Final Fantasy X-2 Wallpaper: Fatal Beauty

Square Enix, Final Fantasy X-2, Yuna Wallpaper
Square Enix Studio Final Fantasy X-2 Game Yuna Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Working with this one time to time since yesterday.
The sky was a real pain but I think it turned out o.k. I don't like the cloud formation I created after trying various times and decided to smudge ^^
Don't know...something seems missing in the middle I guess...too much of a scenery...but whatever.
it's about 20-25 layer I think (I am too lazy to look again XD)
hope u like it all...comments are appriciated as always

edit: lol...I just modify this one and I realized something bad...I have no leaf brushes! XD cant find em!!
damn...I feel pathetic now...need to find some...anyways I edit the damn tree on the right. There is no tree now though XD only leafs...yess...phoshop default leafs *sobs*
and the birds are severed in numbers...and thx for the advice kai


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Tantaga
Wall: Slipping Away
Reason:I think this one needs some serious attention...one of the best I ve ever seen

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  1. syrianwind Jul 21, 2005

    wow. i think the sky's fine. i think it's really pretty. i wish i cud do such awesome stuff too. *wistful sigh*

  2. kai81220 Jul 21, 2005

    its pretty good.
    i really think the bg scene is done very well, with the transitional sunset colors and cloud form.

    though the bird brush is way too repetitive cause i see the same thing all over the horizon. try to lessen the amount or at least vary the brush size.
    the extraction seems quite strange as she is glowing..in the dark. and the hair should be more blended into the scene behind her as FFX-2 hair is realistic rather than anime spiked.

    the far off trees are nice but the tree right behind yuna is the worst ive seen truthfully. i dont remember when leaves started becoming semi-transparent and grow in one big mass like that. the leaves should grow according to where there are BRANCHES.
    plus the default PS brush isnt the best choice in terms of realism.

    overall, i like this wall but there could be some improvements.
    nice work

  3. Liz Jul 21, 2005

    WOW thats so beautiful, i love the colors and the background is amazing and she really looks pretty there excellent work! :)

  4. Cadi Jul 21, 2005

    I really love this wall! the sky is pretty! the different colors looks really nice! the trees in the horizon are pretty also! great job!

  5. lapuk Jul 21, 2005

    oh my goodness gracious. how did you do the sky man, i honestly dunno know how to do that..i have a vague idea and might try to make such a sky, but i hope you can give me some pointers..dude, its just absolutely gorgeous.i looked it up-close(naturally) and did not see anything wrong with it(naturally)..hehe

  6. macky Jul 21, 2005

    That sky is simply amazing.... but the right part of the wal fall short....
    The image.. well its good but im not a fan of it... and the leaves fot the tree above the character arnt to great (cause there just the ps default...)
    Nice wall..

  7. Sandra Jul 21, 2005

    Can i call you Fukee ? Your nick is hard for me ;)
    Well let's guess that i can call you Fukee .
    So , Fukee ;D About the wallie :
    I like the scene you made. Looks nice
    But the chara kinda don't fits here at all and leaves on the right too
    Meaby you should choose other chara and put some effects on it , that would be better for me.
    As i said i really like the scene i mean i totally love the clouds sky and trees .

    Overall good concept but this one need some improvement :D
    See ya buddy and thanks that you're making real walls !

  8. Angel-on-Dragon Jul 21, 2005

    Wow, really beautiful wallpaper. Nice scan you used. And the bg simply looks amazing. I love the colors of the sky. It looks really realistic. Just the leaves behind Yuna don't really fit into these realistic bg....
    Anyway, really cool wall ^^ *adds to fav*

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2005

    Whoa. Those colors are beautiful! Great scan of Yuna too! The effects are awesome and everything goes so well together! Excellent job and a fav for sure!

  10. Regnak Jul 21, 2005

    I love the sky in the background.

    Great wallpaper!!!!

    Nice job!!!!

  11. iarly Jul 21, 2005

    Wow... so great... *stares dazzedly* You're really good at this stuff, you know. I love this wall!

  12. maldita42 Jul 21, 2005

    As always I think that your works are fantastic!! I like this pic as all that you have made ...
    Continue in this form!! you can!!

    Congratulations friend !!

  13. FutureGirlie Jul 22, 2005

    Oh it looks great ^_^ Yuna wooooooooh ^_^ Great job... like always.. you do something great with those brushes xD anyway, keeeep it up ^_^ *favesss*

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 22, 2005

    I love the atmosphere but it seems like Yuna needs to blend more on the bg, plus the tree leaves are a bit cliche to most walls because i know its a PS7 leaf brush and needs to be fixed a bit but overall the whole wall is nice....Keep it up mate! :)

  15. Hideki313 Jul 22, 2005

    the colors in the sky are incredible its very great!!
    i like this scan of yuna a lot and in this wall it looks very beautiful.
    thx for that!!! *fav*

  16. bbls Jul 22, 2005

    another amazing wall...the sunset is beautiful, which really compliments your scan. i also luved the mist or smoke surrounding yuna, but i wasn't crazy about those leaves behind her. the color blending in your sky also looks quite nice. :D

  17. Susan-chan Jul 22, 2005

    hmmm..it'sa really nice wally! i like the colorful sky, the tree beyond the girl, but the other trees should have leaves too no? :)
    anyway : good job:)

  18. Midori-chan Jul 22, 2005

    woah!!! the sky turned out so beautiful! there's nothing wrong with it^^
    the cloud formation is nice too, unique, not like those normal clouds i've seen^^
    the scan you have there is pretty too^^
    gotta add this to my favs!! XD
    another great job well done!!! keep it up! XD XD

  19. Skillzpay Jul 22, 2005

    Yeah OA hit it on the spot, looks a bit cliched and the leaf brushes on the nearby tree look kinda odd. Yuuna needs a lot of work on being blended in cause parts of her hair are really yellow and osme of the edges of her are kinda bright so they need to be darkened and some gaussian blurring and overlaying would definitely help. Another great effort my friend!

  20. sukie Jul 23, 2005

    wow...the sky is amazing! and the trees are super! i really like it. Yuuna fit well into the bg... great work!!!!

  21. Maija Jul 23, 2005

    OH greate work! OH I love the sky.....OH I always LOVE your works.... XP I do hope to see more...my talented friend! lol

  22. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 26, 2005

    I'm a bit late to comment, but what the hell... :D

    Beautiful colours! They've even changed the way that Yunie looks. A bit more radiant, with that stunning cold blue aura around her in that golden sunset light... exotic :)

  23. -chaos- Jul 27, 2005

    Sweet wallpaper. the background looks very pretty :D

  24. Okiyoshimoura Jul 28, 2005

    I Love it! She blends so well with the bg and the title is a lovely fit. *Fav*

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