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Working togather [makes things easier]

This really isn`t how it was supposed to turn out. :( i`m really unhappy how it turned out at that. -sigh- it sucks. -_- -sigh- well. it took me alot of time too. i was working on it for like a week. adding a little bit more to it each day. um. intead of the door there was a window. but that didn`t look right at all. for some reason i just oculdn`t get it at the right angle. and now the door is there. whitch i don`t like either. the door sucks. it doesn`t belong there. but oh well. i`ve tried to fix it a million times. -_-

The scan was the first thing i did...it wasn`t that big at first. i had to cut little pieces out of it and put it somewhere else. x_x just to make it fit...and it needed some cleaning. T_T so that took me quite a bit of time. sheesh. :(

I wanted it to be a kitchen atfirst..but as you can see. that changed. it obviously wasn`t meant to be. :( lol... ( w.t.f. ) so yeah. it sucks. but i`m willing to change it up a bit if some people just give me some suggestions on how. and i went dead on ideas of what to add...so maybe tell me something to add and maybe i`ll try it out. ^_^

program- adobe elements 3.0
layers- 36
time- aloong time.
date finished- July 26th
place- cold cold cold room. >_<
mood- moody...eh..
music- gundam seed-invoke
with- eh..talking on the phone ^_^

comments and favs apreciated!

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  1. soujiokita Jul 27, 2005

    Aww, that looks so cute. ^^ The background doesn't really seem to match the scan because it looks the background is dark. Overall, nice job. +fav

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 27, 2005

    Mmm,the backgrounds seems great,i like the grunge details on it,but,the scan dont fit,the perspective is also a little odd too(nothing that some few changes cant fix),the idea is nice,but maybe with another scan(or background)should be better ^^

  3. wind12 Jul 27, 2005

    Greal wallpaper, nice work. Man this have to be an a+++++++ project cool nice l really like it alot.

  4. rknight1 Jul 27, 2005

    Hmm. It looks a lot like the doll from Rozen Maiden, but, I don't recognize the little one. Unless this is a second season or doujin work, it could be someone else. Wish I could tell for sure.

    Nice wallpaper! Like the background! It all fits together well.

  5. YugureKaze Jul 27, 2005

    what a cute wall ^_^
    the two girls working together in the kitchen looks like a good concept
    nice work! XD

  6. walkure245 Jul 27, 2005

    This is so cute. XD The bg has a simple look but let's the focus on the girls cooking. I like the textures in the bg to give it a feel of realism. The colors are nice and warm and create an inviting atmosphere. Really great work!

  7. ryannzha Jul 27, 2005

    Can i criticize it..well..i guess it's too..GREAT!! ^_^' way2go my fren..*clapz* fav it utmost!!

  8. Dufoe88 Jul 27, 2005

    Great work.. love the way you did the bg..
    adding to my fav ^^

  9. rapchee Jul 27, 2005

    i think the only problem is with the ground, its plain, doesnt seem to have perspective, but otherwise, i like it. the strange door could be from an alternative world or something
    in short, its not as bad as much you complain B)
    one thing i just seen: isnt it 'togEther'?

  10. bbls Jul 27, 2005

    you got a very cute wall here, and i really like the idea and concept you were going for. but the scan looks too happy and cheery for the darker look of your background. i thought the texture of your wall looked very kewl, and the door also looks quite good. it actually reminds me of the door separating the kitchen from the restaurant. :D

  11. RainHybrid Jul 27, 2005

    cute scan i like it, and the bg looks neat with the look u gave it
    with the workshoplook
    oh..and srry i havnt replied on that many of yur walls lately havnt been around much...
    but they are all very nice! u mustv been busy

  12. jaderabbit Jul 27, 2005

    the defined line going across the mid. is disappointing but i like it either way u get a plus fav. Ttyl then ^_^ !!

  13. rmuyo Jul 27, 2005

    This one is cute! I like it and the background matches perfectly. It looks like a great kitchen type of background, from the days of castles. It is another great picture and I really do love the feel of the daughter being curious about the mother's cooking and her letting the daughter help. It has a wonderful warm feel that is rare in pictures, a nice home feel too it as well also rare in pictures.

    Much of what others have mentioned I don't really notice, the line in the middle is merely the floor and there because of the angle of the picture, and would be there if it was a photograph. As such much of what people see I personally don't think take away from the warm and home feels the picture has which to me make it so wonderful.

    Personally I really like this one and don't see any of the problems you mentioned, I think this is a great one, a favorite for sure.

  14. sukie Jul 27, 2005

    this is sooo cute! the expressions on their faces...so adorable!! grat bg too...it makes the room seem big...and real...
    great work!

  15. volrath77 Jul 28, 2005

    The 'kawaii'ness of this wallpaper is great. Good work here.

  16. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 29, 2005

    Aw! That's so cute. (But in case you haven't notice, togather should be spelled as together, not togather) But I don't think the dark wall matches the cute charas. Unless you're trying to make the shades of the wall, you should have shaded the lowerpart of the wall so it doesn't look so dark.

    Cute scan! I love them!

  17. parami Jul 30, 2005

    Oh, Wow, it's so cuteeeeee!!!!!!!
    >____< *add to fav*
    But, I don't know what's behide 2 cutie girl? ^^; Is it a wall?

  18. SakuraMonsumi Jul 31, 2005

    Yeah i have to say the bg is a little dark for the cuteness...I like how you did the font. :D
    nya! Its good! make more. :3

  19. jusuchin-areku Aug 11, 2005

    cool, girl! it's cute, the little sisters helping each other in the kitchen, doin stuff



  20. sesshoumara Nov 20, 2005

    Cute wallpaper. Btw, i suppose the misspelling of "togather" is intentional right? :P

  21. DreamyDoll Dec 07, 2008

    I think its an adorable wallpaper! I love it! <333

  22. Yumeri Mute Member Jun 26, 2010

    wao...so cute,sp pretty and nice..i like this wallpaper..

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