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Dedicated to Euna, since it's going to be her birthday on the 26th. Happy Birthday Unni <3
Collab with Mr.Oinker aka Brom Brom.
Vectored by Macky! Go and see his lolita girl here ... Sankyuu for letting us use it ...

More resolutions soon at Antique Fairy Tales ... so go and sign the Guestbook there <3

Happy birthday Euna unni <3 from the staff of Antique Faery Tales <3s

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Rebel-Soul-Kaze
Wall: [ S.I.D :: Kira Yamato ]
Reason: This wallie is one of my favorite Kira walls <3


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  1. rocknroll-isgo Jul 21, 2005

    Yay... no credit this time! Looks awesome... for the 100th time! XD

    Uber long comment stuff again: blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah blah yada yada yada

    Happy birthday Euna!! XD

  2. pinkdoremi Jul 21, 2005

    awesome wall!!!!!!! love the texture.. love the smoke.. love all the effects... very cute girl ^-^ good job!!!!! xD

    Happy Birthday euna!!! ^___^ be prepared for getting something from me and rockiee soon xD
    best wishes on ur 17th birthday ^-^

  3. meteorcloud Jul 21, 2005

    hmz...you allready had my comment i think ^_^ ow well..happy Bday to euna~! euna is getting old XD ~!!!!!! rofl

  4. Athrun Jul 21, 2005

    Her face is funny! XD "=_=" Hey, kinda reminds me of you on without the "_" part. "==;;"

    Whelp... I love how she looks like she's the queen of the world, with the powerful aura. But I can't help but get reminded of a psycho look from the silent psychotic maidens I saw in a movie once. >>;

    anyway, I love the wallpaper. I got no complaints... cuz it's perfect.

    Oh yeaz, and happy birthday Euna! =)

  5. fukushuusha Jul 21, 2005

    hmmm...the texture looks good with those colors.
    image choice is very cute ^^ it gives a mood to the whole wall...but could blend a little more...there are many jagged areas.
    The effects are very decent but sufficent ^^
    overall...a really nice cute wall
    ohh...and happy b-day to the dedicated person XD

  6. euna Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    awwww.. you guys are so sweet *cries* xD
    you guys are da BEST!
    the wall looks so sweet~~ <3 <3 <3
    i luv that scan... did brom vector it? and the texture... *tears* looks brilliant~
    i luv blue. how did you know? (oh yeah, my profile. hehe)
    thanks for the wall guys *hugs everyone* + Fav fav fav fav fav~ xD

  7. Chopstickz Jul 22, 2005

    o_O is it me or is the bithday girl on fire!!!!
    the chair definately looks like its on fire on the bottom
    evil saki setting poor witto sis eunie-corn ablaze ;_;

    anyways, the colors are soo sad for a birthday,
    dark blue n black n even the girl's expression isn't that happy
    makes we wanna cry T___T

    nice work though xD
    me wubs the concept n_n

  8. DarkMaiden1369 Jul 22, 2005

    awww the girl is so sad ^^
    but I still like it but like
    chops said for a b-day wall
    it is kinda sad ^^' *adds to favs*
    great job ^^

  9. ayaki Jul 22, 2005

    wow i really like this wall
    it looks very interesting :)
    the texture is great, kinda looks like denim >< hehe
    and the firy effect is really good!~
    but look like she's angry/sad tho..hehe ... not happy..as it should be -_-a
    anyway...great wall tho!~

  10. FlowerDog Jul 22, 2005

    Wishing Eunasahng a Happy Birthday too. :) Great collaboration with Bromithia and Macky, Shyxsakura. :) Love the white/aqua green fire and the texture of the BG and character's clothing. It's not your typical Birthday wallie but Eunasahng loves it and that's what counts. :) Though the little cute stars and other Birthday decorations brings out the Birthdayness. :D Ecellent job to you and your pals. :)

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    Its Euna's b-day? heheh anyway i love this wall because its been done with so many people and the dark eery bg blended with the cool vectored kewl image of a cute girl is perfect for the wall. Grea tjob Saki!!!! XD *pokes joo*

  12. aishiteraburu Jul 22, 2005

    its so sweet
    the girl looks so nice and the background also matches perfectly
    i'll add it to my fave

  13. heavens-Dragon Jul 22, 2005

    LOL, exactly what Athrun said about the the scan being the Queen of the World but also with the look of a psychotic maiden. But she's really cute overall! It's really pretty, I really like the colours! And the aura around her is eerie but really beautiful. Awesome work!

    Happy Early Birthday Sweet Euna! *big hugs*

  14. chibikko Jul 22, 2005

    The vector is very pretty, good job macky.
    Now the wallpaper. You and brom-kun did an awesome job as well. I don't know if teal and pink go so well together but I love the cute little shapes and stars in the background, and the texture is also very neat. Very beautiful gift for Euna!

  15. Kinkosami Jul 22, 2005

    Very nice work Sakura. ^_^ I really like the firey stuff, it's pretty. And the girl is really cute. Thanks for the cool wallpaper, I like it a lot.

  16. asianspirit Jul 23, 2005

    oh, interesting. :o

    i like the wall. the scan's a bit creepy but it's a cool kind of creepy. but i can sort of see the "birthday" atmosphere thanks to the confetti. and the texture it really cool too. great job, saki-cha!

  17. Yumi-Chan Jul 23, 2005

    nya, kawaii wallie <33 saki should've positioned the wallpaper a little more tho the left, it looks slunted to the right instead of center. unless you did that on purpose ^_^~
    the vector done by macky was a good job. loving the background, and those magical thingie around the girl. looks like chakra o.o
    happy birthday to brom, nonetheless ^^

    keep it up, saki~ i can't wait to see more from you! <3

  18. StarCentury Jul 23, 2005

    Awwwww, so sweet that U made this killer b-day wallie for euna-chan! :D O man, I forgot to make her a big portable cake, darn! T_T Anyhoo, the grunge textures on the BG actually makes the vector stand out nicely and the mist on the bottom shows great atmosphere! Awesome collab, saki-chan & bromy-san! ;)

  19. ShiroiLina Jul 24, 2005

    ohh such a nice thought.. and such a nice wallie!!!! very very nice wallie AND vector!
    happy birthday to euna!! :D

  20. XDarkDestinyX Jul 24, 2005

    It's very CUTE and different. The color choices I'm not sure about, but I really like how it blends, even though it seems abit rough? @.@ ^.^

  21. Sheqel Administrator Jul 26, 2005

    *comments on sakis wall* >_>;

  22. GintheTwilightswords Jul 26, 2005

    It's sooooo cute ^uu^ !! I hope Euna likes it XD !! The bg looks cool~ I like the dark colours and how they fade to black at the top, the cafetti ( I don't think I spelled that right >.< ) make it seem it is a special ocassion, and the icy fire rising from beneath the chair is a strange, you mesmiring little touch. The lolita, she is soo cute, she looks like she's making a wish or thinking too hard, lol XP . Macky did an excellent job on vectoring her. Marvelous work to you and Macky,Saki ^uu^.

  23. YugureKaze Jul 27, 2005

    how cute ^_^
    wahh so many people took part in helping this wall get made
    it looks great ^_^
    thanks a lot for sharing!

  24. Piyo Jul 28, 2005


    this walls so cute! juss like sakkki ;] i loooove it!!

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