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Haha! After some months, I finally submitted another item. This drawing is dedicated to Chibi-Lizard for her birthday coming up in 22 July. Happy birthday Lizzie. Hope you like it though it looks kinda awful. X.x Hehe! I don't know who to draw for you so I pick Sakura to draw.

I draw it on a paper and scan it. I still prefer hand drawn cuz I feel better this way. Oh...ya I did edit out some dirt in photoshop. Drawing this took me 3 days due to some project and assignment. *I draw this during lesson btw* XD This is my first time to draw a human, usually I draw monsters and machine. ^_^' Pressure, pressure! Its been hard to me, Mt members are so good in drawing. -_-;;;;; At first, I am scared to submit this drawing cuz everyone in Mt is so good in drawing which makes me kinda depressed for a few days. T_T After talking to some of my friends here, I decided to upload it. Thks winterlilac for the suggestion but somehow I didn't took your advice cuz it hard to do in photoshop. Hehe Gomen.

I know my description is long so I will end my talking here and let your all do you talkings! n_n
Comments and critizism are welcomed. *Haha*

Edited: Oh.....ya bout the signature, I kinda forgot to sign on it so I used photoshop to sign on it.

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  1. WindAlchemist Jul 21, 2005

    really, not bad for your first time drawing a person!
    she's very slim lol
    keep it up, you'll get better!! ^_^

  2. benjaminchia Jul 21, 2005

    don't worry criox , everyone has his/her first time drawing something.
    it looks nice and clean. its a wonderful effort.
    i think you even drew a better female character than
    what i did when i first started . lol
    keep it up! and keep on drawing ;)

  3. Athrun Jul 21, 2005

    I'm gonna beat to posting a thread for taicho, Criox! ...then again maybe not, due to the time zone. -_-; Bah. XD Soz, anywayz...

    Hey, I know how you feel about submitting things. I feel that way every submission and I still am nervous everytime I submit, cuz I ain't that good yet... but who cares about that, right?

    The drawing is actually... pretty good... it's definately more accurate that I could've done. Mine comes out all raggy and the balance is all wrong... @_@ You could prolly add some more shading or re-draw it again for a better result. But that's up to you. :P The [random number] is the charm.

  4. walkure245 Jul 22, 2005

    It's really well done. You captured Sakura in all of her cuteness. The slimness is good since tsubasa's style is lanky. You got the proportions right but the size are a lil off. Her waist is a lil thicker than her legs. Usually I draw the body shape first lightly so I can place the clothes on her. Other than that, this is really nicely done. XD Love to see more~

  5. calisqo Jul 22, 2005

    Nice work on the face.
    Looks veru cute an innocent.
    Comments if u don't mind.
    Would be a bit works on the propotion wise, (the main part probably the arms) the rest look nice).
    Smoothen the lines perhaps will add more feminine touc to the char.
    nonetheless amazing effort, chibi-lizard would be happy i think ^_^

  6. ayanechan Jul 22, 2005

    lol criox~ it looks decent. you'll need to work a little on the shadings as to not make them all the same shade of shadows. also the part her skirt ends and shows legs, you shadded the whole thing and it looks like her legs came out of the 'dark void'. lol, through the lines of your drawing i could tell that you were a little shaky/scared. like calisqo said, the body proportions needs a little work. a great attempt indeed~

  7. FlowerDog Jul 22, 2005

    Hahah! XD You aren't the only member that gets all nervous when it comes to submitting. :) I feel the same way too but for a different reason why I do. XD Your Sakura Birthday Day drawing for Chibi-Lizard looks so cute. :D I could see that you were a bit shaky while drawing her. Though, you mentioned that it your first female human drawing. Which I believe you did an outsanding job for a first try, Criox-san. :) You did do a better job at drawing compare to when I started. So, if you continue to keep drawing then you will soon become an even excellenter artist. :) I encourage you to continue sharing your artworks with us. I am looking forward to them. ;)

  8. chibi-lizard Jul 22, 2005

    ~kyaaaa~ thankies for the burfday gift !! *hugglez* :D

    i didn't expect you to draw something for me XD

    but it's pwettie for your first try :)

    maybe you should draw the leg connected to the skirt

    but i reallie wubb this :D

    criox must submit more ne ? ^_^'

    thankies again !!~<3

  9. rythem Jul 22, 2005

    ouu~ first time drawing a human ne? not so bad..though a lil rough .. maybe her arm is too thin .. no matter.. u can learn more about anatomy ..(I'm bad at it too..) ^_^ sorry 4 the critiques...XP

  10. ayane-heine Jul 22, 2005

    aww~~~ >.< nice drawing there Criox...
    it looks nice for your first human drawing.. :D
    at least you draw better than me.. lolz.. XD
    but the right leg of sakura seems to be disconnect from her body.. ^_^'
    maybe you can draw her skirt longer.. ^^
    anyway, it is very nice.. :D

  11. epsilon86 Dec 30, 2006

    I think it seem to be a rather nice art. Just that there are some mistake with the proportion. Beside this, i think it look good. Hope to see more from you!

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