Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Kesshin

Rurouni Kenshin, Enishi Yukishiro Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Enishi Yukishiro Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ever since I saw this beautiful and powerful image of Enishi, I've wanted to use it in a wallpaper. I think I've finally got something worthy of it (took me about 11 tried and rejected ideas before I settled on this one).

Translation: "Kesshin" = "Determination," "Resolve"
I figure anyone who worked so hard to defeat Kenshin and get revenge for the one he loved and lost had to have resolve (although, in Enishi-kun's case, it was more like "obsession"... ^_^')

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  1. benjaminchia Jul 27, 2005

    very nice work with the background. the background shows depth and looks very beautiful.
    the only thing the background doesn't seem too right is perhaps the grass appears a little too bright and doesn't seem to be affected by the source of light. which is of coz coming from the back (beyond the ocean). the tree leaves facing more to the front would be darker than the leaves near the outline of the tree. perhaps part of the character would also be in darker shade because of the light source.

    still it is a pretty impressive work with great amounts of detail. ^_^. keep it up!

  2. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jul 27, 2005

    i like everything about this wallpaper except for the purple in the sunset. to me that looks kind of unnatural. but good job anyways! ah, how i wish i had even a tenth of your wallpapering talent! :D

  3. Leaf Jul 27, 2005

    I like the sunrise ish very pretty ^^ And the grass... ish bothering me for some reason.. 0_O; but other than that it looks great! ^^ +fav

  4. bbls Jul 27, 2005

    i luv your scenery...it's absolutely gorgeous! and the colors of the sunset are very lovely. i also luv the concept of your wall to have enishi in a beautiful setting that has a sense of calm. :D

  5. badtz-maru Jul 27, 2005

    ooooohhhhh nice job clair. i like the stance, and the shine on the blade. also i like how you made the shadow almost hidden by the grass. a fantastic attention to detail. A+

  6. walkure245 Jul 27, 2005

    You really put a lot of thought into this and it really shows. You did a really good on the bg. I like the details in the trees and the rocks. One thing, there should be a darker shadow underneath him. I see a hint of it but it's hard to decipher it. The lighting is kind of confusing. Is it sunrise? It shouldn't be that bright. Other than that, it's really quite lovely. Really nice work!

  7. inuyashalove04 Jul 28, 2005

    I really like the sky colors in the bg. The image of Enishi is good too...I haven't seen any good wallpapers of him and this is a good wallpaper...I shall add it to my faves.

  8. K1R31 Jul 28, 2005

    I don't like the background but the pic is nice and the color too. For Overall, this wallie is quite good. Thx for sharing.

  9. Ayamael Jul 29, 2005

    yup... this Enishi scan definitely looks great, it's one of my fave picture of him...

    and the bg is really awesome, incredible how that grass looks cristal clear... the sunset is cool too, though i probably would have preferred it in orange tones rather than pic (it's stupid, but i think it would have matched the scan much better, because of Enishi's orange pants)

    still, very cool looking wall, great job!

  10. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 29, 2005

    Not bad! The scan extraction of Enishi is great (Although I don't like him, I like his sister!) But the background is awesome! How did you do that rocks? The grass... is a bit too bright... you can smudge the one on the right side since it's sunset... Overall, not bad! But try adding littlestuffs like butterflies or some more leaves at the rear part of the wallie.

  11. Shkira Jul 30, 2005

    Beautiful job on the sunset and scenery. Love the colors. Enishi looks to be floating a bit, like he's not really in it, or just stuck on there... O_o Overall, looks good! ^_^

  12. zaea Aug 01, 2005

    Cool!! XD love the bg...its so pretty with the different shades of color.....this will definitly go to my favs.. :D

  13. rowen Aug 26, 2005

    He looks like he's training :) If I were in an environment like that then training certainly wouldn't be on my mind :)

  14. paten Apr 15, 2009

    nice..wall....it' s very cool to see enisihi..

  15. chente555 Feb 24, 2010

    wow! very nice wallpaper.

  16. sipisisis Mar 11, 2010

    I kinda hate him cuz is all gloomy 'n stuff, but still nice wall :)

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