Gun x Sword Wallpaper: Gun X Sword: eXecution

Takahiro Kimura, Gun x Sword, Van (Gun x Sword) Wallpaper
Takahiro Kimura Mangaka Gun x Sword Series Van (Gun x Sword) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

chibikko no new series wallpaper marathon wa hajimashita yoooo!
(not sure if this gramatically correct ^^')

I love this season, there are so many great series. Gun x Sword is not the best but certainly one the coolest. Especially Van with his awesome sword and mecha lol. Well yeah, GxS is about Van and Wendy, who follows him, in some kind of western setting. And Van has a mecha who comes down from space everytime he calls him. Execution is the code word or sth like that.
I found a scan of Van in the Newtype issue 08 (also at Minitokyo by silverdragon who likes to level up by submitting both scans seperately haha =P 01 and 02) and vectored it, which took me about 3-4 days. I wanted to make the same atmosphere as in the first episode when Van is walking through the desert. Like this and this. So I drew the clouds and the background, which was not fun at all. But the bg still is better than stolen backgrounds from other people without credits >< gao! Anyway, the most fun was the font <3

I'm trying to make a little new series wallpaper marathon. If someone likes to join me, please pm me. I'd like to know =D
More resolutions at www.uchiki.de.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ayaki
Wall: :Death Note: Angel or Devil
Reason: The idea is very nice and I love the manga. Check ayaki's other submissions as well!

[EDIT] Updated the wallpaper, made the lines look a little smoother and repaired some other problems.
Btw, if you'd like to know more about the series (without watching it), download the opening ---> Gun x Sword opening clip. Don't worry, I'm not stealing bandwidth =P

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  1. yami-chan Aug 01, 2005

    i <3 ur vectors..and this is no exeption..^^
    althouh i find those rock statues(?)..really inappropriate..a more western-rocky-desert background would be great...
    anyway..it's awesome..\^_^/

  2. semanga Aug 01, 2005

    this looks not bad honey i love fighters and this man had a very great sword XD add to my fav

  3. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 01, 2005

    new series marathon? *-* whatz that whatz dat? >O< tell me tell mee!

    ;-; go baq and wall sum cute boys .. >O< not ugly men like him .. xD

    everything about this rocks .. T_T me hates yu ..... *steals YOUR talent*

  4. ayaki Aug 01, 2005

    woo gunxsword wall....
    i love this series too!~
    i must say, excellent job @ vectoring!~ the line/color/shade....everything lookin' sharp!~
    and one cool background u got here....the skull thingy looks scary...haha...maybe make it smaller.... XP
    thx for plugging my wall too ^^

  5. agneslee Aug 02, 2005

    Nice image,but i think the colour is not bright enough.
    It will more better if the colour can bright enough.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. zalatoon Aug 02, 2005

    that's sure is cooooooooooool ox
    ur the best :)
    thanx for sharing ;)

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2005

    OMG *______*

    This is so high definition wallpapaer and the effects even though there isnt much is great, very beautifully made bg, great execution with the text placement, love the clean badass character and yeah im officially blown away!! o_o
    Great job Chibiko! ^__^

  8. tian82 Aug 02, 2005

    Ah !! This wallpaper is so nice !!! It look so beautiful !!! Great work !!! Awesome and I love it !! Thank for sharing it with us !!!!

  9. KevLar Aug 02, 2005

    You did a great job with that vector and the background complements it well. I'm watching this series because of this wall and currently using it as my background. A+ work here.

  10. kuatsure Aug 03, 2005

    nice bg with the clouds and rocks, the sword is bloody awesome, and that spark/shine on it is just a nice little effect ^^

  11. Sunnyd29 Aug 03, 2005

    You did an excellent job of vectoring and editing this scan!! It looks really interesting. The story (or part of the story) you explained sounds really exciting!! If it comes out in America, I'll definitely be sure to watch it!! As for your scan, awesome!! The background looks great!! I also like how you were able to put the word "execution" on the sword. I really like it!! Thanks for sharing chibikko!!


  12. Sandra Aug 03, 2005

    Hi my dear friend Chibi :D
    I'm back (this is the moment that you should jump and say Oww I Am So Happy :P )
    And i'm putting some comments and favs on my dear friends's walls :D
    Se here it is :
    Amazing :D I like the clouds so ...fluffy :D
    Like the sword X__x and txt is just great Chibi !
    The rocks looks nice
    But ... the chara kinda don't fits the bg , meaby you should put some fog ? i don't know.
    However , still my fav

  13. Skillzpay Aug 06, 2005

    A new series marathon, that sounds like a pretty good idea :)

    Anyways, first things first, I'm amazed at how little feedback and favs there are for this o_O
    Vector looks flawless and the text, along with how its placement, on the sword was a great idea. What I especially like are those rock formations in the background, quite unique and look pretty legit in terms of what you'd see in a series. Great work on this piece chibikko!

  14. serene66 Aug 14, 2005

    Yay! I just finished watching the first four episodes. I loved it! I was hoping to find some wallpapers for it. I love the work you put into this wallpaper! I also found one GxS at Ningen's Anime Wallpapaer (http://ningen.nattoli.net/wallpapers/gun_sword.html).

  15. kai81220 Aug 31, 2005

    nice wall here chibikko ^^
    i gota say the vector is awesome >_____< esp how the outlines are very small but still the color fills nicely ^_^'
    rocks look great and the kinda rocky texture/look you gave em is nice as well. lol i havent figured out how to do that rock look yet -_-'' can ya let me in on the process? XD
    clouds look anime style ^^ nice

    overall its a nice piece of work +fav

  16. Bernd Dec 06, 2005

    Nice Wall for an Anime

    THX for Sharing

  17. ZaZoU Feb 07, 2006

    Very good Wall, i love.

  18. rachtsume Feb 08, 2007

    this is way funky, excellent work!

  19. moonlight13 Jul 29, 2007

    i like it! van looks cool! ^_^

  20. kucing Dec 03, 2007

    nice work!

  21. badula Jul 26, 2009

    Very nice wallpaper, very attractive man!

  22. john12071989 Jun 19, 2010

    My favorite male anime char XD Thank you for uploading!

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