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Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, Dragon Ball, Son Goku, Super Saiyan Gohan
Akira Toriyama Mangaka Toei Animation Studio Dragon Ball Series Son Goku Character Super Saiyan Gohan Character


Artist Comment

My other old drawings. I did this when I was 4th year high school (17 yrs old)

materials: drawing pen, colored pencil, black marker

comments & suggestions please

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  1. hytokiri Jul 27, 2005

    Just one thing... excellent. The coloring is also great. Take care.

    Live on!!! :D

  2. toru07 Jul 27, 2005

    NIce!!! I have a copy of this image..... your drawing is almost the same as the original. :nya:

    Pwede k ng xerox machine/scanner. :D

  3. animefairy Jul 27, 2005

    You did an awesome job!!!!!
    You draw almost exactly the same as the anime DBZ!!!!!!!!
    Good color and shading!!!!

  4. FafnerRELOADED Jul 27, 2005

    Awesome job on the colouring :3 and the inking. This picture deserves a fave 8D.

  5. Kiku-chan Jul 27, 2005

    Wow, this is soooo good!!!
    I drew Dragonball pics before too but I don't think they came out as good as yours ^^
    Definitely +fav for me ;)

  6. tores Jul 27, 2005

    very ....fantastic....good ....lovely.....well made........i don't know anything to say{ur agenies}
    ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D ;) :) :D


  7. Tirdaelyn Jul 27, 2005

    This looks totally amazing, the coloring is flawless. Excellent. You are quite the talented artist. :D

  8. Sakura0chan Jul 27, 2005

    Nice drawing again DarkIngram. ^_^ The coloring is nice. They look so cool! Though I'm not a fan of Dragon Ball.
    Keep up the good work!! :D

  9. Keeado Jul 27, 2005

    Darkingram you have some of the best art on minitokyo.
    never fail to amaze.

  10. Kiako Jul 27, 2005

    nice drawing, the charas look good but their position is s bit strange.

  11. vanilla-n-ice Jul 27, 2005

    wholly mother f*ckers
    im 17 now and i could still never draw anything close to that
    your copying skills are perfect
    dammit im so jealous
    your one among many of the talented artists ive discovered here
    i hope to see more of your art soon
    keep up the excellent work XD

  12. yuiyui01 Jul 27, 2005

    waw!!!!!! so perfect darkingramm
    I know about the original artwork too and trust me...it's perfect ! :D
    the hair of the saiyajins and their skins look so cool ...and trunks too *my fav dbz character XD*
    congrat' darkingram, it's really an awesome job !
    keep it up! ^______^

  13. Wslasher Jul 27, 2005

    awesome! great drawing bro! how about that Ragnarok Online drawing i requested? plz mak that a little original and not copied from the original RO art!

  14. omigoshi Jul 27, 2005

    wow..tahts a good blend of characters. great job. havn't seen DBZ for such a long time LOLL

  15. Verbeek Jul 27, 2005

    Oh wow... this one looks nice.
    The coloring is good as always. Great job!!

  16. shari Jul 27, 2005

    wow.. amazing job! ^_^
    how you find the time to draw them in pencil, outline them in pen, then color them, just amazes me! XD keep up the great works!

  17. lordshea Jul 28, 2005

    wow another wonderful wallie go saiyan power thanks for sharing :) :) :)

  18. magemaster Jul 28, 2005

    Oi! What a cool drawing :) I really like it! Well done! :D

  19. Sunnyd29 Jul 28, 2005

    It looks just like them. What can I say, its a perfect picture of what the Saiyans look like. I hope you take requests. On the next one, do Goku and Vegeta, but in Super Saiyan 4 form. If you need help finding pictures on what they look like tell me, because my high anxiety for that picture is getting the best of me. (There is a song from a music band callled "The Suicide Machines" and they have a song called "High Anxiety". What I just said about my anxiety is the refrain. Not the part about the picture, but the part about the anxiety). Anyway, great drawing!! And please take my idea into consideration. And if you need any help, just PM me whenever you want. I try my hardest to get on just about everyday, so you should get a response very soon from the time you PMed me, ok?

    Thanks a lot for sharing and see you later!!^_^


    P.S. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT are my all time favorite animes, so thats why I'm so excited about seeing your next work. Later!!

  20. TiraMitz Jul 29, 2005

    Grabe.. la na ata akong masasabi... speechless ako sa nakita ko...

  21. BossMac Jul 30, 2005

    Anak ng tokwa... ganyan ka ba ka-desperado? nagpasa ka gn scan at sinabi mong gawa mo toh... alam mo ba kung ilang batas ang nilabag mo... pag-nireport toh... yung mga insecure sayo lalagasin yung mga subs mo...

    dbz... the good ol days. next time, do the Gokou - Vegeta Saiyajin Pack. Yung tipong habang nagkakamehame wave sila eh nagbabago yung itsure nya... na-drawing ko na dati yun... wala nga lang kulay....

    Alam ko kaya mo yun... hala ka peke toh...

  22. Maija Jul 30, 2005

    this is made really good....I like it...you are talented my dear friend....
    I have a drawn to about dragonball Z


  23. Shkira Jul 30, 2005

    Looks just like the original poster, nice job! The placement looks like it'd be hard... O_o

  24. aoirochelle Aug 01, 2005

    :o :o dragon ball z...its been awhile....
    gohan is so cute and handsome especially Trunks..hehe

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