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Artist Comment

Empty spaces fill me up with holes...
Distant faces with no place left to go...
Without you within me I cant find no rest...
Where Im going is anybodys guess....
Ive tried to go on like I never knew you...
Im awake but my world is half asleep...
I pray for this heart to be unbroken...
But without you all Im going to be is incomplete...

Lyrics from incomplete-backstreet boys o.0

Those lyrics are basiclly, what i feel everyday, even though people dont really care..soo ya T_T

Umm vector queen speaking? XD

ah anyways..this is a vector of olihime...looks like crap..oo well..i had a bad quality scan of this image in which i found on google.ca >.<

This vector is dedicated to all those people who actually care about me and don't abandon me when i cry..and need someone to talk to.^_^

here is the original scan for your comparing uses...

And also..dont forget to check out Lenne 's first vector

Support her..or prepare to be kicked :P

hope you enjoy^_^
ja ne~~

You may not use this without my permission!

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  1. soujiokita Aug 02, 2005

    Well, it's pretty good but there are a few jagged lines, like on her hair and arms. But it's a nice vec. Keep up the great work.

  2. diospada Aug 02, 2005

    looks clean!!! nice job, great work. you truly are the vector queen... hehe v(^_^)v

    \m/_ (rok on!!!)

  3. Mangakyo Aug 02, 2005

    I think it looks great personally seeing that i can't even do one yet =p
    hahaha.... but it looks really nice so yeah great job!

  4. Verbeek Aug 02, 2005

    Well, I think it's nice. It looks clean....
    Great job!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. rmuyo Aug 02, 2005

    She's cute, it is a nice and clean job as others have said, good work.

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2005

    Woah your on a role Toxic , i should ask you to vector images i cant actually do so we can collab or something... heheh so you wont feel left out!
    Anyway sweet work on the image! :)

  7. Keough Aug 02, 2005

    OX Google searched it? XD wonder y i've never found it. But altho there is an image like that here just not vectorized Inoue. Very well done!.

  8. mYNamEisMimOxxx Aug 02, 2005

    it looks really pretty! you are so good at verctors!
    -doesn`t even know how- >.>-wants to learn- xD
    well bai bai now!
    good job! -pets-

  9. MayaNatsume17 Aug 02, 2005

    Nice and simple.

  10. Lenne Aug 02, 2005

    Oh girl!!Shucks! *blush*
    Thanks for the support and the fav+ and linking in your description.
    Anyway as always your vector is excellent! XD
    Great work you did,as always. :)
    See ya girl!

  11. AngelKate Aug 02, 2005

    Very pretty! I've seen that scan before, it looks nice! ^_^ You did a nice job. :) Keep up your nice vectors.

  12. animefairy Aug 02, 2005

    Your vector is very pretty!!! :) You always do good vectors!!!
    Keep up the good work!!! ^_^

  13. Sunnyd29 Aug 02, 2005

    wow!! Great drawing! I like the background and the colors you used! I also think the clothes on the girl look great because they really make her stand out!! This awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. SweetGrl Aug 03, 2005

    Wow!! Did you drew that? It's very good!! I wish i can draw like you!! Good job, toxictea23!!!

  15. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2005

    great job toxictea-san! it looks very clean! and Orihime looks great! i really wish i had some of your talent! keep up the great work! (can't wait to see someone use this in a wallpaper! :D)

  16. mOochaN Aug 03, 2005

    great job.. looks very clean and neat.. i love the ways of ur colouring its soo cooL... XD

  17. sukie Aug 03, 2005

    oh this is cute!!!! i love the colour!!! great job with the outline!!! this vector is clean and sweet!!! keep it up!!

  18. anji Aug 03, 2005

    This is probably my favorite scan of Inou.
    Colors are really nice, like that pastel theme.
    Did you redo the flowers in the back with vectors also? They are so well done!
    Everything seem really good on this vector, but it miss the shadow on her leg.
    Beside that, really nice work! :)

  19. echidnaboy726 Aug 04, 2005

    Ooh, nice. I don't know if I qualify for this to be dedicated partially to me... but still... nice anyway. Cheers~!

  20. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 04, 2005

    I see that u are very talented on making vectors...
    Hope to see more of your works....

    ^_^ :) :D :) :D ^_^

  21. fooblued Aug 05, 2005

    I really love how you capture the color change on her skirt (The lines and the flowers), a wonderful vector, but we expect nothing less from our dear Toxi-chan :). What program do use?

  22. studio Aug 05, 2005

    'was such a nice scan choice. Very preetee^__^ Lufflee vector - like your version very much. Her top is rather excellent, great job. <3

  23. Frosty Aug 05, 2005

    The vector job was not bad.
    its actually pretty nice.
    yu may wana add back the shadow on the feet but other than that a great job.
    *9.35 and Grade A* for a great effort. ^^

  24. YugureKaze Aug 07, 2005

    wahh! Inoue looks amazing!
    the bg look nice too
    great vector toxictea!

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