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well I didnt drew this .. the original lineart here is drawn by my friend X3 I coloured it n drew the bg XP so no misunderstandings .. ^^
probably my last submission until I finish my exams ~ bye bye ^.^

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  1. fawna-chan Jul 31, 2005

    so pretty. the coloring is so great and the background matches a lot like the original character. adding to faves! :)

  2. asianspirit Jul 31, 2005

    oooh pretty!
    your friend is quite the artist.
    you did a great coloring job too! the colors are very soft and the feel of it is really nice.
    great job, rythem!

  3. lunaregina Jul 31, 2005

    Kyaaa so cute! You did a beautiful coloring job on this and I love the scene you put her in. So peaceful and calming. ^_^ All I would suggest is putting white around the iris of the eye, connecting the upper and lower lids. Great job! XD

  4. Athrun Jul 31, 2005

    And I thought it was going to something about Ragnarok Online. XD

    Well, I was about to be amazed until you said you didn't draw it... -.-;; Then again the BG is also beautiful, so I guess I get amazed anyway. :>

    Really. Great job on the coloring and drawing the BG. <3

  5. KassandraBlair Jul 31, 2005

    nice artwork!!!!! o.o!! I love it!!! keep it up my friend!!! n_n

  6. DarkVirus Jul 31, 2005

    the coloring looks really nice.
    Good job on the drawing made by ur friend and coloring to u :)

  7. Yumi-Chan Jul 31, 2005

    The drawing your friend made was really nice. But when CG-ed it looks 50% even nicer! XD seriously, you CG so well. you have tablet O_O?
    dancer looks so pwetty :3 with that breezy background >.<
    good job on shading and highlighting ^^

  8. Kiako Jul 31, 2005

    nice drawing, the chara looks good and the types of colors you have chosen fit well to her.

  9. MouriRan Jul 31, 2005

    wowieee sch a pretty doujin! ur fwend ish a relly good doujin artist!=]
    and the colouring done by our rythem-chan's awesome!!=]
    +favies on the kawaii gal

  10. calisqo Jul 31, 2005

    awesome drawin.
    And I must say u did amazing coloring to match the awesomeness of the drawin XD.
    Really nice .
    Thanks a lot for sharing XD
    very nice ^____^

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2005

    Thought it would be bigger but all togehter the whole image is stunning with your color...was wondering if you can color some of my works but yeah just a thought.... nice job girl! :P

  12. Shkira Jul 31, 2005

    What a cute and wist-ful looking character! I like the soft coloring, very nice! =^_^=

  13. nanou1 Jul 31, 2005

    it's beautiful...
    i like the drawing! your friend draw very well and you colorise it very well too^^
    thanks to share nice work like this!
    hope to see more of picture from you and your friend!

  14. Drak Jul 31, 2005

    It's magnificent, though I could tell that it's not your style of drawing.
    Never the less, it's great and certainly will go to my favs.
    Good luck on your exams.

  15. Criox Jul 31, 2005

    For a second I thought its Ragnarok online. Hehe! ^_^' Well its not.

    The drawing looks neat. The dancer you draw is very cute and pretty. I can see you are quite an artist yourself. Colors are great.

    The only thing is the size of the drawing. Its small. Otherwise it looks great. Well done. Keep it up.

  16. daisuki-daisuke Jul 31, 2005

    Cute!! Really nice drawing, great work! ^^
    Keep it up! *adds to fav*

  17. AtTheBronze Jul 31, 2005

    Waaah, she's so cute! Tell your friend she's a good artist! The drawing is really nice. And i like your colouring as well. The pic looks so serene with those pale colours.

  18. Rella Jul 31, 2005

    Wow, you color so nicely!! I love coloring arts too but I can never shade like you can! Good job! ^^

  19. gadgetgirl16 Jul 31, 2005

    thats so beaitiful ^^ i love the solft colors that you put in her +fav ^^

  20. slivermoon Jul 31, 2005

    u'r friend is very good at drawing :)
    and u'r colouring is good too
    the colours are soo soft though it seems a bit flat
    maybe a little more darkness in the shading wold make it look more sunny
    anyways great work both of u ^-^

  21. Sunira Jul 31, 2005

    You've done a really nice job coloring this piece! Its very professional and the soft blending really make this piece pleasant to look at. Good job!!

  22. dead Jul 31, 2005

    whoa, whoa, beautiful job, I love all in it, thanks for sharing+fav :nya: :nya: :nya:

  23. kotoko Aug 01, 2005

    oooooh nice... i love it! the colors match perfectly with the lineart that your friend drew... i thought it was a scan at first cause it's so pretty lol.. silly me... thanks for sharing! good job! w00t w00t~

  24. euna Retired Moderator Aug 01, 2005

    wow... i luv this. it's so so cute~~ <3
    your friend's very talented and so are you for colouring this in so well!
    very nice job with the choice of pastel tones.
    looks brilliant. *fav*

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