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hey guys.. all i have to say every single one of you "BITE ME."
You heard me, bite me. I pretty much lost the will to wall anime.
I dont know why, I'm starting to crave for nature wallpapers.
Dont ask me why.

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  1. rocknroll-isgo Jul 23, 2005


    Rawr. XD

    Meh, while I'll miss your refreshing grunge anime, I can deal with your grunge nature. *_* Especially if they're gonna look as freakin cool as this. Almost looks like a storm...

  2. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 23, 2005

    thanx for the love man - -

    Back to the wall,is a good idea,but the top part seems too dark and rough(i dont know if u want it in that way)also i see some weird white lines on the top.

  3. crapmonster Jul 23, 2005

    been a long time. the back is textured nicely though without any central subject the mountains arent very distinct. the whole thing could be mistaken as just a texture.

  4. DREAM Jul 23, 2005

    hey get your ass back here and wall us some grunge-ame. ^^ jk if you need some inspiration: scope out my scans you just may find something you like. ;) i.e most of it isn't anime.

    the bottom portion looks kick ass- but there's soemthing about the very top that doesn't seem right....... can't seem to put my finger on it

    well whatever you do- keep wallin. ^^

  5. white-zero Jul 23, 2005

    The Grunge Prince is no longer grunge? XD

    Anyways, it's good to see something new from you, man. :)

  6. DarkEVO Jul 23, 2005

    Cool abstract art shadowdude.
    I like this scenic grunge wallpaper. I like the colors and constrast.

  7. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 23, 2005

    Been a while man... so giving up already? o_O

    dont worry youll get back in the anime arse chair in no time but for now i like this, simple and lovely in every way, all it needs now is some text even though its just one line so it would look great but as always man.... YOu do some good grunge! XD

  8. calisqo Jul 23, 2005

    crave for nature power 0_0
    Looks like you've abandoned your anger lol xd
    i kind alike this one actually, i like the details in the colors, very deep.
    Texture is rather familiar with the rest of your wall , i like how yo blended the light and the mountain ? on the left hand side, looks nice, like to see more of that.

    However i feel that there's this need o add more reference to the subject (mountain?) make it more visible and recognisable, perhaps experimenting with its shape a bit.
    None the less nice, work ^_^ very unexpected of you ^____^

  9. wolfco Jul 24, 2005

    Well it is always good to expand your horizons so to speak.... I think your conceptions of grunge nature has potential, but I think you need a bit more character in your nature. The detailed texturing of the three areas of the piece has flattened the scene itself. If that is what you were going for that is great, but I think it might have more power if there was a focal point beyond the break between ground and sky.

  10. shadowdeath Jul 24, 2005

    hey hey hey hey.... bite me.

    How are you feeling now?

    Anyway, I hope you do something other than grunge... I don't know why all these people are supporting you to not expand your horizons... well, do something new. :)

  11. Yina Jul 24, 2005

    uff... this one makes me speechless.. O__O excellent grunge work, though I can't see too much of the part below.. nyaa.. but I can feel the great atmosphere.. XD +fav ^^

  12. StarCentury Jul 25, 2005

    0___0;; Shadow's giving up on anime walls??? Wow, that's a total shocker, o well at least you still got those neat looking textures you're always known for! The mountain and sky really comes together and feels so alive, in a dirty grungy sorta way, and the level of atmosphere is through the roof! XD Well, it's so sad ta not see anime walls anymore but it's great ta see sumthing new from U, man! ;)

  13. GintheTwilightswords Jul 27, 2005

    What did I do o_o? j/k I dunno, I think you're having artist's block, because your walls have not been as stellar as they once were, even though they do look good. To me, it seems like you have been coming out with walls too often, and they don't have much feeling to them for some reason. It's probably me, but that's what I've been picking up for awhile now. Anyway, this wall looks good, grungy as always and I like the glow of the sky as dawn approachs. I want to suggest something, even though you stick to grunge stuff and you're giving up on anime walls for now, I think you should so something much different from the norm. Try makign abstract anime walls, use different brush sets, and(dare I say it)do bright walls (there, I said it >_< ). Anyway, excellent work all around, just try to mix it up some.

  14. YugureKaze Jul 29, 2005

    abstract grunge?!
    amazing work man!
    the sky looks great
    wonderful work man ^_^

  15. aliu1997 Nov 23, 2011

    THis is a wonderful wallpaper, Thank you for sharing

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