Kaine Wallpaper: romanticist's serenade

Kaori Yuki, Kaine, Kaine (Character) Wallpaper
Kaori Yuki Mangaka Kaine Series Kaine (Character) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Kaori Yuki. A gallery with less than even like 50 items. Lovely art, and beautiful scans. Only one wallpaper submitted. Weep.

If you're interested in improving and getting constructive comments about what to improve and how, or you like fortnightly competitions for some fun, head down to The UnderAppreciated Group. There are even tutorials I've written myself that are easy to follow.

((Background)) Okies according to almondpoison this is Die from Kaine
((Inspiration)) This is a possible entry for the weekly UnderAppreciated Group competition that runs fortnightly. The theme was stimulus (music): we were to submit a wall music related in a category with less than 100 items.
When I saw the scan I really wanted to wall it, but I already had an entry. Also, with my other entry, rather than pick some scan with music already in it, I wanted to turn a normal scan into something music related, and that's why I was opposed to this one. But then I thought... "ahh... he's such a non-romanticist, and he's just plain insane." Then I was like thinking, why not?

Title from: Dir en grey "egnirys cimredopyh"... how I miss Toshiya...


((What I did)) This has been the hardest extraction in a hell of a time. I wanted something morbid, and just selected wooden panels. It was either that, or this golden-ish wall (you know the prestige) or chapped wallpaper. I went for the wooden panels. Simple, not too distracting and yeah, interesting to look at. Also I didn't want anything bright. It's not my nature to submit bright walls, but lately I have been so ARG. And likewise "your computer screen isn't a piece of paper." True. You'd go blind if it was purely white... so here's the dark option. A bit of a grungy look... and I was short of time ^_^' I hope I didn't do too dodgy of a job... >.<
((Sources)) Scan from taki
((Comments)) Gallery comments appreciated... give me real feedback... and what else... uh... yeah... I kinda like this wall. Go Nihilism! Lol... jk XD

EDIT 24-9-05 I finally got some chance to fix this wall up. I changed the outside scenery and changed the grunge to burn in more for a darker look. Also the curtain is changed :) Enjoy

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  1. Akaiken Jul 21, 2005


    Very nice wall! I wanna create one someday, hehehe! It's mysterious on my opinion. ^_^

    *adds to faves*

  2. white-zero Jul 21, 2005

    Not a bad effort at all. I like the background stuff. :)

    But the scan could do more touching up in my view. Just doesn't look right with the BG (to me, anyway).

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Leena Jul 21, 2005

    Cool, I like it a lot. Great job.

  4. iarly Jul 21, 2005

    The scan could use some work, I think, but the background is great. And I love Kaori Yuki! Gotta do something about that XD Anyway, nice wallie

  5. Yina Jul 21, 2005

    ohh.. my.. XD this one is pure amazing.. like the bg and the atmosphere.. XD mhmm.. but I think you could use another font.. cut it isn't scary enough.. XD anyway, great job, +fav ^^

  6. kaidou Jul 21, 2005

    I think the problem is not that there aren't any Kaori Yuki walls--there are quite a few--they're mostly organized by series...so although there aren't many in her category, there are zillions in Angel Sanctuary and God Child and Count Cain...this is a lovely addition to them.

  7. tian82 Jul 21, 2005

    Nice background !! So cool !! I love it !! Great work !! And awesome too !! Thank for sharing it with us !!!

  8. kai81220 Jul 21, 2005

    i think youve done a great job here kuroimisa ^^

    as always i have some comments to make ^___^'
    ok i think the window is done nicely, though i cant really tell what the swirly lines are, but they are very artistic ^^
    im going to assume that right outside the window is water, and i think it should have more linear texture to it, and a little depth as well, cause right now its only faintly noticable.
    the scan quality is a bit grainy and extraction of the outlining could be a bit cleaner.

    i like the 3D look youve tried to give but some parts are just a bit strange, like the wall panelling, right at the corner, which only looks like a corner near the carpet. at the top of the wall, the corner isnt evident and it looks like a straight wall, cause there should be some sort of distortion or a strong shadow.
    nice idea with the candle stands ^^ the candles themselves should have a more cylindrical look to them, right now it looks like its been bevel effected, which is useful for the candle stand but makes the candle look a bit flat.

    overall i really admire your wall because of the way you tried to make a 3D scene, which is quite uncommon in most walls ^_^'
    so practice some more 3D stuff cause you're getting better ^^
    nice work.

    i hope this is comment is REAL enough for you :nya: cause the comments that are here so far are......'nice' XD

  9. Terra-chan Jul 21, 2005

    Kaori Yuki is awesome and the elements of this wall work so much better than the elements of your first wall

    One nitpick... The Curtain Rod looks off from the style of curtain it is... that's the sort of curtain you'd have to slip the rod through the hole at the top. None of the rod should be showing. If you want to keep some of the rod showing you should make it a tabbed curtain (I have tabbed curtains) where the curtain hangs a little below the rod and connects to the rod with tabs of cloth.

    if you don't understand (I have problems making myself clear) think of this "-" as the top of the tab and this "_" as the top of the curtain.

  10. kagoem Jul 21, 2005

    You did a great job on this. I love how you had everything in this wallie. I hope you can keep up the good work.

  11. RahX101 Jul 21, 2005

    quite nice misa, i would have to agree with terra though, the curtain does look quite off and seems to be nailed in place with thoes square rod looking pieces.
    i would also have to say that in my opnion, the background doesnt quite fit the style from the scan. the scan looks sort of, i dont know how to explain it, but i guess you can say glossy? O.o
    and the background looks a bit too bold for it. i hope you know what i mean. i have no way of drawing it out like terra did so you're going to have to settle for my crappy description. >_<
    still a nice wall though, good job. ^^

  12. ayane-heine Jul 22, 2005

    aww~~~ >.< cool wallie there.. ^^
    dark and mysterious.. XD
    the whole concept of the mystery feeling is there.. XP
    goodie job on it~~~

  13. Maija Jul 23, 2005

    This is really beautifull-creepy.....lol....amazing work!!!!! :pacman:

  14. slivermoon Jul 23, 2005

    the whole mood of this is soo dark >.<
    the bg looks really nice
    but i think the smoke looks a little too flat and i really don't know how to do smoke
    the grungy textures on the walls are nice but i think a bit too spaced out
    looks great, nice work ^-^

  15. almondpoison Aug 16, 2005

    This isn't Kaine, this is Die, Kaine's guitarist, best friend and possible yaoi pair. And I really, really like what you've done with him. But yeah, you got the name wrong.

    www.sakura-crisis.net <--- here, have some manga scans.

  16. Demi-chan Sep 18, 2005

    I'm addicted ^_^' It's truly a shame that almost nobody makes walls with Kaori Yuki art :(
    But yours looks great,I always loved gothic walls and images ;)

  17. Tokitoh Oct 28, 2005

    This. Is. Great. I hate the default PS texture on the carpet and the Bevel and emboss effect (usually Render>Lighting effects filter (+original layer channel copy... okay, I know I can't explain it well ;__;) is used for this kind of stuff - it makes them look more realistic) on the 3D details, but the atmosphere of the wall is just... wow.

    And I always thought that the guy is actually Kira from Angel sanctuary, hahaha. Guess what, I was so wrong. XD Uh, by the way, I love the candles part. <3 Honestly, when I see a wallpaper like this I wish I didn't have this gorgeous Sasuke wallpaper on my precious desktop. +__+

  18. kiyouka Oct 15, 2006

    Nice wall with gorgoes texture and character! I really like it!

  19. akitotop Oct 17, 2009

    beau jeune homme avec son violon

  20. greenemerald Mar 15, 2010

    nice scan thanks for sharing!

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