Tasuku Iizuki Wallpaper: A New Neighbor

Tasuku Iizuki Wallpaper
Tasuku Iizuki Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is well.. a dream i had last night. ^_^' A half neko girl should live next door as my new neighbor xD anyway i just had to put my mind on this work. Have a nice dream ;) /Niwa-kun

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  1. akari-chan Jul 26, 2005

    Kewl, you made a wallie of your dream! Very nice as always, niwa-oneechan! XD The background matches the neko girl very well. +fav

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 26, 2005

    Just a BIG question that i have in my mind right now,you make the house or is from another scan? i really have this curiosity cause i like it,anyway,i like the scan,and the concept,im not too sure about the space thingy in the back,maybe is part of the concept and i dont understand it ^^

  3. whisper Jul 26, 2005

    very nice wallie i like it, but there is something missing in the top left area.. need some more BG effects behide the house becuz the sky and house doesn't look rite alone.

    but its very nice favs*

  4. WindAlchemist Jul 26, 2005

    oooohhh, so pretty, i love the character, and the background is exellant XD
    i like the sky, how do you do that awesome stuff?!
    awesome job, keep it up~!!

  5. mYNamEisMimOxxx Jul 26, 2005

    ther eis no way you could have done that bg :__:
    well there is..i reallllllly like it. but the bg of the house is just.wow. lol.
    anyways nice job. +fav

  6. AC2N Jul 26, 2005

    Looks good... very good !!
    i like the color theme... the neko-G is so sweet, and your BG is great... have you draw it ?!?
    Btw, Excellent work... add this in my fav...
    hope to see you 'round to see other jewel like this one !!!

  7. fukushuusha Jul 26, 2005

    hmm...this one is good...really good.
    The house on the back looks like a scan allright but it matches with the girl pretty nicely.
    Blending and colors looks nice too. The starry sky is a bit disturbing though. Maybe putting some blended cloud should do the work better. The moon is lost in there...
    A pretty wall overall..nice work niwa

  8. Niwa-kun Jul 26, 2005

    Quote by Rebel-Soul-KazeJust a BIG question that i have in my mind right now,you make the house or is from another scan? i really have this curiosity cause i like it,anyway,i like the scan,and the concept,im not too sure about the space thingy in the back,maybe is part of the concept and i dont understand it ^^

    i took the house from another scan.. but i had to edit much of it. removed half of the house,made the inside dark. yeah i wonder if doing like this is ok? ^_^' /Niwa-kun

  9. Jormungand Jul 26, 2005

    Hehe... amazing that you got the idea from your dream, bacause I never remember mine XD
    anyhoo, this is really great
    the lighting of the scan really suits the background
    the only thing that's bugging me is the slight blur / glow around the scan and the house
    maybe using pen tool would make a better result
    but overall this looks really nice ^^
    great work~!

  10. Sunira Jul 26, 2005

    Its really nicely done. I like the house in the background, its neatly cut out and the sky fits nicely. The subdued blue-greys all around make this piece very pretty.

  11. AngelKate Jul 26, 2005

    Oh cool, you made a wallie of your dream! That's awesome! Did you make the house?? It looks really good, and I love the overall color scheme. Great job!

  12. yuiyui01 Jul 26, 2005

    waw!! wahat an awesome wallie niwa kun !! :D actually I was afraid to death you having drawing the BG by yourself XD it's so amazing...The colors and the two scans merge perfectly and the house is well lit^^
    I also like the shades of colors you used on the sky ,a nd the font used for the title..
    Maybe I do too dislike this creepy blur around the scan..maybe you should have redrawn the contours..well that's all XD
    anyway it's nice you remembering your dreams...never thought dreams would be that useful XD
    well anough talking, let's fav ! :D
    keep it up^^

  13. hidekeitaro Jul 26, 2005

    This wallpaper is beautiful *_*
    Great job... I like walls with blue tones and the colors are very nice, combining with the beuty nekgirl (i don't remember the artist)
    Congratulations... Your works are improving very quickly.... Keep it up ^^v

  14. Leaf Jul 26, 2005

    Love the waller!!! ^__^ *instant +fav* XD I love how you made the house and area and the sky is beautiful. ^^ Keep up the great work! XD

  15. fawna-chan Jul 28, 2005

    wow...so so pretty. i like how you made the theme of blue and gray? it's absolutely amazing and the background looks so nice. very nice and keep it up for fawna-chan and everyone else, okaY? :D

  16. SealedSword Jul 31, 2005

    Hey, very nice
    That's a cute looking girl =p
    i like it how you made the wallpaper have a Dream look to it, and nice use of colours too, goes well with the title
    Nice one, adding to my favs

  17. gadgetgirl16 Jul 31, 2005

    wow! that looks so cute ^^ i love how you made the building....+fav

  18. Yuki-san123 Jul 31, 2005

    Ah...very cute. I like the contrast overall. But there's still something missing, maybe you could add a moon or something.

  19. melymay Jul 31, 2005

    cool, u made a wall of ur dream =] great job! nice backround too. keep up the good work! +fave

  20. Laggylagger Aug 01, 2005

    Ho. Nice.....very nice. You dreamt that you met her outside? Eh? The background looks real nice with that....errr....appartment? Why not a house? The night background was done very nicely with the brightening of the stars.
    The face of the girl looks a bit normal but i'd say her face looks kind of funny. It's either the eyes or it's just me. Maybe you could have added the moon in the background but other than that, you've got it. Later.
    *Not that people would ever read all the pages of stuff that i typed*

  21. maldita42 Aug 01, 2005

    hi hi!! my friend!! i think your pic are very but vey very coold congratuletions for your work... continue in this form and you create the best works!!!!!!!

    See you...

    Maldita42 (.Vy)

  22. Hezz Aug 01, 2005

    Another nice wall! Colours are great and the detail of the bg is amazing!

  23. Athrun Aug 01, 2005

    Damn, that's hot. The building looks very CG-ish. o_O The spacey BG doesn't make much sense, but cares as long as it looks cool. XD Love the text too. It's too bad this isn't a 1280x960 resolution, cuz I would've used it. :P

  24. Yoh Aug 01, 2005

    Thats a really nice wall, I want to have dreams like that too! The girl is cute! And the bg looks great with that pic! :nya:

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