aug 03, 2005

    Noooooo! Firedemon I was suppost to be the first to post in joycevs first submition! T_T

    Oh well... It looks awesome! I love the shading although I perfer color it's not bad. Great job and going on my favs!

  3. SilentMasamune Aug 03, 2005

    Oh my god, it's going to rain...you actually submitted something. XD The dragon looks great, but it looks as if there's an end to the darker-shaded thing (don't know if that's the right wing of the dragon or not). Keep up the good work.

  4. hytokiri Aug 03, 2005

    Nice drawing joycev, i'm glad that u now have a scanner, now MT members can see your draws. Excellent job.
    Btw, np for the title i glad u like it. Keep it up with the good job. Take care. *hugs*

    Live on!!! :D

  5. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 03, 2005

    Quote by SilentMasamuneOh my god, it's going to rain...you actually submitted something. XD
    The dragon looks great, but it looks as if there's an end to the
    darker-shaded thing (don't know if that's the right wing of the dragon
    or not). Keep up the good work.

    yay your first submission, hurray for you, great job on it joycev, its a awesome drawing
    keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD

  6. pamkips Aug 03, 2005

    Nooooooo!i love quoting alisha! ^_^ anyways your evil joycev how is it that everyone can draw but meeeeee ~_~ anyways great job on this drawing! very detailed..and stuff...i can't even draw a stick person (okay okay i'm exaggerating) but great joooobbbb! ^_^ thankies for sharing!

  7. staplefreak6 Aug 03, 2005

    wow!!! awesome much!!! its...its... well for one making me at a loss for words....i cant draw that well! i luv it! and i'm glad you could share it with us!! ^_^ *adds 2 faves*

  8. Beccieboo Aug 03, 2005

    wow! its amazing! the details are good, great job ^^. ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  9. Chopstickz Aug 03, 2005

    lol wow you submitted something
    not bad, the dragon looks cool,
    some of the scales on its wings look a lil messed up though
    n its hard to tell where its right wing separates from its neck ^^;
    but it still a cool n the rock's not so bad either
    hope to see more n_n

  10. IcyFyre Aug 03, 2005

    o my wow! XD you did a fantastic job! XD i like it! you have a natural talent for drawing!

  11. walkure245 Aug 03, 2005

    That's a beautiful dragon. XD My dragons always look so flimsy. I like the details in the wings and his face. Really great work~

  12. toru07 Aug 03, 2005

    o yeah.... that sure is flawless, great doujin!!! :D not bad for a first submission. :)

  13. Dragus Aug 03, 2005

    i like your Fearless Dragon, it looks cool and unique it's not like the usual concept we see it looks like a Dragon with the feel of a Griffin

  14. lunar-angel Aug 03, 2005

    wow your dragon has such beautiful detail
    Its so cool
    + to favs
    I hope you post more drawings ^_^

  15. ozma255 Aug 03, 2005

    Wow that's a cool looking work of art, you've got really good drawing skills joycev. This doujin is faved. :)

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2005

    Deadly dragon of high proportions, nice to see the details are well drawn in...
    Great job on the draw! :

  17. Sumomo- Aug 03, 2005

    Thats a nice drawing!! :) Even detailed scales.
    Great work Joycev!

  18. mentis Aug 03, 2005

    Nice work joycev. I particularly enjoy your modeling on the wings. Good detail and good lighting/shadows. Well done :D.

  19. lunacrystal Aug 03, 2005

    wow!! the detailing looks nice!!! it looks like if it could be on a game cover or something!! fav+

  20. Saturn Aug 03, 2005

    I like it! You did a great job drawing it. The detail is great XP
    Thanks for sharing! I hope you'll be drawing more.

  21. cloh Aug 03, 2005

    That's awesome!!! It's a really great drawing :)
    The details are sublime and the proportions are perfect!!
    Great job^^

  22. Scarlet Aug 03, 2005

    Well, it really is a nice drawing! The expression is flawless and I love the texture of those wings and scales...

    You know, you should share your drawing more often with us!! I, for one, will be waiting impatienly.^^

    Thanks for the fav on my latest wall, by the way. I'm really glad you liked it!


  23. Drak Aug 03, 2005

    The dragon is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I especially like the wings and the tail, but the whole reptail is great!
    E ceratin fav.
    Wonderful job, Joycev.

  24. bloodD Aug 03, 2005

    Really good drawing. the position brings it out to life keep it up.
    add to + fav

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