Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: [ G.S.D :: Afternoon Repose ]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

eto .. here's the next couple "stolen" from the ED scene ^_^' specially for ... MYSELF ! bwahahah XD athrun ish mine ! MINE ! *keeeeks all other fangurls away* XD

uhh .. i vectored the whole scene again (except for a few things) and tried to recreate the scene again. but ! meer definitely has to go ! *keeeekorz meer out of the piccey* >=( bubai meer ! athrun looks a lil different than the original scene cause he's uberly dark and i couldn't figure out his uniform. so i kinda drew everything out on my own x_x

the sand looks very vectorish .. umm .. i made it that way ^_^' i was too lazy to vector another coconut tree so say bubai to it too. i got the ideas of the seashells from a piccey .. so i look for a stock photo of seashells and vectored it too :) stock photo of seashells ish found on stock.xchng. i added slight textures to the tree on the right. you won't see it unless you stare at it long and hard enough ^_^'

lastly .. to mt's athrun ... happie burfday to you ! i know your burfday ish on 4th august. but in case if i don't make it on that day ^_^' no shinn wallie for you XP

1. [ G.S.D :: Moonlight Rhapsody ] ~ kira x lacus
2. [ G.S.D :: Afternoon Repose ] ~ athrun x cagalli
3. [ G.S.D :: Morning Grace ] ~ shinn x stellar

uhh .. yeash .. notice the trend of that night, afternoon & morning thingy. i might do more if i come up with more ideas and bump into any scans/screenies i like ^_^'

#1. okie .. took everybody's advice and got rid of the 2 gundams. gomen criox :( but still thankew to you for helping me extract akatsuki .. *gives criox lizard plushie* XD

#2. make the names smaller as suggested by oracleangel :)

#3. as for the beach .. the part where the sand meets the beach .. from that view .. it's suppose to be higher than the sea ... so no foamy splashies XD errr ... it was that way in the scene too anyway ^_^'

#4. make the sun looks clearer and shifted the birds position x_x

#5. thankies white-zero-san for reminding me .. yeash .. the title ish taken from maaya sakamoto's song, afternoon repose :D go listen to it ! it's a very slow and peaceful song XD

#6. i forgotten to add this ^_^'

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  1. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 31, 2005

    >_< and Cagalli is mine!!! MINE !! Mwhawhahwhawhwahhwahaw! ehem...nice vector again ^^i like this more than the last one,the whole scene seems so much like the original one,also that little detail of the seashells look nice. Just one thing,but is only me i guess,im not too sure about the 2 gundams ._.U...not a big deal i guess,but overall is a great job chibi ^^

  2. asan Jul 31, 2005

    nice wallpaper .. =) i like them very much^^ they are so cool !! good jod , keep it up .. see ya

  3. Mindy Jul 31, 2005

    i like this wall good job !

  4. Kiako Jul 31, 2005

    it looks nice, but the two guandams are disturbing, and i don't know how you vectored the guy but i think you missed a line or something because he looks fat. and i don't like the part where the watter comes to the beach, it looks like there would be a line there. and the sand is too pink. and th girl looks like she would be scared of something and is about to fall down.
    i like the colors and the writing you have chosen for the "afternoon repose" text.

  5. Criox Jul 31, 2005

    Hi Lizzie. I been wanting to see this wallie for long long time. Hahaha! The concept is good. XD Haha! Athrun is your. n_n Well you redraw and vector athrun and cagalli; its very pretty. Colors are rich. That good. Athrun face looks exactly the same as in anime. Well done. However cagalli' eyes tells me that she abit shocked after seeing akatsuki. XD jkjk! The background looks awsome. I really like it. Specially the beach heart shape with seashell and the sparkling seashore. Hehe taking away one coconut tree is good and most of all meer. XD I hate her. She is obsessed to become lacus which is impossible. Lets see....texture in the coconut tree. Yea there is some texture I can see. XD The 2 mechas Justice and Akatsuki blend into the Bg. You done well. n_n Oh...ya thks for mentioning me in the extraction of Akatsuki. My extraction is bad so I hope it doesn't bring you any trouble. >_< Cagalli for me? Sankyuu. XD But I still prefer someone* You know who....? Shh...I shall keep quiet here. XD Ok I will give this wallie 11/10 if possible. Fabulous is the word to describe it. XD Keep it up then. *Huggle* *Criox give lizzie a box of can pringles*

    Edit: Nah...its ok. Come to think of it, it looks better cuz there should be pilot in I-justice and akatsuki cuz one is fly ing and the other is standing. n_n'

  6. Chopstickz Jul 31, 2005

    :o cute n_n
    but but, the water is tooo sparkly n the gundam on the left
    is too orange, should be like a lil lighter on top n darker on bottom
    but the rest of it is nice n pweeti n the shadows look good n_n

  7. Amaranth Jul 31, 2005

    wheee WOW so pretttyyy
    vectors so good =O tho i like athrun better X3 you made his hair look so pretty and shiny =3
    i'm staring realli hard at the palm tree and i think i see....er...brown^^;;?
    ooo i love the sea shells and the heart too
    great job!

  8. darkzlevin Jul 31, 2005

    ^^ nice wall lizzie good work~~ now do some of kira and lacus >.>

  9. pengi-san Jul 31, 2005

    You did a great job with the vectors. Cagalli looks kind of mad. Is that the way it is in the scene? I can't remember. The colors go together very well. I don't really care for the Gundams. They just seem out of place. But overall a nice piece.

  10. kara Jul 31, 2005

    Nyah! See I told you your vectors were good! and they're getting even better! I especially like the one of Cagalli. The background's so beautiful too! The sand and the sparkles in the sea look wonderful, except you could probably add some of those white foamy stuff around where the water meets the beach. But teehee this is just beautiful!

  11. Leena Jul 31, 2005

    Cool I like it I like it. The vectors are great. The font is good.Cagalli and Athrun Rules. I think is better without the gundams but maybe is just me.Fantastic job.

  12. GundamFans Jul 31, 2005

    very nice wall
    pls do some for Kira & Lacus,


  13. DarkEVO Jul 31, 2005

    Good sunset beach. Good work on the lighting and everything. But I think the Gundam in the background is ruining the pic. Take them away. Otherwise good wall. +Fav.

  14. bodo1234 Jul 31, 2005

    waaaaaaaaa~~ As always, a high quality wallpaper produced by chibi-lizard!!! Thanks a lot and love it to bits (not literally ^_^' ) ~~ FAV of all fav!!! XD WELL DONE :D

  15. aishiteraburu Jul 31, 2005

    wow chibi-lizard
    its great
    another great wallie by you
    this wallie gives u kinda very peaceful thoughts

  16. sUmm3r Jul 31, 2005

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *kicks back* can't we share XD

    i love the wallie >.< great job, never seen one this big pwheeeeeeee!!!

  17. Susan-chan Jul 31, 2005

    what can i say?? absolute super!! cool!! they are my afv couple!! and this scene is my fav from the specialending:D thx for sharing it:)

  18. KeiranHalcyon Jul 31, 2005

    It's a great wallpaper. the background is great and fits the wallpaper very much. The heart in die sand is so cute. All fits together, it's great.

  19. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2005

    Ok not to be a bragging twit but i wish those gundams werent there or you could replace them with a silohuette of them in the hozion either standing or broken.... the whole vector is beautifully done!!! O___o kinda scary for my expertise. Hmmmm th etext is nice but i should say the bottom name text should be smaller and almost near to the bigger text to make it flow but noentheless the whole bg is beautiful! Great job Lizzie! :P

  20. meteorcloud Jul 31, 2005

    ooh...vector vector....lizzie becomes ss's second vector machine :o.......XD~!
    hehe nice job :D~! hmz...but the gundams on the back dun really fit :o.....they standing so..odd >.< putting island +sunset would be more romantic :P !!!! and...where is kira and lacus ;___;?????? nuuuuu anyways nice job lizzie :D

  21. white-zero Jul 31, 2005

    Gahahaha. I've heard this song by Maaya Sakamoto. Quite fitting, I'd say. :)

    Awesome work as always.

  22. aneres Jul 31, 2005

    Pretty, pretty AthCag wallie~~! I'll be evil and says thank you so much for leaving Meer out of this. :nya: This is one of my favourite scenes. The overall effects does give off a peaceful and calm feeling. Yups.

  23. laurent Jul 31, 2005

    Wow, this is realy realy nice. Very beautiful wall of a very beautiful couple :) !!!!!
    It sure deserves to be added to my favs. Yet another great wall by you... it's realy great !!!

  24. Liz Jul 31, 2005

    wow i love athrun there and the background is amazing great work!! am putting in my favs for sure!

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