Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Just a memory

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well.. at AVCON!!! (Sa's anime convention) i watched this anime, and thought it was awesom.. and then when my bro, TLTw804 got the latest megami i found an awesom scan so i scaned in the image... then made this wall...:D
Layers: 80+ (each one of those items on the selves is a layer.. so thats a lot!)
Hours: 4

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  1. Leaf Jul 21, 2005

    *_______* Pretty!! +fav I love the background that you made behind her! =D Ish awesome! ^^ Good job XD

  2. supersong115 Jul 21, 2005

    awesome wall as always macky boy. Love the setting and the over all feel. ^^

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Jul 21, 2005

    Quote by mackyLayers: 80+ (each one of those items on the selves is a layer.. so thats a lot!)

    This is a joke right? >_< those bottles and plates look so awesome that is hard to think that u make them.

    I only have a problem with the metalic bar,is too bright for me ^^U,but is and amazing wall,i like the scene,and the scan is so nice. Nothing more to say except that is a fav.

  4. Kaoru-San Jul 21, 2005

    Quote by Rebel-Soul-Kaze This is a joke right? smiley those bottles and plates look so awesome that is hard to think that u make them

    Well not exactly. It's very possible. Bbut it's a great wall, and it's also going into my favorites XD

  5. Scarlet Jul 21, 2005

    Beautiful... *is awed* I have to keep this *runs to add the pic to her favs*

    The background is so nicely made... you can be sure it was worth the trouble, at any rate.^^ Great job!!


  6. ayaki Jul 21, 2005

    woooooow nice
    not the usual tsubasa wall +_+
    i love the concept...!~
    u seriously drew all those stuffs in the background? omg...
    the color tone gave me a oldish feel...definitey "just a memory"..haha
    great job :)

  7. suntiger Jul 21, 2005

    oh I love this! Theres not enough Tsubasa RC wallpapers that I like out there.

    My only gripe about this, would be the overall graininess you added. I'm not sure if you added it there as an effect or as a cover up for the quality of the image, but I think the wall might be better without it (thats just my opinion of course).

    Otherwise, awesome wall, fav from me ^^

  8. gadgetgirl16 Jul 21, 2005

    WOW! thats so beautiful! i love how you made the dishes and the beer bottels....and she is pretty too +fav

  9. volrath77 Jul 22, 2005

    An excellent work. The whole wallpaper is awesome. Consider this wallpaper fav'ed.

  10. belen66 Jul 22, 2005

    awesome wall
    excelent work,

    so beautiful!!!The background is perfect

  11. fukushuusha Jul 22, 2005

    pretty amazing wall here
    mann...those bottles are layers?? u must have some serious patience to do that...but it worth it as we can see. They are really good.
    The simple grunge brushes also work very well here I think. Scan is nicely done too.
    great work on this one man...definitely a fav

  12. darkpaladin Jul 22, 2005

    very very very very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee ! I like Sakura in a maid outfit she's kawaiiiiiiii!
    Keep it up! It's great wallpaper!!

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    Ok now Macky you scare me..... o_o with your 3D skillz and anime infatuation you can probably make a great work in walling and i love it...Grungey sceneric coolness all together! Great job as always mate! :)

  14. flyindreams Jul 22, 2005

    Oh, my goodness. This is so wonderful! I haven't seen a Tsubasa wall that I've really, really liked in a long time. I haven't seen this scan of Sakura before... which is good... fits in really well with the background... which is... O_O Totally amazing... I cannot imagine how you made all the glassware, but they look incredibly real! I love how the texturing gives the entire wall an aged sort of feel... *Claps* Definite fave for sure...! And I haven't faved a wall in a while now...!!

  15. limes-eye Jul 22, 2005

    This looks so pretty! :) I love the way you made the wall, it's so beautiful! Sakura looks great in the waitress outfit. The cocktail looks tasty though. :) *add to favs*

  16. bbls Jul 22, 2005

    this is such a wonderful concept with that diner setting...and your background and scan blend together perfectly, while your grunge brushwork really makes your wall feel like a memory. i also like the overall sepia/brown color of your wall cuz it adds to the theme and mood of your wall.

  17. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    Wow, Macky! That's fantastic! Not only is Sakura as cute as ever, but she looks like she's in a genuine old fashioned/Victorian photograph :D A fantastic piece of work... Love it! XD

  18. tareren Jul 22, 2005

    Woah, this is super cool ^^ Love the background that you made, really showed your efforts and all :D The tableware are nice, and the scan looks good... But maybe it is too grainy ?? And the quality of the scan doesnt seem to be that good >.< oh well.. Oh, and I wish the wing that is on the text is the original one from the anime/manga >< it will make it all that nicer :D One more thing, I think the metal bar (the one silvery colored) looks a bit out of place in the wall, naybe you should soften the color for that one????
    Nice concept, cool background, great proportion and considering all the efforts that you put in making this wall, I think you deserved a 9.6/10 and a fave !!!

  19. Sakura0chan Jul 22, 2005

    Oh wow! This is a very nice wallpaper of Sakura. I really like it. It looks very nice. I love the textures... XD
    The background is so awesome!! Very very nice!! XD
    Keep up the good work!! This one deserves to have a fav!! ;)

  20. niXan Jul 22, 2005

    It's a bit dark...the character at least. She should stand out from the background a little bit more. And there's nothing in particular that catches my eye. Maybe some sparkles or something on the bottle on the plate she's holding would do the trick.

    x_x; Don't kill me!! x(

  21. ZyreX Jul 22, 2005

    nice one there macky bro!!

    like the grunge style in the hole bg and how she fitts into the envoirment

  22. Barbara Jul 22, 2005

    Well nice idea, nice wallie, I love the bg, is like one of a kind, very interesting indeed.
    Keep up the good work, fav XD

  23. xianghuax Jul 22, 2005

    Wow lovely!!!! I love the whole look of the wallie!! I think you did a brilliant job~ this is SOOO going in my fav ^.<

  24. starpandangel Jul 22, 2005

    kawaii! XD I love your wall...nice background, it fits perfectly with the image of sakura. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! +fav

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